Pet Basics

If you found this article, you must be frustrated. Your cat or dog has chosen your carpet as a bathroom. You’ve cleaned and scrubbed, but the soiled carpet stain just won’t go away. Here are some ideas to remove that stubborn pet stain.

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123-pet on May 28th

Has anyone ever asked you at the last minute if you can dogsit while they’re away on vacation? It’s happened to me quite a few times, and somehow I always agree to do it. This time my wife agreed. Then she went out of town to a concert and left me alone with my 2 […]

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123-pet on May 23rd

Bringing a new cat into a home which already has a dog can be a stress-filled event. We’ve all seen and heard cats and dogs fighting, or at least we’ve seen cartoons which make it seem like that’s the norm when introducing cats and dogs to each other. With the right planning and techniques, you […]

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I’ve owned many types of dogs throughout my life. Actually, I’ve probably owned too many kinds of dogs. Let’s see, I’ve owned a Peekapoo, Poodle, Dalmation, Boxer, Labrador Retriever, and several mutts. Now, I own 2 Yorkies (Hank & Rex). They are the best dogs I’ve ever owned. Why are they the best? Because they […]

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