We get asked all the time… “What’s the best way to remove pet urine odor from my carpet?” or “My cat is peeing on my rug. How do you remove cat urine odors and stains?” or “How do I make my cat stop peeing on things?” Obviously, this is a big problem for lots of people, and we addressed some of it in our other article here… Top 10 Ways to Stop Your Cat From Urinating-Peeing-Defecating-Pooping on Plants-Carpet-Furniture, so we won’t cover that again here.

However, we want to tell you about our solution for removing pet urine stains and odors with a solution you can make from common household ingredients. We have come up with our own homemade pet urine elimination formula called PeeBeGone! which you can make out of everyday household ingredients. For just $7 (payable through PayPal) you can download the PeeBeGone! formula immediately. PeeBeGone! is effective in removing pet urine that’s already there, and preventing pets from returning again. You won’t find a less expensive solution than this.

To learn how to create your own Pet Urine Odor Elimination Solution, download our $7 PeeBeGone! formula.

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