If you have been, or are considering, shopping for a teacup yorkshire terrier, there is something you should know first. There is no such thing as “teacup yorkshire terrier.”

Yes, there are yorkies that are very small (under 3 lbs.), but there is no official weight variety called a Teacup Yorkie. A yorkie is a yorkie is a yorkie. Period.

The average yorkshire terrier size is 3.5-7 lbs. Where did the terms Teacup Yorkie, Tiny Toy Yorkie, etc. come from? These are terms created by irresponsible breeders who are trying to get as much money from you as possible. These smaller yorkies can often cost 50% to 100% more to buy than normal size yorkies.

These extra small yorkshire terriers are very adorable. Therefore, people emotionally fall in love with their size, not realizing that these little tiny creatures are typically not as healthy as their larger relatives.

Think about it… a larger yorkie is a sturdier yorkie. Smaller yorkies are more fragile. Their bones are more brittle. Their mouths mouths don’t grow as large, so forming healthy teeth is more difficult. Their organs can be weak. They can’t jump as high which means they will need ongoing help to climb onto things. They simply don’t live as long as larger, sturdier yorkies.

I own 2 yorkies. One weights about 6.5 lbs. The other weights about 4 lbs. Although both are very healthy, the smaller one simply doesn’t have the same strength and agility as the larger yorkie.

If you are looking for a yorkshire terrier puppy, don’t get caught up in the “teacup yorkie” fad. Instead, look for a yorkie who will live a long, healthy, happy life because he is strong and healthy. Responsible breeders will breed healthy dogs and try to avoid the much smaller runts at all costs. You should do the same.

Yorkshire Terriers are excellent pets. Use wisdom when you choose yours.

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  1. DogLover24 says:

    I saw Paris Hilton’s little yorkie, it was so TINY. It looks like it could break in half at any time.

  2. Janni says:

    Please if you have a really cheap yorkie please
    Contact me at janniprada@yahoo.com

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