PuppiesIf you’re interested in purchasing a purebred dog, it’s important to choose a good, reputable dog breeder. Some breeders are notorious for overpriced, overbred dogs. This article will give you the tips you need to choose the best breeder for your next purebred dog.

Characteristics of a good dog breeder:

  1. A good breeder will be full of helpful information about the breed. You should do research prior to talking to the breeder, go in with a list of questions (see below), and ask the breeder to clarify anything you are unclear about for the breed you’re considering. The breeder should be able to tell you something that you were not aware of.
  2. A good breeder should be able to provide you with as many references as you ask for. If she can’t provide references, she might have something to hide.
  3. A good breeder should provide you with all necessary paperwork to register your dog with the AKC.
  4. A good breeder should not seem “pushy” or anxious to sell you the dog. The breeder should be 100% interested in finding the best home for the dog, not just the most profit.
  5. A good breeder should keep the puppy with it’s mother until it is at least 6 weeks old, althought 8-12 weeks is better.
  6. A good breeder should provide the following for each puppy:
    • Companionship, affection, interaction, and attention.
    • Quality food and clean water.
    • Clean, comfortable shelter.
    • All required immunizations and preventive health care.
    • Vet records.
    • Adequate grooming.
  7. A reputable dog breeder should belong to their breed’s kennel club.
  8. A reputable dog breeder should offer some type of guarantee.
  9. If the dog is not “show quality” the breeder should encourage spaying / neutering the dog.
  10. A good dog breeder should be available “after the sale” should you ever have any questions or concerns.
  11. A reputable dog breeder should ask you lots of questions about you, your lifestyle, your schedule, your children, your home, etc. This screening process is typical for every reputable breeder.
  12. A good dog breeder should strive to make the breed better.
  13. A good dog breeder never sells their puppies to pet shops, puppy brokers, or outlets.
  14. A good dog breeder is proud of the parents, and should be willing to introduce you to the parents.
  15. The best dog breeders will present their dogs at competitions.

You should have a series of questions to ask the breeder when you visit. Here are some questions to get you started:

  1. What is the breeders history?
  2. How long has the breeder been breeding purebreds, and how many puppies have they sold?
  3. What is the health history of the parents?
  4. What is the health history of the puppies?
  5. What is the temperament of the breed? The parents? The puppies?
  6. Does the breeder offer a guarantee / refund?
  7. Can the breeder recommend a vet which is familiar with the breed?
  8. Will the breeder be available throughout the life of the dog should you have any questions or concerns?

Just because a breeder can supply “papers” for their dogs doesn’t mean they are the best dog for you. When considering a purebred dog, you must research the breed and the breeder. This is an investment, and friendship, that you’ll be responsible for for years to come. Do your research, ask lots of questions, go with your gut instinct, and you and your new dog should be happy for a long, long time.

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