tall dogHow many times have you seen someone encourage their dog to stand up and give them a great big hug? Isn’t it nice to see such a friendly dog? Well, it doesn’t seem too friendly when grandma or little Suzie comes over to meet the dog. Before you know it, Grandma has scratches on her legs and little Suzie is scared to death of that overly-friendly dog.

It’s important that dog owners do not encourage bad dog behavior. Dogs jumping up on people is one of those behaviors that people often inadvertently encourage. Sure, it’s cute when the dog is still a puppy, but when Fido grows up, the cuteness is gone and the behavior can be annoying or dangerous.

As a responsible dog owner, you must train your dog that jumping up on people is not acceptable behavior. Training your dog while he is still a puppy is obviously best, but even older dogs can learn to behave.

The techniques to teach your puppy or dog to not jump on people are quite simple.

First, when the puppy or dog jumps up on someone, gently place his feet back down to the floor. While he is standing there, praise him for staying down. Never praise him while he is still standing up on the person.

Second, if you’re puppy or adult dog tends to get so excited that he can’t seem to control himself, give him another way to show his excitement besides jumping up. Get down to his level and teach him to shake, or spin around, or something that will let him release some energy.

As with all dog training techniques, the most important thing you can do for your dog is be consistent with your dog training methods. If you have a family of four and you are the only one teaching your dog to not jump on people, he will be getting mixed messages. Everyone in the family must discourage this bad dog behavior, and encourage the expected behavior.

And if all else fails, and your dog absolutely, positively must have a hug… just lay on the floor and give him one. He’ll love you for it.

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  2. Delaine Rector says:

    when vistors come to see us, our dog want to jump all over them. help

  3. Becky says:

    My yorkie is jumping on my old mother. She wants to hold him so bad she crying all the time.. Please help us

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