If you own a yorkshire terrier, you probably know they’re not the easiest dogs to house train. How to stop yorkies peeing in the house is probably the most common problem yorkie owners face.

If you are working on housebreaking a yorkshire terrier, let’s start here… As much as you don’t want to hear this, I’ve seen people do everything right to house train a yorkie, but the yorkie never fully catches on. However, that is not the norm. I would guess that one out of a thousand yorkies will always have accidents inside. Just about every yorkie can be taught to not pee or poop in your house. You just need to use the right techniques.

One other thing to remember… your yorkie will never pee or poop in your house just to aggravate you. As much as you might think they’re trying to annoy you, and as much as you get to know their personality, they really don’t purposely pee or poop inside for some sort of practical joke.

How do you housebreak a yorkie?

First, you need to be consistent with outside potty times. Don’t expect your your yorkie to not pee or poop inside if you only take your yorkie outside 2 or 3 times each day. Set a schedule and stick to it.

Obviously, your yorkie will need to go outside as soon as she wakes up. Obviously, you should take your dog out before bedtime. Between waking up and bedtime, take your yorkshire terrier out at least every 2 hours. As your yorkie begins to catch on, the time may be increased a bit, but use your own judgement.

When you are outside with your your yorkie, praise him when he pees or poops. Give him some type of treat as a reward. Let him know that outside is the place to go. When you are inside and you catch your yorkie in the act of relieving himself, say a firm “No!” and immediately take him outside.

Another very effective housebreaking method for yorkies (and all types of dogs) is crate training. Read our article about crate training. We have an excellent crate training eBook for immediate download (only $7.00). The Crate Training Made Easy eBook will teach you everything you need to know in about 30 minutes of reading.

Here’s a big mistake people make when trying to house break your yorkie… rubbing the dog’s nose in his mess. That does absolutely no good. Abusing your dog like that will never bring about anything positive. As angry as you might get, you should never take out your anger on your tiny yorkshire terrier.

If your yorkie is only peeing or pooping in one area in your home, it’s possible that the odor of previous urine or poop spots are still attracting your dog. Make sure the area is cleaned thoroughly to remove all traces of odor. Read our article about stopping a cat urinating or pooping on furniture or carpet. These techniques work on yorkies also.

One final note… if your yorkie seems to have a lack of control over his bowels, it may be some type of medical condition which your veterinarian needs to diagnose. If your training techniques don’t work, consider visiting a vet.

Above all, be patient and be consistent when housebreaking your yorshire terrier. They are intelligent animals and can be trained. You can do it, and so can your yorkie.

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95 Comments on Housebreaking a Yorkshire Terrier? Tips for How To Housetrain a Yorkie

  1. pam richardson says:

    I need to know if ANYTHING is going to help me with my yorkie. I am the third owner and I am sure this is why no one wanted to keep him. First, let me tell you what I have been trying after already talking to a dog trainer.
    I got a yorkie that is 1 yr.old, and I can NOT get him to quit peeing. He is worse now than he was when I got him 2 months ago. Now, he is even peeing in his crate. this is what I do. I feed and water him in the morning, then take his food and water away. He goes outside, pees and poops. (He knows to go outside and do his business each time I take him out).Then during the course of the day, he will pee whenever I take him out to ”pee pee”. However, some days, especially if I walk out of the house, even to go to the mailbox, he will pee in the floor. I put his food & water down for supper for a few minutes, then take it away. At night I take him out the last time around 11:00, and he will pee in his crate sometimes by 5 am. I started crating him when I leave & at night. I only give him a treat outside as SOON as he finishes peeing or pooping and praise him.He is the perfect pet except for this peeing issue.. I can not continue like this. I can not give him to anyone knowing this problem he has. He is not a stupid dog because I have trained him to sit,, stay,, roll over, etc. I have always trained dogs that I had so this is not new to me. I don’t know anything else to do short of putting him down and God , I love him so much , it is killing me. We just went on a 20 day trip, took him and thought for sure being with him 24/7 I could get this problem fixed.But, it is not getting better and I am torn up about it.
    I don’t want to spend money on different ” cures” without KNOWING there is something out there that actually works. PLEASE let me know as soon as possible if there IS hope and if you have a miracle answer. I am up at 5 a.m. writing this because he has just peed in his crate. I have been in tears already over this. I can’t stand the thoughts of getting rid of him, but I can not handle this any longer.

    • Becky says:

      I am not a trainer, but it sounds like your dog has separation anxiety and is peeing when you leave because he is scared. You are his 3rd owner in a year. That is a lot of adjustment for a young dog. I would not leave him alone unattended. Put him in a crate if you have to go out or in a play pen. I realize this is an old post and I am hoping you found a way to help him or you turned him over to a yorkie rescue group.

      • Venus says:

        I also am not a trainer trial and error with me but what I am doing seems to be working. We got our Yorkshier terrier approx. two months ago he is five months old and I have set kind of high boundaries like he cant come in the kitchen, no bathrooms, one half of the house is off limits but he is a happy dog. I feed him out side, I leave his tray with water in it, but I change it often so it is cool and it is set in a shaded place, he goes right to it when ready. In the early morning we go to the front door and he goes out to do his business I stay at the door and watch him he does his business and comes right back mostly after I call him. At night I place a towel over his crate around eight thirty, he know it is time to settle in I promise I don’t hear another sound out of him he sits there and plays with his toys if he is not sleepy. This is what the crate direction told us to do it gives comfort, I guess like placing a cover over a bird cage. I caught him twice in the kitchen but this is my only problem and I am working on it. Oh I also take him out to do his business about six or seven times a day counting when he is out running and playing, Hopes this helps

    • Robkrohley@aol.com says:

      Try leaving a radio on when u leave the house if no one is home it works for me they won’t be sacred because of it let me know how you make out

    • Julia says:

      I’m disgusted that anyone would consider putting their dogs down because of potty training issues. Let me tell you something, YOU took responsibility for the animal and bought it! Yorkies are a finnicky breed. You can absolutely not expect your yorkie to be potty trained when you leave for 8 hours a day for work. That is ludacris. I understand your frustration, but patience is key! Especially because your dog has been to so many homes. No wonder it has separation anxiety, it fears abandonment. Patience patience! You can’t automatically decide to put an animal down every time it doesn’t do something you want. I know you probably wouldn’t, but even saying it? Horrible! Take your time and spend time with your baby. Develop that bond.

  2. taylor says:

    thx alot that really helps!!!!!!!!!

  3. Elidia C. says:

    This was a very interesting article. I recently bought a yorkie pup, her name is Mona, from a breeder, who was adamant about not using crates, even while potty training. After days of reading articles and debating whether or not the crate thing was a good idea, I finally gave into the concept.

    It has been a few weeks, now, and after adopting the crate training method, I am starting to see unprecedented results. Before, she would pee on my brother’s bed all of the time, even though I would take her outside to relieve herself. Although, it hasn’t been an easy journey, I am satisfied with the overall results. Getting my Mona used to peeing and pooping outside took a LOT of work and patience. I would definitely recommend ALL of the techniques mentioned above in the article because the advice has helped tremendously in teaching Mona the joys of tinkling outside. I hope others are able to read this article, and be consistent, patient and loving to their puppy so that the techniques come to fruition. BEST OF LUCK!

  4. J. Priceless says:

    I just recently purchased a yorkie, 16 weeks old. I thought since i have a young child using the wee wee pads as a potty training method would be best especially for when its not so good weather outside. Well the wee wee pads are in the bathroom, i will go in their with Jazzy have her sit on the wee wee pads and ill sit on the toilet to watch her and not move so she knwos i do not want to play, I will be in the bathroom for 20 minutes and she will not go, thinking okay well maybe she doesnt need to go yet, will open the door out she runs to pee or poop on my carpet. I do keep her in the crate when im not home or during bed times just because I rather not walk home to pee and poop through out the house. Any suggestions ??

  5. Jelicia says:

    My yorkie turned one today and he is still not potty trained. I bought him when he was 3 months old. Do you still believe that it’s possible to housebreak my dog.

  6. KC says:

    I am in the same boat as Jelicia but my pup, Prince, will be one next month but I’ve had him since he was 5 weeks. He is still peeing and pooping in the house. When we take him outside he wants to do everything but use the bathroom. I’ve tried staying out until he does it but that can take up to 30 minutes or more and I’ve tried limiting time outside but with the same result with both methods…him coming in the house and pooping. He will do great for a couple weeks and then it’s back to the same stuff. It’s very, VERY frustrating and for this being my first puppy, it’s not making me want another. I am determine not to give up on him so I will try to make my schedule a little more rigid.

  7. Danielle says:

    Believe or not… My “Daniel” is 14 years old this year. I have been mopping and picking up his poop for 14 years. I know he doesn’t mean to… just cannot hold it. Things get worse as he got older….
    But he sure does love his yumyum after going outside and used bathroom!

  8. kat says:

    Ok, I have a now over 10 year old yorkie. He’s NEVER had issues with peeing in the house. When we first moved, he peed a few times on the floor, but I just figured it was because it was a new house and unfamiliar. Since then, almost a year ago, he hasn’t had issues… Until now…
    It’s probably been the last month or so now, each and every night there’s usually 2 puddles of pee on the floor in the kitchen. My husband is ready to get rid of him. This is brand new behavior and out of nowhere. There’s been no change in the household (no new pets, no new family members, nothing at all)
    He’s let out around midnight when I go to bed for the night and he’s let out around 6am when my husband gets up to go to work… but it doesn’t matter as he’s already peed on the floor at least once, usually twice.
    I’m a stay at home mom and he is rarely left alone during the day. If he is left, it’s not more than an hour or two if I go somewhere he can’t go (like the grocery store or shopping) but generally, he is not left at home. He doesn’t pee inside even if we do go out for an afternoon or something.
    Again, this is fairly new with him peeing on the floor.
    He does not have a bladder or UTI and no, nothing has changed for him either – like diet or exercise. Is there anything I can do? My husband would sooner get rid of him than have to clean pee up all over the house all the time, and quite frankly, peeing in the house has never been acceptable around here for the dog and it’s not going to start being acceptable. I also can’t crate him – he freaks out and barks non stop (we tried this one night and it was not fun… I had to get up in the middle of the night because of the barking, and he does not bark other than a quick bark to be let out or when he wants something. Surprisingly, he is NOT yappy one bit and probably because of his age, he just sort of sleeps most of the day or sits around with us)
    Any ideas before my husband REALLY loses it and gets rid of the dog??

  9. Brittany says:

    I have a 4 month old Yorkie. Her name is Bella. She is sooo stubborn. I absolutly can not get the potty thing down with her. I too used the puppy pad in the house, and it just doesn’t seem to be working. She will pee on the pad all the time. There may be once in a while she will go off the pad, but she will absolutly not poop on the pad. I don’t know what to do. My Mom has 2 Yorkie’s, one being Bella’s sister. The first Yorkie she got, she had no problem training at all, but with the second she is. I am not sure what to do. I am afraid to take her out all the time with cold weather coming. I have heard that yorkies get sick easy. That is why I use the puppy pads. Any suggestions?

  10. Kate says:

    My yorkie all of a sudden decided to start peeing and pooping on the bed, and then comes to get me and show me what he did. He seems all excited about it. He is house trained, and usually lets us know when he needs to go outside, but lately it seems like he thinks it is funny to pee and poop all in one, then come show me smileing (underbite) like he is so excited of his accomplishment. How can I stop this I have washed my sheets four times in the past like 2 days

  11. Ginny says:

    We have a young male yorkie (approx 6 months old now). We had wonderful success with house training this breed. I read all of these articles and I guess I must say that I was “blessed” with my extremely intelligent puppy.

    We did not put down the puppy pee pads. That is only showing your puppy/dog that they have permission to go in the house.

    He sleeps in bed with us, so in the morning, before we put him down, we take him out to the potty. After he does his duties, we bring him in. During the week, he is in a crate while we are at work. He went to the restroom once in his crate. As soon as we get home, we carry him outside so he can do his duties again. Then we let him back in the house. For the first few weeks, we took him outside about every hour. We praised him by telling him he was a good boy and making over him. We didn’t give him treats. Before bed, we would take one more trip outside.

    Thankfully, we have had only one or two accidents. We don’t yell at him. We only tell him (in a harsh voice) that it is bad to pee in the house.

    Housetraining isn’t easy. You (the human) have to do all the work. You (the human) have to watch the clock and keep running him out.

    We noticed he doesn’t bark to go outside. But he will occassionally come over and hit us on the leg. You have to watch for signals. You (the human) have to be very aware of where they are at all times and be alert to the timing.

  12. Ashley says:

    I have a 3 week old yorkie and the potty training is somewhat difficult but I am seeing progress. One of the things that I have done and is working wonders is crate training. My husband and I are at work all day so she has to be crated, and I dont think anything is wrong with this. I get up at 7:30 am every morning and take her out the crate then outside and instantly she pees and about 10 minutes later she will poop. Instantly after she pees and poops I praise her then we go back inside no playing, we go straight in the house. I feed her and give her water then put her back in the crate right when she is done. About an hour later I take her out after I have finished taking my shower and getting ready for work, I take her out the crate again and straight outside and she will pee but she wont poop. Ill praise her again then we go straight back in the house and she can run loose . I have a baby gate that blocks the family room so she can play in the kitchen and she loves it. About 1 to 1 1/2 hours later I put her back in the crate until we get home so shes in there about 8 hours. Soon as we get home I take her back outside and she pees and poops then we feed her and put her back in the crate for about an hour then take her back outside. Has she had accidents? Yes, because my husband or I failed to keep our schedule but aside from that she is good. She is not to the point where she will tell us if she has to go, but I’m sure right now that would be pushing it. I know that crating can seem bad but its not, its actually working very well and she sleeps all day when we are not there. She knows the routine and she is on her way to being potty trained. Try it, it just might work for you.

    • Julia says:

      You don’t really mean 3 weeks do you? That has to be a typo.
      Even at 3 months it’s an extremely ridiculous expectation for them not to have accidents, and impossible for a 3 week old, why would you even have a 3 week old?

    • Julia says:

      And 8 hours a day? Seriously? A 3 month old puppy can hold it for maybe 4, any longer is torture

  13. admin says:

    Ashley, you’re absolutely right about Crate Training yorkies. Please check out our Crate Training Made Easy eBook for an easy to follow crate training guide. There’s even a yorkie on the cover :)

  14. SHORTIE says:






  15. Deborah says:

    I have been crate training my male puppy since he was 9 weeks old. He’s now 6 1/2 months old. So I’ve spent about 4 months in almost slavish devotion to this one task. I’ve trained 7 dogs successfully, including a female yorkie who would probably die before peeing in the house. While this pup has almost completely perfect nights and can extend his crate time to 4 hours during the day, if ANYTHING, any noise, or any disturbance at all, catches his attention while he’s in his crate (outside of me walking around the house) he will pee in his crate. IN HIS CRATE!!! I have a lovely 3 yr old Aussie/Border collie (housebroken in a month) who plays with him and who he adores; very occasionally the yorkie will pee in the kitchen during a play session and the Aussie gets really upset by it. Sometimes, when I come back after a few hours and he’s been in his crate, he’s drenched in pee. I’ve stopped putting anything soft in the crate cause he peed on everything and I didn’t want ANY scent to remain. I always wash the whole crate with enzymes after he pees in it. How in the world can you house/crate train a dog who doesn’t have any instinct to refrain from lying in his own pee??? Like some of the other posters, I am afraid this otherwise very smart and very sweet dog will end up having a hard life or being put down, though I’ve invested hundreds of hours already training him and hundreds of dollars on his purchase and care. I already know I won’t able to keep him and I don’t know anyone who will be willing to take on a burden like this for the 15 or so years he’ll live. I’m incredibly upset by it and have no idea what to do. I haven’t read anything particularly encouraging about progress occurring after such a long training period. Will he gradually stop?? I really have my doubts.

  16. Shanaye says:

    Deborah I feel your pain! My male Yorkie is doing the same thing with one additive….he drinks his pee up! Yes he drinks his pee. I (what i thought was) successfully potty trained him. He was not going inside and was doing really good. Then he turned 6 months and started peeing in his crate or floor and licking it up. I searched for answers and started back to square one. No luck. I took him to get professionally trained as he had other behavioral problems (they didn’t promise he would stop peeing) the training worked for everything else and for 1 month he was doing good so we thought. This whole time he been drinking up his pee and what was on him dried so we didn’t know. He likes to roll in the dirt so I just thought it was the smell from that. So I don’t know what I’m going to do with or about him. If anyone has had success with stopping this habit please please let us know. WE NEED HELP!

  17. ?? says:

    thank you so much for this info, i will get enough information so that we can go get one, that was all we needed!! thanks so much!! :)

  18. Sharron says:

    I can relate to most of these posts. My yorkie is almost 2yrs old. I got her from a family member who trained with the crate method. So I picked up the pattern with waking up in morning, taking Myshaun outside to do her business. Then come in and feed her for like 20-30 minutes then take up the food. Before I leave for work I walk her again and she will only pee. As soon as we get home the kids run inside and let her out the crate she comes outside and poops and pees. Then I will feed her again and walk her 1 hr later and then several times I let her outside during the evening and once right before we retire for the nite. Im up again at 5:30am to let her out and sometimes she has already peed in her crate. She has also started to pee in the house and im a scent person so I pick up everything with my nose. Im very upset because when I come downstairs from top floor or enter my house from the bottom floor I can smell Myshaun and it makes me angry. I have never been a dog person but wanted to try this for my kids but I have shampooed the rugs several times and I smell her everywhere. Im to the point I dont want her anymore and im nervous about even letting her out around the house when we are home because I feel like she is going to go pee somewhere. I dont know what to do and I feel bad about not wanting her but its quite embarassing to smell dog all over your house.

  19. Boris says:

    You people talking getting rid of, putting down, and other stupid ideas, shame on you. Yes, its hard work, but you have to keep working on it. Patience is the key and when it runs out you need more. If you have any of those crazy ideas you dont deserve that dog, look your dog in the eyes and tell them your a rotten owner. Go get a pet rock if thats the type of owner you are, they are family, my daughter pees when I take the diaper off, someone help me I dont want to give her away, but my wife is fed up.

    There are ways to train your dog and if it just isnt working and crating wont work then buy a little pen and lay pee pads down all in the area when you leave or just for it to be there, along with their bed in one corner then slowly remove or cut the pads smaller and smaller over time.. yes they shouldnt go in the house but having an area that they can do it in, or controlled is better then finding it on the carpet. praise is the key, stern voice for discipline.

  20. Boris says:


    My schnauzer did that but he was 17 years old….He did it because his kidneys were failing and just couldnt get enough water so he was licking his urine….Get your puppy checked if you havent.

  21. Yorkie11 says:

    Boris, you are rude, and wrong. I have the same issue with my 2 1/2 yr old yorkie, and have worked countless hours at training, and then cleaning up after she starts a new pattern of being naughty. I love her dearly, but, I love my family and our home more, and there is absolutely NO shame in that. I also got my dog to give my children a pet to love, and have spent much time and energy to correct and clean up this problem. I too am at the breaking point with our dog. Even though it will hurt me terribly to take the dog out of the picture, I must be a rational person. I am so tired of people acting like it is a mortal sin to put the well being of the HUMANS in the house first. How can you even begin to compare the potty training frustrations of your daughter with that of a dog! Apples to oranges. People come first, and anyone who puts them at the same level as people needs to get their priorities straight. Plus, the reason people are reading this blog in the first place is to try to help SOLVE the situation so they do not have to get rid of the animal. Shame on you for the remarks you made, and I hope no one paid a lick of attention.

    • Julia says:

      You’re joking? You took responsibility for an animal, giving it away is pure abandonment and Boris is absolutely right. Think I’m rude? Look at yourself and never get a dog again! You should have done your research on yorkies before getting one, having a 3 lb yorkie isn’t necessarily a good thing with young children either. Dogs aren’t here for your kids entertainment, they are living beings. I hope you never consider a little dog again.

      • Julia says:

        Okay I’m sorry I look back and realize that was harsh, you just need to do your research and learn about the breed. You probably aren’t a terrible owner, you probably love that dog, you just need to get educated and I promise it will pay off. Little dogs are notoriously difficult, but the reward is great. Having a little companion is amazing. My baby is difficult, but he’s doing better, he could pee in the house everyday and I would still love him. Once again, I apologize, I got very worked up reading some of these comments, people can be absolutely cruel. Just be patient and give that pup love.

    • Julia says:

      Plus this isn’t “naughty” behavior, your dog doesn’t know any better. You say you’ve trained, but you obviously haven’t. Read a training book, call a trainer, do work! You can’t leave a dog alone for 8 hours a day the first few months of it’s life and expect it to be balanced.

  22. Yorkie11 says:

    for the record… I have litter box and puppy pad “trained” (somewhat) our dog. However, about a year ago, she decided a bed was a great place to relieve herself, and that is the last straw for me. I live in an area that has cold and tons of snow for 9 mos out of the year, so, going outside is not an option for us. My family comes first, and I simply cannot take the way she has destroyed our floors, and now has targeted our bedding. It is coming between me and my family and I will not let a pet do that. They come first. I will be trying a large crate over a small one as a last resort, though I think that may wind up being where she spends a very large portion of time every day, and I don’t like that for her either. I thought the pads/box would be a great solution for a busy family who at times is gone long periods. I was wrong.

    • Julia says:

      You’re considering locking her in a crate for most of the day? Abuse. Give her to someone who cares.

  23. Lexie says:

    My yorkie is 9-1/2 months old and has been peeing all over the house since we got him even though he has been housebroken for months. He also eats his doo doo and chews up everything in the house including any dust he finds on the moulding. We had him neutered a month ago and it seemed to be better. Now he’s back to peeing everywhere.

    We have recently gotten him a crate which seems to help a little but when we take him out of his crate he pees all over himself.

    We bought him from a breeder at the age of 4 months and he was never house broken while she owned him. Could this be the reason for his bad behavior? She seems to think we frightened him and this is the reason for what she calls his marking. I don’t believe that’s true because he literally walks all over us. So even though he is lovely and playful he is so wild we don’t know what to do.

  24. Roxi1201 says:

    Boris, I agree with you. I have 2 yorkies, a 7-yr old female and a 9 month old male. My female was housebroken within 6 months, my male is another story. He does well for a week, them relapses but I could never imagine getting rid of him or worse, putting him down, like some posters have suggested. Shame on you Yorkie11 for getting a puppy so your “children had a pet to love”…get a goldfish of you don’t want to deal with with the real commitment it takes to raise a puppy. I love my family too but I chose to get both of my dogs and not just because they were cute, I actually researched the breed and understood what I was getting in to…yorkies are tough to housebreak, especially males. It takes dedication to housebreak a puppy and yes it can be frustrating to have them relieving themselves in your house but you chose them, not the other way around. Visit Cesar Milan’s website for excellent tips for this and many other puppy issues before euthanizing a family pet because of poor training from the beginning.

  25. Shelly says:

    OMG! I would never think of euthanizing my Mylo! He is tough to break but I’m determined. He is only 5 1/2 months old, I’ve had him for only 2 months and he is not housebroken yet. He lets me know sometimes but most of the time he just relieves himself wherever. I gotta be honest, it is mostly MY FAULT he is not housebroken yet because I am not consistant, I do not keep track of him all of the time I am home and I give him free reign of my house. Stop blaming the dog for YOUR inadequate training. Why does the dog deserve to die because YOU decided to get a dog that you are unable to adequately train? That doesn’t seem fair.

  26. klagh says:

    I agree with Boris. Anyone thinking of getting a pet (Dog or cat or whatever)
    Should do some research on the breed they are considering and decide whether or not they are willing to spend the time and endure the frustration of any undesireable problems they can encounter. Remember ,the dog doesn’t just appear into your home and family with out your consent ,you take them there . All they need is someone who is going to care for them ,love them and treat them well ,so if your not willing to do this don’t get a pet . Perhaps some of you should seek professional help before getting rid of your pet .

  27. Carol says:

    I have 2 Yorkies, a male and female who are 1 1/2 and 2 yrs old. I love them dearly and would never consider getting rid of them or putting them down. They are part of my family. I too have a problem housebreaking them. I even went to the extent of hiring a dog trainer to help me with getting them trained. I read lots of books about Yorkies and their quirks. Every book I read talked about how hard it is to house train them. I fully understood what I was getting into however it is very disheartening to try to get them trained and to spend so much time and effort only to have them pee on the floor the minute you bring them back into the house. It only seems to get worse if you yell at them. I do believe there is a way of getting them trained though. Keep an eye on when they try to wander off and take that as a sign of the dog needing to go out. It is also very important to keep on a schedule as dogs are creatures of habit. It is really hard but it can be done. I have noticed the routines help and I have very few accidents when I am consistent. Anyone thinking about buying a Yorkie should know they are hard to house train but will provide you with unconditional love and are very loyal pets.

  28. Gary Chase says:

    Our Yorkie, Girlfriend, was owned for it’s first year by a now deceased lady. She didn’t train it at all and it went in the house all the time. Now, it is peeing and pooping in one particular place in our house. We did the ‘take it outside every two hours and give it a treat when it peed/pooped outside’ thing for several weeks. It still does in in the house. I have no deep attachment to the dog (and it’s getting less as the smells increase) and if I had known what a pain it would be, I would never have taken it on. My wife does run it’s nose in the poop when we find it. If this doesn’t stop soon, I’ll take it to the pound and… well… it’s only a dog (and I really wanted a Pomeranian anyway). I’m ashamed to bring anyone over now.

  29. Linny says:

    I bought my yorkie when she was 8 weeks old. She was already paper trained. Never went once in my home. Granted I am retired and spend alot of time with her. I “never” yell at her. I talk loving and calmly. These dogs love to please if you are kind and loving. She is trained, never goes in the house.
    These dogs need stimulation all the time. You need to buy them lots of toys and things they can play with just like a child does. She has at least 15 toys and games set up and when I am gone she keeps busy and has never chewed on furniture or shoes etc.
    Any dog is work. If you don’t have the time maybe it is not for you. They love to be loved, praised, and not yell at them. That is how you keep a dog loving, and calm. Just like people.
    When my husband and I go to parties for the whole day and night, we leave puppy pads on top of a plastic storage container cover with lots of newspaper. She ” always” goes on this her poop and pee. Sometimes we leave two covers next to eat other so she has another place to go.
    She knows now to use this when we are gone.
    She has the run of the house, we have hardwood floors, and never has gone on them.
    Hearing all these horror stories is appalling to me. I know so many with these dogs and their’s are all trained no problems.
    If you truly want a dog of this nature, you need alot of patience, love, and persistence. They are very smart dogs, but you need time with them as children need testers in school to learn new things.
    Stimulation with toys, rewards with not all these dog biscuits, use cut up ( very small pieces) carrots. Yorkies love them and they are great for them. Vets say they can eat as much as you want. They are my little “Demi’s” favorite. I use them ” only ” to train her with everything included with potty training outside.
    I carry them in a little plastic bag. When she goes I give her a few. She now know when she goes out she is going to get her carrots. I also taught her to sit, lay, she dances in a circle with me rotating my hand around in a circle, always reward her with some carrots! Time and patience with any dog. If you want a calm Yorkie, treat her well, do not yell ever or you will make them nervous and when they hear a loud noise they will freak out on you.
    Our dog cries when the door bell rings because she knows company is coming and they all love her and she will get lots of attention. We wanted a calm yorkie, one that loves everyone when they come in, and that’s exactly what I have in my yorkie.
    She is loved, spoiled rotten, given a bath every 7 days, groomer every month, we rub her paws since we got her. It makes it easier for the groomer to touch her paws for cutting and nails. Cut.
    Like I said , alot of work having a Yorkie.
    Anyone wants to get rid of theirs if they are puppies, I will take them..love, love, these dogs.
    I have a beautiful home, very fussy, and I wanted my dog trained and well behaved. My husband and I have tons of patience and love for het.
    If you do not have the time, you will never train them and that is why all of you are having a hard time.
    Hope this helps.
    Oh, I have a crate, but the door is opened and she was confined to our living room, kitchen and hallway. We had two gates and limited her to just those area. After trained she runs the whole downstairs. I introduced one room at a time. Too much area they are confused to get back to the pad and paper.Get a large plastic cover from a storage container turn it upside down , put puppy pad,then lots of newspaper. Have your friends save newspaper for you because you go through alot. I change every time she goes when I am here at home.

  30. Gary Chase says:

    re “Girlfriend”… I should have mentioned that we have a doggie door into our fenced and secure back yard, so she could go out anytime she wants. She uses the door all the time to go visit the cat and such, so she knows how to use it. She will go out the door and do her job if my wife… never me… goes with her and talks baby talk to her to convince her it’s all a big adventure. We seem to have conditioned her to go outside to pee when my wife goes with her and she holds it… or pees the carpet… when we’re not home. As soon as we get home, my wife takes her out and she pees… won’t do it outside by herself. Anytime I try to take her outside, she just runs away. She seems afraid of me and runs whenever I’m standing. If I’m sitting or laying in bed, then she is all over me. I don’t get it. I guess I’m too tall when standing (6’2″). Anyway, we are considering a doghouse on our sheltered back porch… shielded from the hot and cold weather and would only allow her in the house when we are there to watch her… she can’t pee in the house if she isn’t in it! Oh, and we’ve tried the pee pads. She sniffs them, then pees on the carpet next to them… I’ve seen her do it. What an incredible dog!!! No more Yorkie’s for me. I’d prefer a less high strung, ‘mutt’ type of dog maybe. Of course, I did really like my perfect little Pomeranian (and she never peed in the house). She spoiled me.

  31. CARMEN says:

    l have a teacup yokie he only six week l want to know if can give hem puppy food because he is very small

  32. CARMEN says:

    l have teacup yokies he only 6 week old l want to know if can give hem pupyy food because he is very small

  33. Philomena says:

    I have a Yorkie got her at 6 months old, she has never once dirtied her crate however if I let her in to the house i.e upstairs she will pee on the bathmat if left on the floor, she will also pee and pooh in another area of the house she has access to a very large garden most of the day, however she will come in out of the garden and pee or pooh in the house. Recently she poohed in the utility room just inside the door which was actually open in to the garden. She uses the garden most of the time but I never know when she will go in the house. I have two other dogs (not Yorkies) and they are house trained ok.

  34. Linny says:

    My yorkie, Demi, has never gone on any of my floors, or rugs. She goes on puppy pads and lots of newspaper on a large cover from a storage container. She goes outside when I am here, but when I leave all day for family parties etc, I leave the cover and paper out.
    These dogs need alot of love and want to be near people all the time. They need alot of toys for stimulation. Our dog gets a new toy every 2 weeks .my dog is almost 8 months old.
    My yorkie came from a great breeder who paper trained all her dogs before I got her . She was not crated and that makes a big difference being paper trained and loose with the mother.
    It takes persistence, patience, and saying commands over and over. Our little Demi 3. 1/2 lbs gets alot of attention and we reward her with chopped carrots she loves every time she went outside
    Petco has free training lessons . I heard it is very good.

  35. john says:

    Hello fellow yorkie owners.

    I need help. I have a potty training problem with my teacup yorkie. She is 3 yrs old now and my mom (1st time pet owner) did a horrible job of training her, so she gave it to me to see what I can do. It’s always a hit or miss with the wee wee pads. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t. She tends to pee on carpets or rugs. I’m thinking of spraying white vinegar to avoid the peeing. I’m going to try to do a routine since I’ve read that it helps.

    At night, I’m afraid to put her on my bed when i sleep but I do because she cries all night. As for tricks, she can’t do any except extend her paw. I tell her to sit and she only does it when I say it loud repeatedly, with or without treats. I taught her to lay down, but she forgot how to do it after a week.

    My main problem is the pooping and the consistency with the peeing on the pads. How do I enforce her to only pee on the pads? Also, she never poops on the wee wee pads. She relieves herself on the carpet or hardwood floor. Yesterday, I tried a different strategy. Instead of me yelling at her for pooping on the ground and then cleaning it up immediately, I placed the poop on the wee wee pad. I’m hoping that works. Do you have any advice for me? I really think training classes for a 3 yr old stubborn yorkie is a waste of money. In the past, my parents and I would yell at her if she pee’d or pooped on the carpet, but now she holds it in and relieves herself when we are not looking. She is scared to do it in front of us. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.


  36. Karen says:

    We have a 7 year old male yorkie named Scruff who has had problems peeing in the house forever it seems. We finally got rid of the carpet that I had to shampoo every week because of the smell and now I can see where and when he pees. The little bugar only pees in the middle of the night next to my hubby’s recliner. We find it every morning! I clean it up every morning. I would never think of getting rid of him, he is part of our family (we’re Mama and Papa to him). After reading these posts, I have tried everything except the storage container lid with newspaper on it and nothing has worked. Guess I’ll set the lid next to the chair before we go to bed tonite and see what happens. The love he gives our family is well worth the work and cost for new tile. Good luck everybody!

  37. Karen says:

    I forgot to mention in my previous post about Scruff, he uses his doggie door during the day and I’ve never seen pee in the house in the daytime since he became an adult. He has a sister named Sadie (cairn terrier) and they go outside together and he’ll even go out without her. I’ve actually wondered if he could be afraid to go out the doggie door at night by himself. Who knows, these yorkies are an interesting breed!! I’ve never had problems like this with any other breed I’ve owned in my lifetime.

  38. Stephanie says:

    I am having the worst time with our little female Yorkie. She is a year and a half now, we rescued her from unsanitary conditions and she will pee in her kennel at night, pee in a play pin we set up for her, I too have tried wee wee pads, she eats them and we are afraid she will get a blackage and die so we stopped with those. We have tried EVERYTHING we can think of. And when we got her we already had a male Yorkie, her bad behavior has rubbed off on him now, and now if she pees, he pees and vice versa. I am seriously at my breaking point. I’m actually talking to 2 people at this point to see about who’s home is better for her out of the 2 because to be honest, I feel absolutely defeated. I don’t know how to make this dog happy. I’m not the healthiest person, I’m going thru a really tough pregnancy (we were told by 2 doctors that we couldn’t conceive anymore, that’s the only reason we decided to go thru with rescuing her). And not only does she pee and poop in the house, but she will stand in it, run in it, then run all over the house. We don’t understand this! I usually have to give her 2 or 3 baths a DAY because of this. And I take them out at least 6 times a day, usually about 7 or 8 times. I praise her and praise her when she goes poop and potty outside. Sometimes, poop will start coming out of her butt and she will suck her tail to her butt and not let the poop come out :-l Then if she comes in the house she poops allll over! I have spent 2 hours plus with her, it good weather and bad weather, she refuses to go. I feed them in their kennels, I bring her in put her in her kennel to eat thinking that she may need more food in her system to help push the poop out (I don’t know), then I rush to her kennel after about 5-10 minutes, by that time she’s already pooped and peed and it’s ALLLLL over everything! She stomps in it and it slashes outside of her kennel, it’s all over her, I’ve had to shave her because I can’t get the pee smell out of her fur :-l

    PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!I look at her and I feel like I’ve failed her because she’s only a year and a half and I don’t want her to go to a THIRD home, in her short life she’s lived so far she shouldn’t be bounced around like this. But at the same time, I feel absolutely lost and stuck. I feel like I’ve ran out of options, I’ve tried EVERYTHIGN. If ANYONE on here knows of anything I’ve missed PLEASE let me know right away!! This is literally making me sick :( She’s the sweetest little girl but I don’t know what she wants from me anymore. And despite what the article says about them not doing it on purpose or to make you mad, I seriously feel like she does at times do it to be rebellious. I’m not certain what to think anymore, I’m totally confused, exhausted and frustrated. PLEASE HELP!!!

  39. Karen says:

    @Stephanie, sounds like you know already what you need to do because of your rough pregnancy and you need to know it’s alright. It is alright to find another home for her but I hope you’ll let the new owner know every single problem you’re having. To let someone become her new owner without informing them of any of her issues would only lead to her having to be placed again. To be honest with you, I think she has some mental issues, possibly from her previous living conditions or from in-breeding. I’ve tried everything now for my male yorkie, Scruff and have resigned to the fact that he’s going to pee every night and I’m going to clean it up every morning, no matter what I do. I’m retired with no children, so I can take care of the problem, but you have to put your child first.

  40. Stephanie says:

    Thank you sooo much Karen. There is a couple coming out to look at her on Sunday. They are very familiar with Yorkies, have bred them and had them for 15 years, so she understands all these things, which is EXACTLY what I have been searching and hoping for!!

    I hate this soo much. My mom has said she feels she has mental issues too (our Yorkie, not my mom haha sorry). So when I hear you say that too, it makes me really wonder what has really happened to her in her previous home :( I’m so worried that she will be w ondering what she’s done wrong and why we don’t love her anymore…but I think that’s more MY paranoia rather than what she would really be thinking.

    Thank you soo much for your kind words. I appreciate your response more than you know!!

  41. Karen says:

    You’re welcome Stephanie, that little Yorkie of yours will be just fine with those experienced Yorkie owners. I’m sure they’ve dealt with many different problems in 15 years. If she does have mental issues, I’m sure she won’t be wondering why she’s going to another home. Hope it goes well Sunday and best of luck to you with your pregnancy and anticipated motherhood!

  42. Dee says:

    Hello, my Yorkie is almost 7 years old and still pees in the house. Over the years I have tried EVERYTHING including one on one puppy training classes, belly bands, crate training, pee pads, clicker training, and countless hours taking the dog out every 2 hours. Nothing works. He has peed on my bed, blankets, couches, rugs, and even on me and my husband! It is ridiculous and he is now not allowed on any furniture. But that hasn’t stopped anything. He still has accidents regularly and I fear I will be cleaning up pee for the remainder of his years. I have a new baby and I am appalled at having pee on my carpets and the baby learning to crawl. We are thinking of getting hardwood floors so it is more sanitary. I am at my wit’s end and do not want to get rid of him. He is our first “fur” baby and we love him. But I hate how upset I get and how much time I have devoted to this issue. Some Yorkies are IMPOSSIBLE to housetrain no matter how much time and effort is spent. I hope that anyone considering a Yorkie takes this into consideration. It is heartbreaking to love your pet but want to find them a new home. It is exhausting to clean up after him all the time. I think I should own stock in nature’s miracle by now!!! Good luck to everyone!

  43. lori says:

    Hi I have a 6 month old yorkie who I got at 13 weeks and have been training since then. Since the first day he has gone poo and pee outside but when he is in pen is will sometimes still pee and poo there. He does not cry or bark to go out so if you are not in the same room watching him there is a chance that he will go. I have been bringing him out constantly when he wakes up,after he eats, after play and sometimes he will go outside and still come in and pee 5 minutes later. I want to be able to trust him and let him have the run of the house but at this point there is no way since he still has accidents I know he can hold it because he will hold it allnight while sleeping. How can I put a stop to this peeing in pen. I do have another 5yr old yorkie and he is has good has gold and never had accidents and was trained the same way so fast.

  44. Billy says:

    KC – You wrote: When we take him outside he wants to do everything but use the bathroom. Dogs don’t “USE THE BATHROOM”! HA!

  45. Donknesha says:

    I have a 8month old yorkie SasHa is her name she was going on the pads nw she is going every wear she gets discipline bt she dnt.care wht do I do but she will go for my bf bt when I cum home she pee ppoop anywhere HELP!!!!!!!!!

  46. 123-Pet Admin says:

    Donknesha and Lori. We have 2 yorkies in our house and used to have lots of problems with peeing in the house. We crate trained both of our yorkies and found it to be the best way to control their bladder habits. Dogs are creatures of habit and it’s important to get them into the habit of peeing at the right time in the right places. Our $7 Crate Training Made Easy eBook is a short and concise tool showing you exactly what we did for our yorkies.

  47. Tony says:

    We got 2 Yorkies, a male and a female from the same litter, when they were three months old. When we took them to a vet for their shots, the vet was cold and judgmental and gave us the feeling we were in over our heads. Turns out she may have been right. It’s the first week in September and despite our best efforts, they are turning our house into a toilet. They are crated from about 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. (while we are at work) and I don’t even want to hear it, ok? They HAVE to be crated. I can’t let them have the run of the house to tear it apart. The crate training started out pretty well. The male especvially started out pretty well but lately, when he is out of his cage in the evenings, he will poop or pee whenever it suits him, even if we’ve just taken him out. The female will poop in her cage in the morning, right after I’ve taken her outside, right before I leave for work . . . so she just has to sit in it until I get home. I have tried feeding them in their cages (he just pushes the food out of his cage) and that doesn’t seem to help. I will NEVER take them to a shelter because I know they will be euthanized. But my life is miserable and I feel so guilty because I feel like I’VE done something wrong. Of course, they are loving and affectionate but WILD most of the time in the evenings. The only peace we get is when they are asleep.
    The only thing worse than all this is what people say to me about my situation. They blame it on me. They say they shouldn’t be crated all day. They are SURPRISED that a dog will poop and pee in its cage. HE makes it through the day w/o doing it, but she doesn’t. Every day it’s an hour bathing her, taking the cage outside to clean it, and cleaning up the room where the cages are kept. Then I know they need their exercise so we play with them. She can run and fetch a ball for 5-6 hours before she collapses. He’d probably be ok by himself but they are so identified with EACH OTHER. What’s ironic is that I love them so much. I understand that they are God’s creatures and they are dependant upon us for everything. It’s just that every day is hell and I feel like it’s NEVER going to change and part of me curses the day we got them.

  48. lesley says:

    hi i have 2 egg cup yorkies ten yrs an 8 yrs, both males, am at wits end they go on regular walks and as soon as they come in they pee up the fridge gettin a nightmare,have just took up landin carpet an bedroom wot a smell just dont no y there doing it in the last 12months there gettin worse,have to b careful have 2 small grandchildren lesley

  49. cherrys mummy says:

    I wish people would read up on a breed before they bring a pup home !!! every article about a yorkshire pup states that they are very difficult to house train . And Tony I take it you do not pee once while you are at work for 8 hours ?? and I persume they spend all night in the cage too ? GET A RABBIT!!

  50. cherrys mummy says:

    Lesley your dogs are marking out their territory you need to break the cycle, are you cleaning with the correct cleaner ? have your dogs been neutered ? having them neutered will solve alot of the problems but not all , restrict their freedom in the house so it will be easier to keep on top of the cleaning.try talking to a trainer or a yorkie breeder.

  51. lesley says:

    1 been neutered the other cant due 2 liver disease which he had from a pup, due to this cant b put sleep risks to high could kill him,they now stay in the kitchen an dining room loads space,I never dream puttin my dogs in a cage,since iv put them in kitchen not 1 mess they made,wish iv put them in kitchen from the start,still get up check on me dogs durin the ng,the older dog robbie shakes a lot due to liver disease make sure hes ok.so in the day they have the run down stairs ng time kitchen. so far so good.

  52. cherrys mummy says:

    Yes Lesley thats what I do with my yorkie while I am working I let her have the run downstairs (no carpet) and lift anything I think she might chew, put pads down and leave the tv on!! I come home and she is usually curled up on the sofa happy and content, she uses the pads if I am not there and I do not mind she is 6 months old and I dont expect he to go 6 hours without a pee. Also people make the mistake of thinking yorkies dont need much exercise mine gets 2 good walks a day (1 hour at a time ) a tired dog really is a good dog.

  53. Tony says:

    @cherrys mummy: Wow, your reply was really cruel. I posted on this thread because I was very discouraged and needed and desired encouragement. What I got from you was shame and judgment. If that makes you feel better, great. I wish a lot of things in the world were different than they are. I didn’t think I could feel worse but after reading your post, I feel a lot worse. Thanks so very much.

  54. cherrysmummy says:

    If you think that I was cruel for telling you that locking your dogs up for 8 hours in a crate and then moaning that you had to wash them when you got home because they were soiling then yes I am cruel !!!you then went on to say that you had to play ball with them and only got peace when they were asleep !! is it me or are you not only cruel but selfish and full of self pity too ? do me a favour ring the yorkie rescue centre and find them a loving caring home with someone who actualy wants to spend time with them and give them the love they deserve.

  55. Karen says:

    @Tony It sounds like the crate you are using is too big if you can feed them in there too. The crate should just fit the dog’s sleeping and should not be so big they can run around in it. For those of you who think crate’s are cruel, most vets recommend using them. Our dogs ancestors were sleeping in caves and dogs like the security of a crate. I have two dogs and the one I crate trained when she was a puppy, does not pee in the house. She’s a Cairn Terrier. I purchased my Yorkie from a person who did not use crate training and he has peed almost every night in our house since we got him; had to get rid of our carpet and put tile in. We have a doggie dog but he just won’t use it at night.

  56. Kayla says:

    My dog is 6 mnths, had him castrated due to marking & dominence issues. He is now worse than ever! I love him, but nit emough to clear up wee numerous times each day. He is restricted to the kitchen-dining room. I let him in the living room at nght and he sneaks off to pee. He will pee after he has just been taken fir a walk. I have treat trained succesfully he will sit, roll over, give paw and so much more but will just not get the potty training. He seems to somtimes do it out of defiance, if he is put in kitchen for bad behaviour. He has everything he needs & is loved, he is not nervous and has the will of a lion!

  57. Heidi says:

    My little poppy is 4 months old and I can honestly say she has been an absolute gem since the moment I brought her home, I had planned ahead and put down training pads before i collected her so from the moment she home I put her her on them every time she does her business I praise her to no end and always give her a tiny treat from my kitchen cupboard which is on floor level so now she has learned that if she does her business she will run to the cupboard and scratch the door to get her treat! I don’t know if this is the right way to train her as I have never had a yorkie before but I find it works.

  58. CINDY says:

    @Kayla, my puppy does this same thing. I will take her out and give her a good long walk, where she sniffs constantly and I tell her to go potty. After a long duration of walking she usually will whine wanting to walk back home… so i figure she just doesnt have to go. Yet, as soon as I am unloading the dishwasher or something simple like that she will go hide and poo or pee, I have never made her feel like eliminating is wrong (rubbing her nose in it) I have always been consistent with taking her out while she is in the process of eliminating to reinforce that outside is where she is suppose to potty… but she continues to eliminate right after a long walk in the house…. totally lost by this. Any suggestions

  59. Linny says:

    I think it’s definitely ok to give your dog a littls swat when it eliminates in the wrong spot. Sometime’s, a simple “no” doesn’t work. A mom dog will actually snap and bite at her pups to teach them lessons – and it works. Whatever you do, don’t keep saying ‘no’ to the dog when it runs outside or into it’s ‘box’ to go pee. Always change your attitude and say “good boy/girl” as soon as it runs to the right spot.

  60. Jahir says:

    Guys! Thank you all for the great answers above. Advice is what I need since we recently purchased a Yorkshire Terrier for the first time.
    I want to know everything, I should purchase a book, but the best is learning little by little from advice. Our Yorkie is 2 months old. He is cute, stubborn and sweet. Since we got him, he has a designated space in the kitchen. Enough to walk and run around. We have taught him to pee n the WEE PADS, and he has been doing it since the first week. We had a cage from our old juggle, the cage is pretty big. I read above that big cages are not good…Am I doing wrong by putting a big cage for him to sleep? Should I have a smaller cage? Also my puppy is 2 months old, when can I start giving small treats? Now? I am just confused on how treating a 2 month old puppy and not a 2 yr old puppy. Thank you all for the advice, and hopefully I can get some good recommendations.

  61. Lillie says:

    @ Tony, I understand why you had to keep your dogs in the crate, my sister recently got a yorkie so she pays me to puppysit but then again she only works certain days of the week. i know its hard but dont give up hope!

  62. Linny says:

    @ Jahir: Definitely get a smaller cage.. just room for a place to lay down and another place to go pee. There will be no accidents that way. It worked perfet for my yorkie and now he goes in his litter box all the time. I also noticed that it works to only give them treats when they go to the bathroom and not for anything else.. This way, they will be SUPER excited for the treat. Try to always catch the dog in the act when it gets in trouble.. If he gets in trouble afterwards, he’ll think that the actual pop/pee is bad and not the fact the he releived himself there. I think it’s good to be a little more agressive then just a simple ‘no’. How many times do people actually say ‘no’ to there puppy in a day? If it’s not too harsh, the dog won’t get that it is really BAD to go in the house.

  63. Lily says:

    My Yorkie is trained to go on the wee wee pads by our door but I don’t know how to get him to pee and poop outside and to scrach when he need to go outside.What should I so

  64. Tyler says:

    Here is my problem and I need help PLEASE. I am a pround owner of the sweetest, extremely intelligent 2 1/2 year old 4lb yorkie. I have trained her to do all kinds of tricks, shes very very smart, and has the traits that AKC considers a standard yorkie to have. I have moved 4 times in the past year. Ya, crazy i know. She gets confused. She never pee’s on hard wood floors, only carpet. She started off going on ONLY potty pads minus when she went on walks at times because we lived in a high rise. Since then she has gone from all kinds of different scenarios. Now I am living in an all carpet apartment. At the moment I do have time to take her out every couple hours. BUT it wont last for much longer. I take her out now 1-3 times a day, as well as have two potty pads in the house. There is just no way she could go w/out potty pads for her entire life. Tell me if im wrong? But shes a tiny 4lb’r and goes 10-15x’s a day. Ive thought of everything but no matter how many times I catch her, then either take her outside, or to her pad…she keeps on peeing and pooping allll over my apartment. I am buying an air can to try that technique. She has gotten better at past places, but never fully trained. She also is smart and waits to do it when im not looking! she is a SNEAK!! Crate training WILL NOT WORK. My xgf and I gave it our all for 4 whole months when we first got her. Got her the proper size crate and tried for 4 solid months. She not only cried EVERY SINGLE night, but also pooped and pee’d in her crate consistently!! We gave up and let her sleep with us. Moral of story. I need help w/my smart, sneaking ..love of my life. (thining about the air can as mentioned and any sort of carpet deterents maybe?) THANKS!

  65. Tyler says:

    Correction…she goes pee about 5-10x’s a day(that i know of). I really dont think she has any sort of bladder issue. She has never peed on anyone or in any weird(not normal) area. Im guessing her bladder is the size of a grape!

  66. Katie says:

    I wish I found this forum earlier. Our yorkie is 3 years old. We took her in from another family when she was just under 1 & she was not trained. We had her trained ok for a while..as some people here have mentioned, she would go now & then but she would mostly go outside once we properly crate trained her. A few months ago we moved into a townhome. She started pooping in the house a lot, after taking her out back & walking her with no results, she would still go hide & poop after we got inside. Now, the pooping inside has stopped, & starting last week she is peeing in the house all of the time. I started putting her in the crate during the day again, and she doesn’t go in the crate (she’ll be in there for about 8 hours). She will go outside right after work like a good girl, and bam an hour or two later she’s peeing on the floor. Today she was in the crate for 2 hours & I came hom early. She peed outside and 2 hours later she pees on the couch. I’m going to have to throw out my area rugs because I’m pretty sure they are ruined. I have NEVER been able to get her to go on a puppy pad…I would feel like I hit the lottery if she did go on puppy pads! I just don’t understand how she will not go when she is in the crate for hours at a time but when she’s not in the crate she goes all over….and why did this just start up a week ago?

  67. mwoods says:

    Thanks for the tips we have a little yorkie who is somewhat potty trained. We do not want ours to pee or poop on pads so when it rains what do you do?

  68. lisa says:

    i have 2 little yorkies. scooter is 4 lbs and 5yrs old. he was pretty easy to potty train at an early age, but when we had several people over for dinner he would get excited and would pee od poop on your lap.he may have been about a year old at that time. when we had him around female dogs he would come home and start marking places in the house. we watched him close and just took him out more. nipped that in the bud quick. now sniper is a wholw different story. he seems to be a different breed. got him at about 12 weeks old. he was wild and hard to handle. it took a lot of work to calm him down, but is doing much much better. i seemed to have gotten him potty trained in a very short time, or so i thought. i caught him peeing on the bedroom carpet, so now im wondering if he had me fooled all this time, or did he just start doing it? most of my rooms have light oatmeal berber carpet and i have looked everywhere.i have found no sign of pee, but just in our bedroom. they both sleep with my husband and i. he is doing this after we go to bed and he does get taken out before bed. please dont give up on your yorkies. they really are the best. my breeder told me not to give them the run of the house or they would go in places you dont know about. this is very true. she has given me a lot of good advice. she has raised a lot of them. i will call her before the vet. im going back to when sniper was 12 weeks. i took him out every 20-30 min.i think we will get back on track. just keep at it and be consistant and dont get discouraged. you will get them trained.

  69. AngelB says:

    Guys I need help! i just purchased my puppy a few weeks ago, at first he was amazing with his peepee pad and suddenly he just decided to start peeing and pooping everywhere.. My breeder told me i can set a few peepee pads around the house until he gets the hang of it and slowly start to eliminate pads as he gets more comfortable.. He doesn’t have as many accidents with the peeing rather than the pooping. He is being crate trained and he loves his little crate which is in my room next to my bed. I encourage and praise him when he goes on the peepee pad and i was told that when he makes accidents to completely ignore him and pick it up. My breeder says not to say no or scowled him when he has accidents since he will eventually be going outside but at the moment i have so much snow and cold that he will simply freeze if i take him out (I’ve bought him jackets and puppy boots also). My problem is that he’ll pee on the pee pee pad, I’ll give him a treat say “goooddd boyyy” and then 2 seconds later… he’ll pee on my carpet or floor -.-…. the pooping is horrible.. i think hes only managed twice to do it on the peepee pad. Is this normal? Am i doing something wrong? HEELLPPPP

  70. L says:

    My trainer said that my puppy doesn’t really know the difference between pee pee pads, rug and doormat.

  71. Hey16 says:

    My yorkie is the Best ever she always listens! Just take time for her.

  72. yorkielover says:

    I have a 5 1/2 month yorkie now, got him when he was 3 months old, which i would have pefered him to be younger, the breeder didnt bother to even attempt potty training. I live in a town house that has neighbors on each side. I have been raising dogs for a long time many years, never had a yorkie tho. I attempted potty training as would i have done with my other dogs, some luck. Yorkies are very picky and demanded that they be treated as royalty, it is in their blood. Once you accept that fact it gets easier. THEY DONT RUN THE HOUSE! accept that as well and potty training isnt a problem. One good question to ask yourself is would I let my child or another persons child do that if the answer is no than it is as well for the dog. They need to be treated as if they are children. It is not cruel or harsh to be on a lease or be crate trained. I started no pee pads, and in the crate when i couldnt watch him all the time and on a lease when in the same room as I. They are one of the smartest dogs known. He whined and barked for hours while being in the crate. I spoke to my neighbors and explained crate training to them they understood, he soon learned that i would not let him out unless it was time to pee about every hour while awake, strait outside then back to the crate, when he stopped crying i would let him out to play to show that good behavior gets rewarded. when sleeping for the first week he got let out every 4 hours to pee/poop etc. They know that we dont like it when they cry and that is why they do it because ultimately you will cave. If the barking is too much leave for a little while and come back. It took about 3 days of being in the crate and he stopped crying and now he loves to be in the crate he isnt afraid of it like some people think he knows the difference between being punished and obeying. He sleeps in the crate not in my bed, he is in the crate when we are not home and he has never had an accident. Now he is out and about and sits at the patio door when he has to go he doesnt bark or scratch he just sits and waits patiently for us to let him out, we dont use a lease unles he is out for a walk and he never runs off to hide to potty some where unexpected. If you want to think of the dog in terms of a child would you let a toddler or new born run a muck in the house, no they have a play pen or a crib same concept, they cry when they go in there do your run to there every peep!

  73. yorkielover says:

    to add sorry, the minute you give them and inch they are are going to take another, stop the behavior immediately and the results are rewarding for both owner and dog. Give the dog the inch he/she is looking for and that is it, it only takes once! Stand strong

  74. Nicole says:

    Just brought home my 8 week old yorkie today and reading all the great advice! He did so great his first day ill be optimistic. He was already starting to papertrain but I’m going to give it my all to limit it to outside and crate train nights. I work from home so I figure putting time in now will pay off. When I read they can be difficult I decided to get him little so he didn’t have time to pick up bad habits. Thanks again yorkie lovers. I am going to enjoy training our beautiful new family member

  75. Barbara says:

    It saddens me that people on this blog are considering putting their Yorkies down, or giving them away because they are not successfully training them. Who is the trainer people? dogs are not naturally dirty animals, they don’t want to pee inside, as a matter of fact, they want to make their humans happy. My suggestion to the 100’s of Yorkie owners, keep trying, read different articles, try crate training, newspaper instead of cotton pads(that resemble a rug)out every hour, long walks, limit amounts of water, less food at meals,or more small meals a day. It’s not easy having pets, they are like kids, stern,patient, loving CONSISTENT! Seriously, if you are considering getting rid of your Yorkie, give them to a rescue or contact me. Some people are not geared to have pets in this busy world, don’r beat yourself up, just do right by your pet.bsoule32@verizon.net

  76. Barbara says:

    It saddens me that people on this blog are considering putting their Yorkies down, or giving them away because they are not successfully training them. Who is the trainer people? dogs are not naturally dirty animals, they don’t want to pee inside, as a matter of fact, they want to make their humans happy. My suggestion to the 100’s of Yorkie owners, keep trying, read different articles, try crate training, newspaper instead of cotton pads(that resemble a rug)out every hour, long walks, limit amounts of water, less food at meals,or more small meals a day. It’s not easy having pets, they are like kids, stern,patient, loving CONSISTENT! Seriously, if you are considering getting rid of your Yorkie, give them to a rescue or contact me. Some people are not geared to have pets in this busy world, don’t beat yourself up, just do right by your pet.

  77. Tony says:

    I wanted to update from my desperate post from last year. My Yorkies are doing great. It took a lot of patience but we have all learned togther. I love them so much. They are very independent-minded, ’tis true, but they are so loving. Are they spoiled? Absolutely. Do they make the world a happier place for me, their caretaker? Absolutely. Am I glad I got them? Absolutely. Few things worth anything are easy. They were worth the effort. So for those who are “in the weeds” right now: have faith. Don’t give up.

  78. nadia says:

    Hi I need help. my puppy is 11weeks old and so sweet but i’m having trouble getting her to papertrain.i have a little playpen for her with her bed and everything which i line with paper. but as soon is get home i take her outside to play for a while and open up the pen but she still pees everywhere.week ends it goes better she sometimes goes by herself to pee and poo and we praise her when she does.but its as if she is scared that we will put her back in the pen during the week. should we rather let her have the space and not do the playpen or not?

  79. Celeste says:

    I take my yorkie out after eating and drinking I will be out there for an hour and she won’t go I will then bring her in and she will go right away I stop her in the middle then bring her back out side. She will then still not go to the bathroom. If you know anything I can to do housebrake her please let me know!!

  80. Lizz says:

    Wow reading all of this makes me scared on how bad I will have to work for my puppy to be potty trained . I recently got my dog I’ve been having him for two weeks and he is to much fun to have, he is very energetic and very lovable but, the problem I do have is making him pee on a puppy pad he will wake me up in the middle of the night to let me know he has to pee I put him by his pad and he doesn’t seem to pay any mind to it and wonders off and poops and pee’s in another spot. I tell him no but he doesn’t want to listen. But I have another problem there is one more dog living with me she belongs to my cousins they don’t potty train her at all, is my dog not wanting to potty train because he is trying to cover up her scent or just thinks it’s okay because the other dog gets away with it ? I don’t know what to do because I really want my dog trained.

  81. Mary says:

    I was reading all your problems and replies.ive always had poodles. They are extremely easy to potty train so when my husband bought me this adorable Yorkie for our 18th anniversary, I fell in love right off. Wellll, needless to say a Yorkie is not a poodle.poodles train easy. At first I thought he bought me a monster.she had a mind of her own. We are in the country so I would let her out with supervision thinking that she would do like my 15 year old poodle that I bought automatically knowing what to do. Wrong!! She would play when she went out and come back in to pee and poop.it was a disaster. So I kept my patience. We resorted to the leash telling her to pee Violet (her name). She wanted to chew and shake the leash.so when she wouldn’t relieve herself I would crate her for one hour and try it again.i felt as though we never were gonna get anywhere.i hated to crate her over and over. She was like telling me I’m gonna hold as long as I can. This ritual went on awhile but we finally made a break through.it worked. She has her freedom.i take her out every two hours and I’m fixing to start moving it up to 3hours. Ohh and don’t be surprised it they poop first and then pee back in the house. Make them stay out til they pee. They have a concentration level that is very short. Crate them if they don’t pee after popping. Give them an hour and they will pee. Keep them on a scheduled feeding and water time. That also does wonders. Hope this helps!! She’s four months and doing great!

  82. My yorkshire terrier is nine years old. After several years of her peeing in the house and me cleaning the carpet. I started taking her out every 2 to 3 hours to pee. I also use dog pads from the dollar store to leave in the bathroom while I leave to shop or just work. Work is the biggest and most described word for yorkies. They are very cute and everyone wants one. You just have to figure out the best way to take care of them without being mean. They are so tiny and fragile. Good Luck.

  83. Charlie's mom says:

    Are these dogs fixed? My Charlie was the greatest Yorkie ever – except for the fact that he would go in the house, in his crate, on the bed, it didn’t matter what I did or how many times I took him out. Finally, I mentioned it to the vet. He hadn’t been fixed (I got him older and he had a few other health issues, so we were waiting). Once I got him fixed, he stopped. Not a lot of folks are mentioning whether their dogs are fixed. For boys at least, it could help with marking. I almost gave him away, I was so frustrated. If you can, hold on and talk to your vet. Maybe they can help. My Charlie is gone now, and I’m thinking of getting another Yorkie… though reading these posts is making me think twice.

  84. texmom says:

    We have a three year old male and a one-1/2 year female. He was to the point of rarely having anaccident, usually when it was rainy outside. She was having accidents, but going outside more than in. We moved to a new house in the country and it is like starting over with both of them. A previous owner had a cat and dog who left plenty of scent, and on top of that,they are a little scared outside. There are lots of deer and they don’t know what to make of those yet. We are sooo frustrated, after putting in new flooring and throw rugs, to have them peeing absolutely everywhere. Just hoping time and patience will get them back on track.

  85. Cathie says:

    We recently got an 8 week old female Yorkie. I have read much of the difficulty people are having breaking Yorkies. So far, we are using a 48″ circular puppy playpen with a zip in bottom (and top-see Amazon or Ebay). The fabric is sturdy canvas, resistant to needle-like teeth. We line the bottom TOTALLY with wee wee pads and put a VERY TINY shallow box with her blanket in it. The box is barely big enough to allow her to sleep in it. Since the bed is so tiny, she practically has to get out of her bed to relieve herself on the pads, which makes things pretty easy to clean up. This method allows her to poop away from her bed and we watch closely to pick it up and change the wee wee pads frequently. We leave water down, but no food. She is taken outside immediately after we awaken, immediately after feeding in her playpen, and then multiple times during the day. The breeder told us not to allow her on grass until she was 12 weeks old. She was looking over my shoulder out our glass door though and struggled to get down for a closer look at the outdoors. It was obvious she was curious about the outdoors, so I let her out. She ran, jumped and played so hard and then peed. The vet said it was OK for her to go on the grass if there were no other dogs going there. I don’t know if this will help anyone or not and it is early to tell if this is going to continue going as well, but I think sometimes crate training is difficult for little dogs with such tiny bladders. If anyone wishes to try this, be sure to get the type of playpen that has a zip in bottom lining, not the one that velcros to the playpen sides. Dogs figure out very quickly how to get their noses between the bottom and sides of the velcro type and escape quickly. Also, the canvas type is far heavier duty than other types… We have one set up in our den and another in our bedroom where she sleeps at night… Good luck!

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