Cat on CounterIf you’re trying to find ways to keep your cat off of your kitchen counter tops or furniture, here are some effective techniques.

First, keep this in mind. The key to teaching your cat to stay off the counters is “negative reinforcement.” Your cat needs to learn that jumping on the counters produces a negative result. Also, you need to realize that cats are natural climbers, so you need to have a cat tree, cat shelves, or something that your cat is allowed to climb onto.

Method 1: Spray Bottle

This method works, but is not the most recommended because you take the chance of your cat associating YOU with the negative results. But here’s how it works…

Keep a water spray bottle handy at all times. Any time the cat jumps onto the counter, give it a quick little squirt (not in the face). The trick is to not let the cat know that the squirt is coming from you because that will just teach him that the negative results only happen when you’re around.

Method 2: Soda Cans On A String

This method also works, but is not recommended as much as method 3. But here’s how it works…

Tie a few empty soda cans together across the edge of the counter. Put a can on one end of the counter, then a string, then another can, then more string, another can, etc. Space the cans every 2 – 3 feet. Tie the string high enough than when the cat jumps up, he will trip the string, pulling the cans over. The noise will scare the cat.

The problem with this technique is that it could scare your cat a little too much, resulting unnecessary anxiety for your cat.

Method 3: Surface Covering

This is my most recommended method. The goal is to create some type of surface on the counter that is uncomfortable for your cat to walk on. You’re not looking to cause pain, just discomfort. The best things to use are double sided tape, upside-down contact paper, or upside-down plastic carpet runners (with the little plastic pokey things).

All you have to do is place the tape, contact paper, or carpet runner on top of the counter. When your cat steps on it, he’ll feel the sticky tape or contact paper, or step on the pokey things on the carpet runner, and realize he doesn’t like the feeling. Within a few days, he should have no interest in jumping on the counter. It works great!

Remember, don’t ever punish your cat for jumping up on things. Instead, practice negative reinforcement to change his behavior. He’ll lose interest in the bad behavior before you know it.

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12 Comments on How To Stop A Cat From Jumping On Counters and Furniture

  1. michelle says:

    thanks for the information, best advice I have found yet!

  2. John says:

    Also cookie sheets with water in them works great too.

  3. Alexis says:

    thank you for the “sticky” idea. I used Glad press and seal wrap sticky side up, it is farily inexpensive and does not damage the counter or furniture.

  4. Linda says:

    I’m going to try the carpet runners in several areas of my kitchen. I can’t keep this young one off anything She has a small one room condo on the floor so I’ve been wanting to get her a larger one and that’s my plan for next week as well as the carpet runners.

    Thank you for your advice, she’s really a sweet 5 month old kitten who is going in to be spayed next month and that might calm her down a little too.

  5. Katy says:

    I bought the carpet runners yesterday and seem to have absolutely no effect on the cats. They continue to rocket launch onto my bedside table without even being slightly phased. These runners are really sharp too! I can barely touch them before it starts to hurt. I don’t understand how they can just stand on it while staring at me thinking: “Ha-ha!”

    I’m at my wits end with these beasts…

  6. Shayna says:

    Scatt Mats work wonders. That way the cat gets a static correcton without associating you with the punishment. They just learn that the counter hurts! You can pick 3 diffrent levels of correction. I only use the first 2 as they are enough to get the message across but without causing undo pain. It feels like a static shock you get from clothes, enough to make you jump but doesnt cause harm. They are about $80. you can buy diffrent attachments or diffrent sized mats, some wide enough to fit window sills to keep kitties off and for the edge of the counter. Some are large for tables and couches and have an attachment to cover the top of the couch. Reccomend this product to people with kitties that love to jump. one jump and they quickly learn to keep off! They can be used underneith thin floor mats and table runners so cats dont know they are there.

  7. Chris says:

    Another method I found that worked was a motion sensored
    air mister. Place it on the counter in question and angle it so it
    can cover the area effectively. It took 3 times for my youngest cat
    to stop jumping up on the counter, because it would go off. I hope
    this helps those that are having these issues. The air mister makes
    the room smell nice too. Just watch for you getting sprayed or

  8. Carol says:

    I tell you what worked for me with my first 2 who r almost 13yrs old now. I put clear tape wrapped in a circle on my aqurium. Left for about 2hrs to the laundry mat. When my husband and I returned, Mischief had tape stuck to the bottom of him( he has long fur). I lifted him on his back and loved on him while my hubby pulled the tape fast and quickly. He has never been on this aquarium since. He lost his fishing license and didn’t want it back after that. I think I will try the aluminum foil on my 2 newest ones though. Hadn’t thought of that 1. Can’t get her off my brand new stove, arghh. Haha.

  9. DJ says:

    My kitten cheese cake loves to jump on the couch…I’ve been using the water bottle method. It’s working, sort of..LOL! The problem is the couch is always wet and I think I may be drowning my lil’ cheese cake!

  10. dd says:

    Try set mouse traps under a towel or a newspaper on the counter. Be sure you cover the traps so they will not injure the kitty, You may find your towel or newspaper in the next county but your kitty will avoid the counter. A stubborn cat may need to try this a couple of times, but a stubborn owner with traps will prevail!!!!

  11. kk says:

    Response to dd———-MOUSE TRAPS? ARE YOU NUTS

  12. tim mullen says:

    cat’s dont like wind chime’s, go to dollar store and buy a few of the little one’s and use you imagination to afix to area’s the cat like’s to climb and move them to other area’s when you need to. the chrome ones work the best and also work’s out side for keeping woodpecker’s from damaging wood siding.

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