YorkieDoes your dog or puppy pee on the floor every time visitors come to your house? Does your dog or puppy urinate when he gets excited? You’re not alone. But there are ways to stop submissive urination or excitement urination.

We have 2 yorkies. The younger yorkie is an extremely submissive dog. It’s not wrong. It’s just his personality. He knows he is loved and has nothing to worry about, but he wants everyone else to know that he is not a threat. As much as we try to encourage him, he will still hunch down and tinkle when he gets around strangers, or when he is startled.

As much as we’ve tried to correct this behavior, he just won’t change. However, we have learned to control his submissive urination by following these tips.

  1. If we know visitors are coming over, we will limit the amount of water he gets before their visit. Of course we don’t let him get too thirsty, but we do keep his drinking to a minimum.
  2. We will take him outside prior to their visit so he can pee as much as possible.
  3. When the visitors arrive, we take him outside to meet them. If he does urinate, at least it won’t be in the house.
  4. We ask our visitors to temporarily ignore him. When we tell them that he might pee on their shoe, they understand immediately.
  5. When the visitors are in the house, they understand that they can not hover over our little yorkie. This can seem threatening to submissive dogs if they aren’t comfortable with the person yet.
  6. Because our yorkie is comfortable with us, we will hold him while he is introduced to our visitors.
  7. We give him plenty of time to get comfortable with our visitors before we let him have free reign. We keep him somewhat confined (sometimein his crate – see our Crate Training Made Easy eBook) until he doesn’t feel threatened by our visitors.

Occasionally, he will urinate if he gets startled or overly excited. We never punish him for this, but we do tell him “no” in a firm voice. He is still very young, and the problem is getting less frequent. As he has learned that the urination is not appreciated, it has become less of an issue.

If you’ve tried everything you can think of, and the submissive urination is not getting any better, you should consider consulting a veterinarian. There are medications which can help your submissive puppy or dog relax a little more.

Above all, don’t ever get angry at your dog for his submissive or excited urinating. He really only wants to make you happy, so show him a little mercy.

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  1. Velma Brock says:

    Milly, our Taco bell dog. Just over the last 3-4 weeks all see want’s to do is pee on every thing. She likes, sofa’a. bed’d on people. When we received the dog no peeing on anything. This family has had enough. We need a change like now???????????

    Thank you

    Velma Brock

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