Do you dread giving your dog a bath? I can identify with you. I’ve had large dogs and small dogs and I know that giving your dog a bath can be quite a chore. Here are some tips to help you know how to give your dog a bath.

1. Try to get your dog used to bathing at the youngest age possible. They younger your dog is when he gets used to bathing, the happier you’ll both be.

2. Do not bathe your dog too often. Dogs have natural oils on their skin and fur which are beneficial to them. Frequent bathing may remove those natural oils.

3. Always groom your dog prior to bathing to remove any loose fur. Loose fur is much more difficult to remove after getting wet. Also, knotted and matted fur prevents the shampoo from getting through the dog’s coat.

4. Use a shampoo that is suitable for your dog. Using a shampoo that is not formulated for dogs can harm your dog’s coat and skin. Do not use household soaps or cleaning liquids. A good quality dog shampoo doesn’t always lather as much as shampoo you use on your own hair. This makes it easier to rinse the shampoo from your dog’s coat.

5. Use lukewarm water. Always test the water before your dog gets into it.

6. Ensure that your dog is thoroughly soaked before you add any shampoo.

7. Wash your dog from the top down. Start at the neck and back. followed by the tail and bottom, then the legs and paws. Finally, wash the dog’s head and face. Most dog shampoos will not bother your dog’s eyes much, but do your best to avoid shampoo in your dog’s eyes.

8. Keep a hand available to control the dog’s movement. Placing a hand under the dog’s chin will help steady him and keep him from turning and twisting.

9. If necessary, use the buddy system. It’s always easier if one person can be responsible for controlling the dog’s movements while the other person does the bathing.

Dog Booster Bath10. Don’t break your back leaning over the edge of the tub. Consider purchasing a dog booster bath. A booster bath will not only save your back, but it makes clean up much easier also.

11. Be prepared for the shake. If you dog starts to shake the water off before you’re finished, simply place your hand on the back of his head or neck to make him stop.

12. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly. After rinsing, squeeze as much excess water as possible from your dog’s fur.

13. If your dog doesn’t mind, use the hair dryer. Some dogs just don’t like it, so don’t force it if your dog is afraid. Towel dry if it makes your dog happier. Brushing and drying at the same time will help your dog’s coat dry quicker and without the tangles.

14. Groom your dog after drying to make sure any knots and matts are removed.

I hope these tips help make your dog bath time easier for you and your dog.

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