I received an email from a friend a couple months ago. She basically demanded that I buy a $27 ebook about how to pick the best dog food for Hank and Rex. I thought she was crazy because dog food companies spend a lot of money on the research and development of their dog food products.

Reluctantly, I checked out the website she told me about called Dog Food Secrets. The site starts off kinda wierd with this guy telling you about his dog dying. I read a little more, and within minutes, I was convinced that I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew about how to pick the best dog food. I got the eBook and I’m really glad I did.

Do you know how people are always telling you you should look at the labels on the food you buy? How often have you looked at the labels on your dog food? And if you look at the label, do you really know what all those dog food ingredients are?

Do you know what alternatives you have to the dog food you see on the shelves at the pet store or grocery store? I thought I knew, but now I’m sure I know.

I love my dogs, and I realize that they are completely dependent on me to take care of them. That’s why I got the Dog Food Secrets ebook.

Hank and Rex are still young dogs and I want them to live for years and years. It would devastate me if I found out that I wasn’t doing everything I could to help them live a healthy, happy, long life.

Actually, I’m spending less now on dog food than I used to, and the food is better for them than the “top-notch” dog food I was buying before. Of course, yorkies don’t eat much, but saving a few dollars here and there always helps.

Even more, when I ordered Dog Food Secrets, I got a bonus ebook about how to make dog treats. My daughter loves to follow the recipes and make fun shapes with the treats. And, Hank and Rex love the treats. When we do our training, these dog treats are the best!

Anyway, you should check out this site for Dog Food Secrets.

Dog Food SecretsDog Treat Recipes

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  1. FrenchFry says:

    I bought the Dog Food Secrets book several months. I strongly recommend it also. My dog is my best friend so I thought it was worth spending a few bucks to make sure I’m feeding him the best food. Seriously, it was worth it for me.

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