Dog TrainingTeaching your dog to come when you call it’s name is probably the most important training you can give your dog or puppy.

Here are the 2 best step-by-step techniques for teaching your dog to come on command (also called the dog recall).

Technique #1: Food / Treat Method

  1. Start with meal time. When your dog is hungry, feed your dog by hand, piece by piece. This technique takes advantage of the fact that your dog is hungry, and will respond to his craving to eat.
  2. To begin, grab a few pieces of food and give them to your dog. These are freebies for your dog. You’re just getting his interest.
  3. Next, move a few steps away from your dog, hold our a piece of food in your palm, and say, “Come Fido” or “Fido, Here” or whatever command you choose.
  4. As your dog starts to approach the food, praise him for being a good boy, then give him the food when he finally reaches you.
  5. Repeat this process over and over throughout his meal.
  6. After numerous successful trips back and forth, work on getting your dog to sit before giving him the treat. This will teach him that he should not only come to you when called, but that he should also sit next to you after coming.
  7. If you dog loses interest during the meal, stop feeding him, take away the food, and try again during the next meal. Don’t worry, he won’t starve. He’ll realize the only way he’s getting his food is to come to you when you command him to come.
  8. Repeat this process at meal time until you’re confident that your dog or puppy understands.
  9. Eventually, you can step up the training with treats between meals. This will really get his attention if you use his favorite treats as a reward.

Technique #2: Leash Method

  1. This method relies on the fact that your dog is totally under your control by being attached to a leash that you are holding. The leash can be as short as 6 feet or as long as you want it to be (30 feet or more).
  2. First, say your command… “Here Fido” or “Fido Come” or whatever command you choose.
  3. Give a gentle tug on the line to get your dog’s attention.
  4. If your dog responds and starts to approach you, tell him what a good boy he is as he is coming nearer.
  5. If your dog loses attention or doesn’t respond, tug again.
  6. Gradually real in the leash until your dog is beside you.
  7. When your puppy arrives by your side, give him a nice little treat for his obedience.

Important tips for teaching your dog or puppy to come when you call it’s name.

  1. Always keep the experience positive. If he comes to you, reward him with a treat or a pat on the head and some praising words.
  2. Never discipline your dog after the “come” command. This will have a negative reaction to your dog. Find a different word or phrase if your dog does something wrong and needs to be disciplined.
  3. As with all dog training techniques, be patient with your dog. All dogs and puppies learn at a different pace. Some learn quickly. Some learn slowly. YOU are the key ingredient in your dog’s successful training.

With patience and consistent effort, you’ll have your dog learning to come to his name. Good luck!

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