Yorkie PuppyI have 2 Yorkshire Terriers. Without a doubt, Yorkies are the best pets I have ever owned. Both of them came from good Yorkie breeders with good reputations. They have completely different personalities, but fit perfectly into my family and my lifestyle.

Many people are tempted with the newspaper ads or internet ads saying, “Yorkie Puppy for Sale.” But choosing a great yorkshire terrier puppy is the most important first step in becoming a yorkie owner. So how to you choose a good yorkie puppy for your family?

You Should Choose a Yorkie- Don’t Let the Yorkie Choose You.

When I was first married, a read numerous books about how to choose the right dog for my family. Each book suggested that I choose the puppy in the litter who comes directly to me and seems to like me more than the others. Apparently, that meant I would have the best bond with that puppy. I did that with my first 2 dogs and it turned out to be a disaster for this uneducated new pet owner. Both of those dogs were so hyper that I couldn’t control them and ended up giving them to other families.

Obviously, this is not always the case, but my experience shows that it is usually the case when choosing a new puppy. Today, I have enough knowledge to train a hyper dog, so I’m sure it would work out. But, if you don’t have the patience to deal with a hyper dog, here’s what I suggest…

Choose the yorkie who sort of hangs out in the crowd. The patient ones tend to be gentler and easier to train as a household pet. The ones that are full of energy at the breeders could turn out to be the ones that drive you nuts at home.

Unless you’re looking for a high-energy dog, don’t automatically assume that the yorkie that chooses you is the yorkie you should choose. Take a close look at each yorkie puppy in the litter and get to know him or her as much as you can. You’ll know which one is right for you.

Remembering that you probably don’t want the most hyper dog, you also don’t want to choose the most bashful dog. Here’s a good tip when looking at a litter of yorkshire terrier puppies: If the yorkie is very shy / bashful as a puppy, he will probably be shy / bashful as an older yorkie.

If the entire yorkie litter, or most of the litter, is shy / bashful, you probably don’t want any of them. When you see a group of puppies like this, chances are those puppies are genetically shy or timid.

However, one of my yorkies is very shy. He almost seems as if he has no confidence. But he will not run and hide around strangers. He will simply roll over to every person he meets and give them his belly to show that he is not a threat. It’s quite cute, actually.

The bottom line for choosing a yorkie (based on temperment), is to choose one that is middle of the road.

  • Not too bossy.
  • Not too submissive.
  • Not too aggressive.
  • Aggressive enough to hold his own with the other yorkie pups.
  • Doesn’t bite excessively
  • Doesn’t mind nibbling on your finger or a toy.
  • Alert and confident.
  • Not nervous and afraid.

Finally, when evaluating a yorkie’s personality, spend some time alone with each puppy that you’re interested in. See how he behaves when he’s alone with you. How does he behave when he is away from his brothers and sisters? Does the yorkie’s personality change at all? Is he more relaxed? Is he more timid? Is he more excited or hyper?

Hopefully, this article will help you decide how to choose the best Yorkie puppy for you and your family. Stay tuned for the upcoming article about how to determine the size your yorkie will grow up to be. Ever hear of a teacup yorkie puppy or teacup yorkshire terrier puppy? Do you think they are a real breed? You’ll find out in the next article.

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    Very helpful. Thanks!

  3. Ernest J.Petrocelli says:

    What do I look for when choosing a yorkie puppy? Will it have standup ears? Will it be over size……………..?

  4. Ernest J.Petrocelli says:

    What do I look for when choosing a Yorkie puppy?

  5. Ernest J.Petrocelli says:

    As a puppy how can I tell what the size it will be?

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    I am buying a new yorkie and I found your information very helpful.

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    Our little Yorkie puppy is AKC Reg, We are looking for a good home for more information contact (geogiawilliams1@yahoo.com)

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    What size and sex are the best when looking for a Yorkie for a pet?

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    What is the best sex and weight when looking for a Yorkie for a pet?

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