You have to admit – there aren’t many smells as distinctive and memorable as cat urine. I remember when I was a child and I had a newspaper delivery route. I would go “collecting” each month at an elderly lady’s house who had dozens of cats, and the cat urine odor was overwhelming in her house. Sadly, her house was condemned a few years later, but I’ll never forget the smell of cat urine overtaking that house (and my nose).

Recently, I brought a new kitten into my home, and I’ve noticed that he’s decided to urinate in a potted plant, using the plant as a cat litter box. This gave me a new mission: find the best way to stop my cat from urinating in my plant. While I was searching, I found that the same tips are also good for keeping the cat from urinating or pooping on carpet and furniture. Here are the top 10 ways I’ve found stop this poor cat behavior.

  1. This method is very effective! Buy a Spray Repellent (for about $8 – $10 per can). Simply spray the repellent around the area where you want to keep the cat from going to the bathroom. Most of the repellents say they’re for dogs, but they work great for cats, too. We have come up with our own homemade pet urine elimination formula called PeeBeGone! which you can make out of everyday household ingredients. For just $7 (payable through PayPal) you can download the PeeBeGone! formula immediately. PeeBeGone! is effective in removing pet urine that’s already there, and preventing pets from returning again. You won’t find a less expensive solution than this.
  2. Place large rocks or pine cones on top of the soil. The cats don’t like the feeling of the rocks or pine cones on their paws.
  3. To keep them off the furniture, try aluminum foil or plastic carpet runner (with the little pointy things facing up). Again, the cats don’t like how it feels on their paws.
  4. Keep the litter clean. One of the most common causes of cat’s refusing to use their litter pan… is a dirty pan. How do you like it when you go into a public restroom and the toilet is nasty? Keep that in mind for your cat’s litter.
  5. Try putting mothballs in potted plants
  6. Buy some of those cheap noise-making motion detectors and place them in the areas where your cat is making his / her mess. Next time your cat comes by to relieve himself, the alarm goes off and the cat decides not to go there again.
  7. Tie a helium-inflated mylar balloon down where your cat has been peeing. The balloon will sway back and forth all day long and keep the cat away from the area.
  8. Give each cat his / her own litter box. Some cats just don’t like to share.
  9. Transfer the kitty feces to the litter box. Let the cat know where the proper place to poop is.
  10. Some cats urinate and poop in the wrong place because they’re stressed out about something. If you’ve done your best to relieve any stress from your cat, consider anti-anxiety medicine from your veterinarian.

To learn how to create your own Pet Urine Odor Elimination Solution, download our $7 PeeBeGone! formula.

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  1. CatCrazy says:

    Great article. I know alot of people who have problems with cats peeing in their home. Very helpful tips.

  2. 123-pet says:

    FYI, the spray mentioned above works for cats and dogs.

  3. jenny says:

    i love cats they rock

  4. Eleonora says:

    I did all that already, but my cat pees in many places, and mostly on the sides of the couches, or on the couches.
    Repellents, or plastic or foil paper doesn’t do nothing anymore, or cat’s favorite food placed to the place of pee doesn’t help. Cat goes, eat the food as much as he wants, and then in an hour or so I see his pee there.
    I have 2 other cat’s, and only one has that problem.
    Any other solutions?… thanks.

  5. Joan says:

    I heard from a commenter on another site that moth balls will hurt the cat’s liver. You might check into that. :)

  6. Erin says:

    I have tried all of the above to try get my cats to stop going the bathroom on the carpet. Is there anything else I can do?

  7. greg says:

    my younger cat keeps peeing all over the place if he keeps it up he will be homeless

  8. liza says:

    hi i try to keep my kitty from peeing on the carpet but she just wont stop. she wants to pee on my carpet i put everything but she always finds a new place. she is a baby is here anything else i can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Terri says:

    Help, I have had enough. My 1 year old female cat, keeps peeing on my bathroom throw rugs as well as my carpet. Her litter box is kept clean and I don’t understand why she keeps doing this over and over again. She knows that she has done wrong when I catch her.She takes off running. I have been spraying her with the odor eliminator. Its nontonic. She don’t like the smell on her and neither do I like her smell. I have only done this twice, I don’t know whether it will work on her or not.

    • Michelle says:

      Terri….YOU DON’T SPRAY THE CAT!!!!!!!! You spray the area she is urinating on. Why would you spray her? How could that possibly do anything besides make her absolutely miserable. I swear, some of you people are complete morons. At least half of you shouldn’t even have pets. Unbelievable.

  10. Nola says:

    vinegar cancels out ammonia scent. i’m going to try the pine cones in my plants and see if it works. i have a feral cat (4months old) we found when she was about 3 weeks old. wish me luck.

    • Sandra says:

      Vinegar actually smells similar to cat urine, so they go back to that same spot. Don’t use vinegar!!!

  11. Nessa says:

    what do you do when your 8 month old male cat keeps peeing on pillows and blankets while they are on the bed.? he has been desexed but it hasn’t done anything to help…

  12. lila says:

    my cat is only 9months old yesturday on first of the december he started to pee and i need some help please.

  13. Kate says:

    Thanks for all the info! Have two 9 week old ragdoll boys…and one is pooping and weeing in two spots other than the litter tray, altho he does know where this is and what to do in it! Starting to do my head in, so will give all the above a try!! Thanks for great advice…fingers crossed!

  14. lisa says:

    I have a cat that wont stop pooping on my bathtub I will try the above to see if he will stop.

  15. Patti says:

    I have four cats and one of them started pooping in two specific spots in my house – behind a book case and in the corner of the kitchen floor – NASTY. Never caught him in the act b/c he does this while we are sleeping or at work. He was an outdoor cat before we got him – do you think this could be the reason he is doing this? How do I get him to STOP? I don’t want to give him away but if he keeps it up I’m going to have to…..we can’t take the poop in the kitchen and living room anymore.

  16. Joy says:

    I have two cats, about 6 months ago one started peeing on our new carpet. She has never done this before and it is getting worse. She pees all around the outside of the carpet, I clean it up, she goes again or in another spot. I have read all the things to try, used sticky tape around it, she peed on the tape, used cayenne pepper, she peed on that. bought repellent, she didn’t care. Took her to the vet, no signs of urinary infection…was at our wits end with her so decided to buy a bunch of balloons, blew them up and put the around the border of the room she has been peeing in, and for a week now, she has not gone in there. she is skiddish so the movement of the balloons is enough to scare her. So for $1 problem solved!! Looks like a party everyday but I can stand the balloons over the pee any day. don’t know if it will work for everyone, but if you have a skiddish cat, it is worth a shot.

  17. august says:

    Try this: When I’ve had animals that make mistakes I rub their nose in it and say, No” in a low, harsh tone. I then pick up the mistake in a paper towel, sop up as much as I can if its of the liquid nature, and with cat en tow we go to the little box where I put the mess in it. Then I sit the cat in or next to the litter box and say, “Good kitty” in a higher, softer tone, and scratch around in the litter.

    I know it sounds silly, but it has worked for me. Pets are like kids, they end up requiring more attention than we originally thought they would, and they both learn through consistency. Like potty training kids, you just have to keep an eye on them. When a toddler starts to go off on his/her own and is looking at the ground and then squats – guess what? That kid is going to the bathroom. When when you see your cat starting to smell around and keeps his/her head low to the floor, they’re also looking to mark the spot.

    I’ve kept car keys nearby and when I see them start sniffing around I pay attention. If they even start to squat I throw the keys in their direction. Not the kids, just the cats. And not to hit the cat, to scare them. When those keys lite nearby coupled with the sound of the food provider’s voice saying, “No”, that cat is going to skedaddle.

    That’s when you get up and go to the little box calling the cat in a sweet, friendly tone. Maybe coax them with a snack. And when the cat comes close you praise it, and when the cat steps into the little box you praise in the sweetest tone like you’ve never heard come out of your mouth before, and that cat will go where it’s suppose to. To this day, I always praise my cats when they go to the littler box, and then when they come out. They love it!

    Also, very important: keep the litter box clean and in an area separate from where the cat eats. You don’t eat in your bathroom so why should you expect your cat to?

    Viva le feline.

    Sorry so long; I didn’t have time to edit.


  18. Alicia says:

    if you would throw your cat out on the street then you shouldn’t have one. A pet is a commitment, and not a temporary source of entertainment. If the cat is such a bother to you, bring it to an animal shelter or a rescue so that it can find someone who wants to love it. A cat is a life and not disposable.

    • max power says:

      No kidding huh Alicia? I wonder if maybe thats why people are on the web lookin up cat piss, because we dont want to throw their asses out. But hey if YOU can sleep in a bed, curl up in blankets, or sit down on a couch after bustin your ass at work all day that constantly smells like piss then please reply…..i have a super nice, lovable, yet completely ungreatful cat that needs a new home to piss all over.

  19. Mcartney says:

    thanks SO much! all your advice really helped and my cat doesn’t pee on my stuff anymore!

  20. Caroline says:

    I have a cat whose nearing 14years old, my parents moved back in with me, bringing some of there furniture from there house, where they used to have another cat (female) well since the parents have moved in, my cat has been weeing and pooing over some of there furniture. Tried the deter spray, and taking him out at night to do his deed and also after hes finished eating.

  21. Jordan says:

    i have had many cats and many plants but there is only 1 that dose pee and dig in the plant there are tons of answers but nothing works i have transplanted the plants into smaller pots and added more plants to the ones that cat be put into a smaller pot HELP ME!!!!!!

  22. Jordan says:

    Lisa put an inch of water in the bath tub that will do the magic and when goes to do his buisness he will jump in the water and be to scarred to go back and do his buisness

  23. Joy says:

    I had the same problem with the cats digging in my plants, putting a balloon in the plant dirt worked great and keeps them far away. Plus, you can make the balloon any size to fit the pot.

  24. Cuds says:

    do you think by putting your cat in the same room with the litter box and food will help

  25. Kelsey says:

    my cats are about a year and ones 10 months old, we just bought a new hosue two months ago, and they poop in the basment all the time, everyother day i go to clean the litter box and there is poop everywhere, today my older cat peeded in my laundry basket, they were never like this before

  26. Renee says:

    I have a 14 year old cat that has been peeing on the floor right in front of the litterbox. She has no stress and poops in them just fine. What can I do to make her stop peeing on the floor? We clean the litterboxes daily and she will do it right after it has been cleaned. This is stressing me out. I love her and dont want to get rid of her cause she was my first baby. Please HELP!

  27. Cuds says:

    you should try byeing a differt kind of litter.
    my cat will do the same thing so i bought a new kind of litter.

  28. cuddle crazy says:

    I saved this cat more then 2 yrs old she was fine but then she started peeing on my things when she was in heat. so then i got her fixed she cont. to pee on my couch allllllll the time. now it on clothes n pillows blankets. i tried vinger i tried repellent sooo many other things n dont know what else to do. her litter is clean. we need new couches now n feel like she will cont. these act. WE NEED HELP ASAP !!

  29. aNDY says:

    i have a question…. i been having problems with a few homeless cats that been pooping outside in my front yard. what ive noticed is that they do it in the same exact place but idk what to do to make it stop. honestly everytime i see them i scare them but that dosnt seem to work. if anyone can please help me with a few tips it be great :) thnk u

  30. Kari says:

    I have a 4-year-old cat that pees on our stuff all the time: bathroom rugs, clean or dirty laundry, my nice bath towels, sweatshirts, tarps in the garage, our tent & sleeping bags, etc. He has cost us hundreds of dollars in ruined items! Nothing seems to work to make him stop. I’ve been asking around, and someone told me that once he pees on an item to lock him in the bathroom with the item he peed on, as well as food, water and his litter box, for 24 hours. They said this is often times harder on the cat owner than the cat to leave him in there that long, but that he will get the point. (or if he pees on a spot in your carpet put a crate around that spot and make him stay in there for a day). He will get the hint after having to spend all that time confined with the scent of his own urine. I haven’t tried this yet, but will the next time he pees!

  31. katie says:

    ok; I have a male black tabby tiger; that is being a defiant little pain in the rump!! he peed and pooped on my living room carpet!!! twice!! my husband grabbed him rubbed his nose in it;gave him a swat on the rump. sorry, we did not know what else to do. cat urine is TERRIBLE!!
    my worst fear is that it will be there FOREVER; the smell!!! HELP??!!

  32. chelsea says:

    my cat is 2 years old,shes a female and won’t stop peeing in my basement and in my moms room,now shes peeing in my brothers old room in a corner so i put the other kitty litter by where shes doing her business at. i try not to be mean to her but she’s been doing this for awhile now and my moms ex husband wants her gone and shes my cat. is spraying the cat with water a whole lot better then smacking her rump,it probably is though. please reply back :)

  33. Feather says:

    I have a beautiful Bengal cat. She is two years old. She used her cat pan all the time. We brought home a male kitten from the SPCA. He was fixed at time of bringing him home. He uses the cat pan too. Now my female cat is not using the cat pan and is now doing her buisness on my clothes, couch, bed and carpets. I have a large bathroom in my Master bedroom that I put her in till she relearned to use the cat pan. That worked till I let her out again. Then she is doing the same as before. I can’t keep her in my master bathroom for the rest of her life.What can I do to stop her from doing her buisness on my bed, carpet and clothes.The male kitten we have still uses the cat pan and he is a year old now.Please help me

    • Lydia says:

      Well a definite reccomendation is to get miss bengal her own seperate litter box, maybe even keep it in a different location than the one the lil boy uses. Also if she is peeing on your things it could be her special kitty way of saying “I am so mad at you right now! why would you bring another cat into MY house?” We had a cat that was always tempermental that way. If we ever accidentaly locked her in a room, or didn’t feed her on schedual she would seek out my mother’s things and pee on them. usualy her best most favorite bras. She was a spoiled thing but we loved her.

      So try a seperate cat pan for the little miss. Maybe also play with the two cats together to show her that you still love her just as much as this new kitty and that he wont take her place. If she has been a single cat for quite some time it could take a while for her to get used to having another cat around. it’s likely stressing her out but hopefully she gets used to it soon.
      best of luck! sorry if its the same tips you have been given before.

  34. Emma says:

    Thanks so much!! I’m having a terrible problem with my cat and kitten, and I’m gonna try your suggestions now!

  35. Kent says:

    I have a 16 year old tomcat.we have moved twice in the lst 1 1/2 years the fiest time he peed and pooped outside the litter box for a little while.the last move he has done it since the move and has started peeing and pooping on our stove and counters.what can I do to stop this? hellllp


  36. jenesis says:

    my family cat,Cosmo has been peeing on the carpet and floor. his litter box is always clean. we have tried almost EVERYTHING to stop him. i hope your solutions work cause we’re thinking he got to go. thanks.

  37. jenilea says:

    I NEED HELP????
    I have 5 cats and they do and dont use the litter box i went out and got the biggest one one the market and even buy the best litter out there but they still go on the floor what are some way i can stop them from useing the floor

  38. Barb says:

    Bengal cat is on anxiety meds and STIll pees on things. What now?

  39. Justice says:

    I have a cat who always pees by the door… We’ve tried several different methods to stop him from going there. We dont know what to do anymore… Anyone have any ideas??

  40. Claire says:

    i have two female cats. one has taken to peeing in the bath tub, on the carpet and just about everywhere. She is a very shy cat and i am worried that something outside is scaring her as she doesn’t go out often. The cat flap is always open for them both to come and go as they please. What can i do to stop her?

    I would also like to point out to certain people that rubbing your cats face in it’s pee/ poo is animal cruelity!! how dare you! would you rub poo into a babies face during potty training! I was totally disgusted to hear that people actually do this! SHAME ON YOU!!!

  41. Terri Smith says:

    I have a 9 month old Egyptian Mau who just recently started pooping on my carpets, and he still uses the litter box and he knows where it is, and he also wakes me up several times at night, please help I don’t know what else to do. i’m thinkig either he is sick oI’m just too tired to do anything else and also I had to deal with fleas that I got from my out side cats and her kittens. how do i get rid of fleas all together, I already did some treatments and it worked for a while and now they are back with in just a few days.

  42. Valerie says:

    We have read the article and a lot of the comments and we are thinking that when my daughters cat (5 mos old) started pooping on clothes and bathroom towels etc it was about the time she changed to a different kind of kitty litter, soo… she is going to try going back to what she was using before and see if that does the trick…

  43. Therese says:

    I have a seven year old cat who is very skiddish. He was a feral cat that I took from my vet when he was approx 8 months old – no one wanted him because he would not let you pick him up. He was doing great until my 10 year old cat died this past June 20th and then he started to poop all over my house – starting on my bed so I closed my door – then my couch so I put aluminum foil – – then my carpet so I put aluminum foil all around my carpet and now he is popping on the aluminum foil. I took him to the vet and the vet gave me anti depression meds, but I was only able to get the pill into him for 3 days, then he refused after that and because I can’t pick him up, I can’t put it in his mouth, etc. He seems to be getting worse instead of better – really not sure what to do at this point. I will try the ballon idea – I am hoping that maybe that will work! Any thoughts and ideas are appreciated! Thank you.

  44. Amber says:

    My cat is 11 years old. She has NEVER pee’d anywhere inside ever… she doesnt have a kitty litter box she always just goes outside to do her businiess and has a cat door so always has access.. but recently within the last few weeks she has started to pee in this ONE spot in the house right next to the bin?

    Everytime she does i clean it up and spray odor off stuff designed not to attract cats and yet she still does.

    There is nothing new in her life stressing her out .. that i can think of anyway…..If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

    Whats wrong with my little girl? :(

  45. Ann says:

    first have your cat checked by a vet- UTIs & crystals frequently cause this! If the vet gives the all clear, add cat attract litter to the litter your cat prefers (many cats prefer one type of litter, sometimes changing the litter you use will solve the problem). Try the above methods (but not the nose in the mess bit). Sometimes you have to retrain the cat- lock them in a small room with a clean litterbox, water food, bedding & a toy for 5-7 days (place box away from food & water). Go in often & cuddle & play- but kitty should figure out the box is the best place to go. When you are ready to let the cat back out, do it when you are home & can keep & eye out, then put kitty back in at night. If things go well, leave the door open & let kitty come & go at will, don’t move the box ’til kitty is reliably using the box in the other location.

  46. Anita H says:

    @ Kate. Do you know how cruel it is to rub a cat’s nose in it’s poop and on top of that to hit it. It’s never going to trust you now! It would be much kinder to take the poor little black tabby to a no kill shelter where it might find someone who will not scare it to death and actually love it. I just cannot comprehend this type of behaviour it is soo cruel.

  47. Animal Lover says:

    I had a problem with my cat urinating on my couch for almost a year. I tried all the suggestions, taking him to the doctors, buying a bigger litter box, etc and the only solution I found was purchasing an electric mat for my couch. They are called ScatMats – I have a new couch now and can live in harmony with my cat!

  48. Lori says:

    Terri Smith,
    Try using Powdered “20 Mule Team Borax Laundry Detergent”.

    Sprinkle on your carpet throughout your house (work in with a broom) under your couch cushions, etc.
    This will eleminate your flea problem within 1-2 weeks. It dehydrates the fleas.

    “While 20 Mule Team Borax® is extremely effective in controlling or eliminating ants, termites, weeds, lice, fleas, spiders and roaches, the Dial Corporation notes, “This product has not been tested nor received approval from the EPA for use as a 27 pesticide.” Even so if you mop or spray the floors, voids, sill boxes, tunnels, backs of furniture, appliances and other areas where you see insect pests with borax – you will be surprised on how great the material controls virtually all pests. It has been used for years to make cellulose insulation insect free and fire retardant. It also is great for removing stains in carpeting and/or odors in urinals, etc. – so mop to remove odors and to help clean – in doing so you will also control pests “accidentally”.

    A vet once shared this idea with us. It works!!!

  49. Leah says:

    I have 2 cats- one 3 year old boy cat and one 1year old female cat. the female cat keeps peeing on rugs around the house, bath towels, and even kitchen towels on the kitchen counter. she also pees on beds and sometimes backpacks? i clean the literbox everyother day. everytime she pees on something it takes forever to wash. i noticed that when u stick vinegar in the washing machine when u wash something that the cat pees on, it takes away the stench. i need help! what should i do?

  50. Violet says:

    If your male cats are “peeing” on vertical surfaces, sides of couches, walls, doors ect. They are not peeing. They are spraying. Most cases having them nuetured fixes this. If it doesn’t they have meds they can take. I had one who did this and we tried everything for over two years. Ruined my furniture. We finally had to say goodbye for our own sanity though he was loving and dearly missed.

  51. sheri s. says:

    i have three cats all female and all fixed. the two cats are 7 and 8. they never peed or pooped out of there box. two years ago i brought a 3 yr old cat home now 5. they dont get along with the 3rd cat a calico. i have them seperated in two parts of the house. one of the two cats i have will not stop peeing or pooping on the floor. what should i do i dont want to get rid of any of them.

  52. dawn says:

    Yeah my cat is 14 too. I find that very interesting that so many of them are males and around that age…mine is pooping all over my furniture. My pillow dropped on the floor for no more than 5 minutes and he took a major pee on it like he was holding it all day just for me then he went and pooped on my couch that I had just gotten through cleaning from previous pooping! I am so upset and angry. I love him with all my heart but his butt is about to get kicked outside. My girl cat has never had an accident. I am going to buy the scatmat that better work!

  53. AIRICA says:


    I have a cat he’s a nice cat a friendly cat a soft warm furry thing that head butts me and eats everything he can get near… he’s also a very fat cat well not so fat he cant move but he has a guts.

    Problem: at 7 months old he started refusing to use the litter tray! prior to this he was a semi crazy angle. Now i have sentanced him to the back shed with a concret easy clean floor and an old shower that floods the whole place daily for cleaning. It all started out when i found a cat crap in the couch… yes in the couch between the cusions. I spoilt him rotten he had everything a cat could want treats toys attention… he used to ride around on my shoulder during house work!

    His crapping expanded i tried catching him taking him to his crap giving him a little shak saying “NO” picking up the crap walking over to the litter tray (the nice clean fresh UN USED litter tray next two the other two clean fresh UN USED litter trays) putting the crap in the litter box putting the cat in the litter box scratching with his poor telling him “good kitty” giving him a treat even in my desperation… nothing has worked it’s like crap hide and seek!! Oh and he knows he looks at me with those cute little catty eyes and smirks then gaps it outside faster then lightening! (He shits outside on my door step to)

    So he now living in the little building down the back it reaks cat, i scub and baking soda and viniger and bleech constantly i’ve tried different litter been to the vets NOTHING but he has started peeing in an empty litter tray… he uses the old shower in his room as a giant litter tray an he craps alot… hes also a dirty kitty he smells all the time like pee. He gets regular baths now much to his disgust.

    I dont want him living in the back shed what sort of life is that??! i want my kitty to be normal to crap and bury it in the garden to use a litter tray if he’s inside.
    I grew up with cats and they never crapped inside from birth they used the litter tray, is there something wrong with my feline? is he retarded (not kidding is there some mental condition here)
    HELP i do love my cat but he smells and he poops everywhere in shoes on the washing in the bed!

    I’m getting a new cat this week an older one who i have been assured will use the litter tray will she learn from this unruly male or will she teach him or will i live in a gross house an be cleaning for the rest of his life? I don’t want to get rid of him but this is out of hand!!!!!!!

    • Kate says:

      Don’t use bleach on cat urine. Cat urine contains ammonia, ammonia and bleach when mixed together create a toxic gas. It used to be called Mustard Gas…it was used in wars.

  54. Cat Keeper says:

    Sometimes a cat peeing somewhere other than the litter box can be a sign of a urinary tract infection, a very common infection in cats that can lead to serious kidney problems if left untreated. It’s always a good idea to consult a vet if your cat suddenly changes his toileting habits.

  55. Cat Keeper says:

    About Pet Odors:
    Bleach and vinegar will not remove urine odors and baking soda will only do so much. An enzyme-based product specifically made for this purpose will work wonders, though. I use Nature’s Miracle.

    Thanks for this article – I have tried foil around the base of my plants and the cats just move it out of the way. I will give the rocks and pine cones a try!

  56. Mike says:

    I couldn’t Help but notice the Comment
    “I have a 14 year old cat that has been peeing on the floor right in front of the litterbox. She has no stress and poops in them just fine. What can I do to make her stop peeing on the floor?” By Renee. I just wanted to say I had the same problem. I have 4 female Cats and I bought them a second Litter box and problem solved. Oddly enough they pee in one box and poop in the other. Also If your cats are stressed out sometimes It helps If you spend more time with them If you have a new baby they might feel like their being replaced, So get some string and pay some attention to them and get them some catnip which is a great feline stress reliever.

  57. Katie says:

    Hi! I have a 1 year old cat that I took in about 4 months ago. He is an indoor/ outdoor cat, meaning he goes outside to use the bathroom. The past three and a half months were fine. He didn’t have a single accident in the house. I just moved a week and a half ago, and now he has had two pooping accidents and two peeing accidents. Why is he doing this??!!! Any helpful ideas to help with this problem??

  58. chynxx says:

    I have a 1yr old male cat who is sooo lovin and my 4yr old daughter loves this cat to death! I never had a potty problem with ths cat until last week. I caught him peein in my tub, the nxt day he doodo in my daughters bed, then 2nite he doodo in my tub! Im 6mo. Pregnant and realllllyyyy not in the mood for this. I have no idea y he is actin this way. I tried the stick his nose in it which worked for my last kitten but idk wuts wrong with him lately. I dont play with him @ all snce i been pregnant but trust me he gets more than enuff attention from my daughter. I need hlp and fast bcuz im not tryn to clean cat doodo nd change a baby diaper.

  59. tina says:

    It’s 2am and I am completely beside myself. I have always had loving, happy cats that are a joy. Right now, I have an 11 year old male and a 4 year old female. They are both fixed and play, sleep and eat together.

    Over the past 2 years, I have thrown out 3 living room furniture sets b/c of the older cat urinating on them. He has also destroyed our family room couches and chair and even left his marks on a small leather sofa in my son’s toy room. We tried the aluminum foil, adding a litter box, spraying repellant, putting the cat on kitty qualudes, putting their food on the couch…you name it, we’ve tried it.

    Tonight, I can home from a business trip at 1am after driving for 5 hours. As I sat on my chair to relax a bit, I look over and watch my older cat pee right between the cushions on the sofa.

    I’m really at the point where I can’t take it anymore. I can’t have friends come visit because they might sit in cat pee on my couch. I can’t buy new furniture b/c it will just get ruined again.

    I’ve never let my cats outside (and they never try to go outside) because I feel they are safer and healthier as indoor cats. That being said, my older cat has ruined thousands of dollars worth of furniture and I just can’ take it anymore. I don’t want to be known in my neighborhood as the “house that smells like cat pee”. I also want to be able to sit on my furniture and enjoy it without feeling wetness oozing through my pants from cat pee.

    So, I figure these are my options:

    1. See if I can find a vet who will put the cat to sleep
    2. Take the cat to the shelter
    3. Put the cat in a room by himself. No couch. Just food & water bowls, a couple of toys and a litter box
    4. Put him outside. Let him come in to eat and sleep in a specific room – otherwise, he’s outside.

    What are your thoughts?


  60. Suzanne says:

    I grew up with cats and have had 5 indoor cats over the last 25 years myself and none had bathroom issues. I went 5 years without a cat after my 19yr old one died before taking in another one. A year into her living with us we found her peeing out of the litter box. The vet said she was healthy and it had to be behaviorial. I have tried every method I have found on the internet to stop her and NOTHING works. She does use her litter box (but prefers only one brand of cat litter!) In desperation we have resorted to placing litter boxes in her favorite pee spots, not the most attractive way to decorate, but preferable to attempting to clean up urine every day. We no longer use bathroom rugs but use tub mats instead that we keep over the edge of the bathtub. Any loose rug in the house was game so we no longer have any rugs – although I did notice that one cotton rug we had that did not have a rubber backing was never peed on. We live in an old house and when I pulled back some of the carpet where she had gone it seemed to me that the finish on the original wood floor underneath had an odor similar to cat pee so I wonder if that is attracting her. It may actually be the old adhesive that was used to stick down the first layer of carpet (wasn’t done by us). One day we hope to tear up all the carpet and refinish the floors. She also peed against bookcases – but only the ones that were particle board based – chemicals are used to bond particle board together (including formaldahyde) so I have wondered if she is smelling those products. Neighbor cats wander around our house too and I am sure they are marking outside the house and she is reacting to that too. In all she seems to have a much more sensitive “nose” than any other cat I have owned – she has to sniff my hand throughly before I am allowed to touch her, and sometimes she backs away – never had a cat do that before! All this to say I think that some cats are just pre-disposed to this behavior and if you love them as we do ours sometimes you have to modify your home to accomodate them – just as you would a child. We are changing out our bookcases which sit flat on the ground to a style that has feet that raise them up.
    As far as clean up I have found the product “Complete” to work well on killing the urine odor – although we don’t just spray it – we pour it on and let it dry – it takes a couple of days to dry throughly and often seems to still smell bad until it dries. If I catch it right away and can soak up most of it, I keep a spray bottle full of vinegar and water on hand to spray and a shaker of baking soda to sprinkle on top. (I keep a crate with all the cat-pee cleaning products in – if I am going to have to clean it often at least this makes it fast and easy to tote to the location!). I tried soaking wood items like bookcase bottoms with hydrogen peroxide (found this on the internet) I didn’t think it was working until about a week later when I checked the item and it seemed to have worked. Also, never use any cleaner with bleach or ammonia – it attracts them! I switched to a lavender generic cleaner – supposed to have a calming effect just as it does on humans! When the carpets get really bad we rent a Rug Doctor and use their pet formula – it is fantastic and much more powerful than any carpet cleaning machine you can buy.
    I found this blog as I was searching to see if anyone had sprinkled cat nip on the carpet. I don’t know if this will make her happy so she won’t pee there, or happy so she does pee there! Guess I will just have to experiment. There is some comfort in knowing I am not alone in struggling with this – good luck to everyone and please share any unusual methods that work!

  61. m&m says:

    well i have two female cats, who do not like each other, and they are constantly at war over territory. unfortunately, they like to mark anything of mine left out with urine. i mean anything: a stray newspaper, clean clothes, my bed, shoes,the carpet; etc. and its everyday at least 2-3 times. i am thinking of getting the spray to keep em of my stuff and if that doesnt work, i mite have to resort to spraying them with water. any other suggestions? aside from covering my belongings with foil and moth balls?

  62. child says:

    im so sad. my parents are getting rid of my cat and i need to know how to do get rid of here bad habbits. To this day she will still not go to the bathroom but the weird thing is that she goes right next to the box.I do not know want to do. Please help me. send me a email if you know what to do.

  63. child says:

    My parents said if i find a way i can keep her. My brother said a joke “Let something go if you love it” Should i give her to my grand parents. I am so confused and don’t know if she would be better off with them?

  64. Tom Hall says:

    My cat pees/poops all over the place.Bed/shower/clothes all over.

  65. Desperately Looking for Help says:

    I have tried all of the mentioned above methods. My female cat, at least 11 years old, NEVER urinated outside of the litter box before this past year. It doesn’t matter if it is clean, dirty, if there are 1 or 2 boxes, if it has her favorite litter or not…She basically will look at us and urinate wherever she pleases. I have used the “store bought” products that promise to get rid of the smell and don’t. I have also used vinegar and water to soak the smell out of the carpet and then used baking soda and dawn dishing washing detergent to scrub the stain out, and guess what, she goes right back to the spot. Carpet cleaning/steaming after this process results in the SAME thing. Doesn’t matter if the furniture is lifted ABOVE the carpet, she has managed to go on that smidgen that is on the floor. So now, our carpet is full of yellow stains and brown stains from the urine. We’re at our wits’ end! It’s not anxiety, or health related. And, I love my cat to DEATH, but I can’t take my bedroom and apartment smelling like cat urine. You can only clean so much daily. So I can empathize with Tina and the other owners who are so frustrated, and, I give my cat ALOT of attention and love DAILY AND ALL THE TIME. That’s NOT THE ANSWER and IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE. If it were, we wouldn’t be on here looking for answers. Sometimes it is stress like moving that triggers such things but with such cases as many on here have described, not so much. So, if anyone has any new ideas or any thing other than what’s been listed, write it down so it may help some of us that are desperately looking for answers!!!!

  66. Desperation says:

    I am at wits last end as well as some of the other folks on here. I have an 8yr old cat that I’ve had since he’s been 5wks old. I have moved several times with him and had no issues. 2 yrs ago, moved again and cat pees outside of litter box. I thought maybe it was the new house, but we have been there 3 yrs now and he keeps peeing..I have used every litter out there, new litter box, bigger litter box, taken him to the vet multiple times, no UTI. He is now on anxiety meds from the vet and still pees. He gets a TON of attention and there are no other animals in the house. I have put aluminum foil on and around the spots (after cleaning them up) and he just goes right next to the foil. I have barricaded the room off and he’ll pee next to the barricade. Ive tried loud noise when he walks into that room. He does it whether I’m home or not. I have done everything to clean the carpet, (enzyme cleaners, remedies, including professional cleaning) and he is STILL peeing. I do not want to take my cat to a shelter but I am out of options. I have placed ads to find him a good home. #1 is there anything ELSE besides any remedy online or any tips given from the vet that I can do before finding him a home? I am very attached and even writing this note brings me to tears, but I cannot take it anymore.

  67. Cat-Owner says:


    Get another litter box. She may not want to share with the male cat.

  68. Dash says:

    Tried the mylar balloon idea. Failed with my cat(s), first popped and shredded it, then peed on it. >.< I’m going with mousetraps and electric fence charger with aluminum screening with dry paper towels as insulator until they pee there. That tingle will curl more than just hair. Alas… daughter is not down with that… but it SURE made me feel good to describe it! I’d know which cat it was, without question. But not gonna happen. Held hostage by a 4 1/2 foot tall cat lover. Will try the other ideas next.

  69. Marcy says:

    My cat is 13 years old. She has kind of wet on different items since she has been a kitten. The last couple of years have been the worse. She would pee on backpacks coats anything left on the floor. She has since stopped doing this behavior. But now she has took to wetting and pooping on our bed and sometimes my white couch!! She has been to the vet a couple of times. She had colitis which is back again. He checked her out really good and said it is a behavior problem. So I have bought painters plastic and put down on the bed. I have dressed it up with some old sheets so it does not look stupid. I also bought puppy pads and put down and she usually pees on those. I love her she is my baby and I will continue to commidate her for the rest of her life. I have tried several of these suggestions and they have not worked. You just have to decide how to solve the problem yourself. I hope this helps..

  70. Debbie says:

    I have a 17 yr old cat and he is peeing on the carpet, rugs, and we just had a flood last month and we just go new carpet and he is peeing every and its like he forgets he has a litterbox. And I have a 11 yr old daughter who loves him to death and i don’t want to put him to sleep what do I do. I love him so much he is the nicest loveing cat in the world. And the oddest too he loves driving in cars and going the shower. Hes like my best friend what do I do? please help!:)

  71. Jennifer says:

    I have a 3 year old female cat that has always been very good and then suddenly started urinating on my laundry pile. I took her to the vet and found out she had a urinary tract infection. A UTI explains the sudden accidents. It becomes painful for them to urinate and they associate that pain with the litter box so they go elsewhere. She has been on antibiotics and is doing fine now. For those that have cats that are urinating and you cannot figure out why, make sure it is not a health issue. A urinary tract infection can be relatively simple to take care of but left untreated can be very serious.

  72. Helen says:

    Ok – many folks are skipping the vet (bad on those of you – you need to be sure it’s nothing medical as some things like crystals can kill a cat). For those who have been to a vet – you have several things more to do, especially if the cat has “learned” this behavior.

    First, go buy Nature’s Miracle for Cats. ANYWHERE the cat has peed or pooped, DOUSE THE ENTIRE AREA – even if you’ve cleaned it before. You have to use an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of what you can’t smell and the cat can.

    Second, buy some Feliway plug ins and put them whereever you need them – they generally don’t “go” in the rooms where those are plugged in. This also helps keep multiple cats from fighting.

    Third, you need more than 1 litterbox per cat. If you have 2 cats, you need at least 3 litter boxes and keep them all clean.

    Forth, keep your “problem” pet. You accepted the responsibility of pet ownership when you got the pet. You don’t get to shirk the responsibility because your pet isn’t “perfect”. You’re just passing your “problem” to some other poor person who may abuse it or it will end up put down. Keep your temper.

    Fifth, do not ever hit, smack, or otherwise physically strike your cat or throw things to hit in (in the general area to scare it is different). Cats are not like dogs and this will not work as it may have for dogs.

    Sixth, get an empty beverage CAN – like a soda can or beer can – and wash it out. When it’s dry, put some small rocks in it. Tape over the opening. When your cat begins to do something it shouldn’t or go somewhere it shouldn’t, shake the can. BUT DON’T EVER LET THE CAT SEE THE CAN or it stops working. You may need several cans in several places.

    Seventh, if your cat is over 10 or 11 (especiall if older than that by 3 or more years), your cat is “elderly”. Even with humans, older age can affect things like bladder control. Consult your vet (again) and talk about it. People don’t adopt older pets very often, so keep your pet and be understanding – you don’t toss grandpa just because he wet himself, so don’t toss your cat either if it has an accident. There are medicines to help as well as these other tips.

    Good luck all and hang in there.

  73. SelTer says:

    okay, so i have five cats. Three of them are younger and we cannot figure out who is doing it, but there is pee everywhere. in shoes, on towels, on laudry, i don’t know wat to do. If it happens to much longer, my mom will get rid of them. I can’t live with that. HELP!!! wat do i do?!?!?!?!

  74. Melissa says:

    First let me say that the majority of the time it is due to stress that cats urinate outside of their boxes (unless it is a health issue). Cats are VERY, VERY sensitive to change. Even the smallest thing can be very stressful to them. Arguments, yelling, loud noises (including music), moving your furniture around, getting new furniture, new person in the household, new pet, cats outside your house, visiting children, schedule changes, vacations, redecorating/remodeling, etc, etc. They are very sensitive creatures to change of any fashion. Their litter boxes can be fresh every day and stress can still exist. You need to sit down and seriously consider what is changing/different in your house & life. Once you have that figured out you have half the battle.

    Two – Purchase Feliway and use it several times daily. One squirt every 6-10 inches where they like to “mark their territory” with spray or urine is good. You will need to do this several times a day and for 3-4 months or longer if the problem has been occurring for some time.

    Three – Purchase a product that will ELIMINATE the urine not mask it. Cats have extremely hightened senses. It may not be noticeable to you (the smell) but, they can still smell it. Even if it is marking that they are smelling from outside due to doors opening and closing or open windows. Washing your clothes and other items that can be laundered with Borax will remove the smell.

    Four – Cats are not like dogs and any good veterinarian will tell you that you cannot attempt to train a cat like you do a dog. It will not work. Another thing that you don’t want to do is yell at your cat. They are already upset & stressed otherwise you wouldn’t be having this issue. Yelling or raising your voice at them will only worsen your situation. I’m not saying don’t scold them IF you catch them in the act but, yelling at them for something that they may have done 15 minutes ago or 9 hours ago when you didn’t catch them is not going to do any good.

    Five – Never put your litter box or boxes next to their food. Big no-no. Alway keep them grouped together and have one more litter box that you have kitties. Scattering them about only tells your pet that they have your permission to do their business in that room.

    Six – Diffusers or plugins will assist you with the Feliway spray. One diffuser will cover approximately 500-600 square feet. You may need several in order to keep harmony. Each diffuser will last approximately 4 weeks, then refill.

    Seven – This is not a 5 minute process. This will take time and dedication on your part.

    Eight – Don’t change your attitude toward your cat. They still need the love and attention that you have always given them! Probably more now than ever before.

    Nine – I believe that pets aren’t born mean or bad. They can’t tell us what’s bothering them so it is up to us. We get the attitude and personalities back for the time & attemtion that we dedicate to them.

    Ten – Read up on your pet. Read about the facts, traits and ownership responsibilities that go with the breed of cat that you own. They can be very different.

    Eleven – They also make pet pads (or mats as others refer to them as) for older pets that have health issues and will continue to have true accidents. I believe they start in sizing at 20″ x 20″ and can absorb up to 2-3 cups of fluid per mat. These can be tossed into the washing machine and reused.

    Remember, your pet loves you too! They aren’t trying to make you angry or destroy your home.

  75. Gracie says:

    I have a cat that is almost 3 he started to pee when he was about 1. My mom said he has to go if I can’t find any thing to stop it, i have to the end of summer. sombody please help!!
    P.S. Alecia you obviously don’t have a cat or you don’t have any clue what cat pee smells like. we don’t have a choice it can make you very sick or put you in the hospital, you should have known that before blaming us for it!!!!

  76. matt says:

    first to miss my cat is 14yo , another thing to consider is fourteen for a cat is a advanced age for a cat , being close to sixty in human years , it may possibly be your cat is getting old , and just like humans , when they get old , they get feeble and sometimes forgetful just like us and have difficulty holding in as easily….

    i know this because around a few years before my oldest cat died , she didn’t always make it to the box .

    i hope these tips work out better than the last time i took pet advice from a person online….

  77. nathan shaffer says:

    i am in charge of my cat and i am 12 1/2 yrs old. then all of a sudden she starts pooping on the floor. how do i stop it? i clean the litter box every day, i cleaned the area where the litter box is. p.s the litter box is a open box. and she keeps pooping on the carpet still! and i have had to put 3 cats to sleep because of the same problem and i dont want her to be put to sleep.

  78. filipthepraline says:

    The #1 solution on this list should be to take your cat to the vet and rule out a UTI.

  79. Ruth Colson says:

    After reading some of the comments above I beleive my 3 yr old cat must be stressed as about 4 mths ago my daughter had her male kitten come to stay for a week we kept the cats separated as my 2 cats did not like him after they left my youngest cat started to spray on my kitchen bench tops and surrounding walls I have been spraying bleach on the marked areas but he keeps going back so I will try this spray that was mentioned and hopefully that will work.

  80. Ruth Colson says:

    My cats are both desexed

  81. Angel says:

    I have to cat’s they are 3 and sisters. the one cat pees on the floor beside the cat litter box. I keep it clean she other wise goes in the box. I am stumped at this. Can someone please tell me what is up with that. I just addopted them about a month ago from sadboth really good cats. She is really friendly I get lots of cat love from her. That is the only thing that is bothering me I dont like the dirtiness of this.than you in advance.Angel

  82. Claudine says:

    One of my cats just started pooping in tub and now in sinks. I appreciate that they are considerate enough to pick an easy clean up spot but jeez. I can’t point the finger just yet cause I don’t know who it is. I have 5. Here is a thought for all of you using the traditional scoopable cat litter. We switched to wheat scoop like 2 months ago, and my house doesn’t smell like cat anymore. The stuff is amazing. Absolutely no ammonia smell. And I also use a granulated pure cedar as a deodorant just to freshen the litter because it lasts FOREVER. Try it you will notice the difference!

  83. Khalid Al Mansour says:

    Oh and one more trick that I find always works especially with those neighborhood cat owners who juct can’t be responsible and think that it’s ok for their little furball to use your garden and a toilet. Mix three heaping teaspoons of rat poison with one tin of cat food. Leave several of these around the problem area. In a day or two, your problem is solved!

    • Shinystarlet says:

      Maybe you should give rat posion to the owner, not the innocent cat. I hope you will get a comuppance one day as local police and judicial systems are no longer tolerating that kind of behavoir.

  84. Joni says:

    I have a cat that is 10 years old…she is an indoor cat. she has always used the liter box and in fact will inspect it when I clean it, add litter, etc. She also lays in it if she has the flu.
    She is still a happy playful kitten but…has started to use my house as her personal litter box. After reading the top 10 it has confirmed some of my suspisions. The only thing that has changed is we have a man who stays in a room where is door is next to the kitty box. I think she does not like him so I am going to try moving the box away from his door. I have not thought of putting the duty in the box but I will start. I have also tried positive reinforcement that has worked great with our cat that is 12 and has had very little interest in her liter box. She uses it and that is it…but when our other cat started using wherever she was following suit so I bought kitty treats and we did the inspection with the treats, if there are no messes they get their treat. This did work for the older cat and hopefully moving the box will work on our younger cat. FYI I tried cleaning with almost 100 percent vinegar but she could care less, same as the moth balls. Good luck everyone and wish me luck too. PS this is not the first time we have had someone new in the house but this is the only change we have had and she will not go by her litter box without a fuss now.

  85. Annette says:

    Thank you everyone for sharing. Some of the more humorous stories had me laughing, (I hope they were supposed to be humorous)and boy, did I ever need the laugh and to know I am not the only one with this problem because in the past couple months I have been driven to tears. I have 5 indoor cats, have owned cats for nearly 20 years, and like so many of you, I am at my wit’s end. I have never had this problem until now. As I write this, my couch is curbside waiting for tomorrow’s pick up because after cleaning it a few times with various products such as white vinegar, upholstery cleaner, and a product called Urine-off, it was doused like never before and I couldn’t bear the thought of trying to clean it yet again to no avail. Until recently we all lived in harmony and I had no cat troubles except for having to retrieve a toy mouse from under the stove occasionally. The living arrangements are two cats live in my car-less garage which is more like a basement laundry/storage room. They have plenty of comfortable spots, and these two seem to prefer being out there as they are great buddies, but do not get along well with the others in the house, plus one is totally nocturnal and keeps me up all night, so they have their own place. The other three live in the house. Again–I have never had troubles with any of them peeing outside of the litterbox. However, a couple of months ago my daughter moved back home and with her came her cat. Now there are 4 in the house, and 2 in the garage. Shortly after “Chloe” arrived, the peeing started. My bathroom was the first target–the tub and sink have been cleaned many times due to cat pee, although now the peeing there has halted for some reason. Oh, and the bathroom rug finally had to go due to, you guessed it, multiple peeings; yet the entry way and kitchen rugs remain unmolested. The two pee perpetrators have been to the vet, and HUNDREDS of dollars later, no physical problems were found. The pee spots seem to have no commonalites other than that the perps have the opportunity and I guess a motive to do it. One time I found pee in a bowl of fake lemons on the dining room table! I knew I kept smelling pee in the general area and couldn’t find it. Nothing on the rug, chairs, etc. Then when the time came to dust, the bowl stuck to the round mirror it was on, and Voila! The source of the pee odor was discovered. I read that cats have an aversion to the scents of citrus and lavender, so now there are new fake lemons in a bowl on the table with lavender sachets under them, (I couldn’t find citrus sachets). The couch in the living room was hit multiple times and is now, as I said, laid to rest down by the street. My second daughter who also lives at home and does not own her own cat, cannot leave her bedroom door open. If she does–her room becomes the Pee Club. We have found pee on her bed and bedding, her clothing, the carpet, and even on her purse. Thankfully I have never gotten out of the mommy habit of keeping waterproof mattress pads on the mattresses, so her mattress was not runied. Two weekends ago we replaced her carpet with a laminate floor at a cost of $500. One perp, who was caught in the act, after the vet confirmed no aliments, is now a garage cat, and is now allowed to go outdoors occasionally. Oddly enough, they spend much of their time in my bedroom which has their food, water, and a litterbox in it and my room has never been inappropriately peed in. Anyway, the saga continues: a loveseat was moved to where the couch used to be, and a chair and table moved to the loveseat’s spot. Yesterday I came home to a peed on loveseat–same location as where the couch got it! So the cushion was cleaned with white vinegar, sprayed with Urine-off and set outside on top of the grill to dry and air out. I believe one makes a committment when adopting an animal and I do not want to bring the cats to a shelter or give them away, nor do I want them to become outdoor cats. I was hoping that by removing the one perp it would cease, but it hasn’t and I am afraid if I put my daughter’s cat–the other perp–in the garage, too, the peefest will continue in there, and I have only relocated the problem. I shall try some of the products mentioned and will try the plastic carpet runner pointy-side up on the couch cushions. If there is a positive to this gross and tiresome situation, at least they do not poop in addition to the peeing, and I am certain it is happening to define territory. I just don’t know how to stop it. I suppose if it doesn’t end soon, the garage is the last option or I live without living room furniture. How crazy is that?

  86. Amanda says:

    My cat just recently started peeing on my bed. I have three cats and they’ve never had a problem with sharing the litter box before. Also I clean the litter box everyday. What could be causing this and what can I do to stop it?

  87. Tamara Candelario says:

    I need HELP!!!! I have 3 older cats that are indoor, i just brought in a stray about 4 days ago took him to the vet to get his shots & neutered. I have him in my family room down in the basement, I bring him upstairs when I am home to get used to my cats smell & for my cats to get used to his smell. But, when I bring him up he starts to mark his places with pee & my cats start too. I know they do this to see who is in charge & all but, how long will this last & will it ever stop because the stray is about 1 yr old & I am afraid he won’t stop peeing… I want to give him a home but, my husband & I are going crazy cleaning up the pee. We just bought our house & new funture & it smells like pee my husband is not very happy with this. The stray also keeps crying at my sliding doors to go out.. I don’t want to let him back out I am afraid for his saftey. Please give me advise HELP!!!

  88. Eleanor says:

    I have 2 female cats, 6 years old, that are sisters. About a year ago they started to fight and not get along. One seems to be the aggressor which apparently put “stress” on the other. The peeing started on our bathroom throw rugs and has since progressed to laundry, backpacks, random things and worst of all just open carpet. I caught the one who is being “stressed” peeing once but besides that they do it when I am not around. I have been to the vet to rule out UTI infection. The vet also prescribed anti anxity medicine. That did not work and made it worse. My cats were foaming at the mouth as I tried to give them the medicine and produced more stress. They also wouldn’t come near me b/c they were afraid I was going to give them the med. – not good for cuddling your kitty. :( We have 3 liter boxes, I have the sprays, done the moth balls and I don’t know how many times I have washed our bathroom rugs. I am at my wits end and my husband keeps telling me I have to get rid of them. Well I just can’t do that. HELP! what can I do?

  89. 4CatLady says:

    I don’t know how to get them to stop, I have a cat who pees on my sofa routinely, but one way to make sure your furniture/bedding/clothing isn’t ruined is to use puppy pee pads. They are like flat diaper sheets that will absorb all the pee. If your cat pees on bed or sofa or carpet put these pads (which are cheap, about $3 for 16 of them)in the area they pee in. It won’t stop them peeing, but it will protect your belongings from being soaked in cat pee. On furniture like sofas you can also buy a cheap plastic shower curtain liner and tuck that over your couch cushions so nothing seeps down into the couch.

  90. cvkittiykat says:


    My cat has peed in the same exact spot almost 10 times now, and I’ve tried alot to get him to stop…. I think hes mad at us for getting him a sister. He thinks hes been replaced. Anyway, despite that, I had tried and tried and tried to get the smell to go away, I tried carpet shampoo, pet odor eliminator, resolve, vinegar, a bissel vac, FINALLY I decided to shampoo the carpet myself. I mixed pine-sol with downy fabric softener (a really yummy smelling one) and diluted it with hot water in a water bottle, I poured it all over and around the spot, scrubbed my little heart out, put a towel down and stood on it to soak up the water, and by God, IT WORKED!!!!! NO MORE KITTY SMELL HALLWAY!!!!! Now it smells like a fresh spring orchard!!!!! :)

  91. cvkittiykat says:

    @Tamara Candelario

    About letting your cat out, try getting a kitty harness.They have them at pet stores and if you can’t find one get one for a small dog and use that. Be sure it is a HARNESS and not a choke collar or neck collar or anything of the sort. We dont want to hurt the kitty. Also make sure you put it on VERY SNUGLY!!! Cats are extreemly nimble and can slip out of almost ANYTHING!!! Make sure to get him used to it first!!! Don’t let him outside with it untill he is comfortable wearing it around the house for maybe a week or two!!!! When you do finally take him outside attach a leash or rope to the harness (there should be a loop or ring for this) and either get one of those steaks that goes in the ground or tie him up to something heavy outside. Then sit back with a nice cold drink and keep an eye on him!!!I do this with my cat and he has about a 10 ft roaming radius. He likes it better than not going outside at all!!

  92. donna says:

    i have 6 cats and 1 out of the 6 is urinating by the front door,
    please help! I’ve had cats for at least 25 yrs. of my life and this is a first!

  93. Dana says:

    We rescued two kittens from a lumber yard, but had an older male and female cat as well. The older male was the dominant one, but he died recently. Still, the younger male (one of the rescued kittens) has taken to peeing on doors, carpets and sometimes furniture. We know he had a traumatic start in life, so figured it might be a result of that, so we started showering him with attention. Helped for awhile, then he started again. He doesn’t like new things, so when we changed the litter, did renos, or have people over, he does it again. So we figured that was the problem – but we had no idea how to stop it. We also figure he’s now trying to establish himself as the dominant male of the house. We are at our wits’ end because he is destroying all of our carpets, furniture and floorboards. We are considering giving him away to a willing friend who has not other cats so he can be the king of the hill, even though it pains us to even consider this. Help!!!!!!!

  94. Diane says:

    I do not have any cats, and I am so sick and tired of my front porch smelling like cats, they probably sit on my patio furniture and either spray or something ! I have spent lots of money on keeping them out of my garden and finally put huge rocks in so they can’t use it but how do I keep them off my furniture! Cats should not be allowed to roam and destroy or be able to spray other peoples property. I am not a cat hater but I am tired of other peoples cats using my property as their own personal area. When you let your cat out do you not understand what they maybe doing to others property, maybe I should find out who owns them and start billing them for all the stuff I have to do to keep THEIR pets off MY property!!! Do I sound bitter? Well, it is your animals that are making me that way. Your home maybe as how you like it but mine isn’t because of your carelessness!! Thank you!

  95. Sabrina says:

    I just got a kitten 2/3 days ago and it follows me everywhere.
    It does its ‘business’ in my plant pots and even though i have got two kitten food boxes it does not eat them.

  96. Pennie says:

    So, I have 3 female cats and 3 litter boxes that I keep very clean. My 2 older cats I got about a year before the first one and they hate the younger cat’s guts! My younger cat pees on the carpet in one certain spot, doesn’t matter how clean I get it or what type of product I use to clean it. She will also pee in/on a box if I try to cover that spot. I have gotten the pheromone spray, the diffusers, etc. and so far nothing will work. I have also had her tested for everything it seems like, including a urinary tract infection! She has marked in other spots of the house as well, but after I cleaned them, she doesn’t mark there again. Any suggestions please????

  97. writerk says:

    tina: PLEASE find another home for your animals as you are not fit to have them!!!

  98. Melana says:

    I have a 8 week old kitten, she uses anything square as a litter box… The bath tub, clothes basket, a cooler… Etc… She has two litter boxes one for upstairs and downstairs. She uses them but if she can get inside anything that seems rectangular then she’ll pee in it. What should I do?

  99. Ina says:

    Seriously, peed up on a table in a bowl of peanuts!
    I didn’t realize until I picked up the second wet one!

  100. Hayley Davis says:

    Hi there
    I have a cat over a year old and we moved house we had to put the cat on a plane. Now he is weeing on the bed we have been to the vet and they have given him stuff to take because he is stressed.
    He is on pain releaf for uinrey track infection.
    He does yuse his litter try for the poop but thats all.
    How can we stop the peeing on the bed and differant places.
    Help would be great if someone knows what alse we can do thanks.

  101. paul says:

    Hello, i have two female spayed cats. I got both of them at the same time as kittens and they have grown up together. They are 5 yrs old. I am having a serious problem with one of the cats. She will pee outside of the litter box. Started in my last apartment. Then we moved. No problem for a month then she started peeing again on the carpet. I use good 99% dust free liter. They have there own litter box in there own room. No UTI infection. I have tried felaway diffusers. If i cant solve the problem the cat has to go since i rent and cannot ruin the carpets. Any ideas will be appreciated. thanks

  102. Carrie says:

    I have a wonderful Torti cat that for about 3 years peed on everything if I was working too hard. We tried everything under the sun, multiple vet trips, every behavioral thing you can think of. The vet said it was stress-related. Finally after 3 years we gave up and put her on kitty Prozac, and this worked like a CHARM! She has never peed on anything since, and is a happy, loving, playful kitty! I don’t think its right to use medicines for everything, but in this case it truly was a life-saver!

  103. Jennifer says:

    Hello Carrie,

    How long did you have to keep your cat on kitty prozac? I have my cat on it now and I really am hoping it works!

  104. christie says:

    I am fostering 7 10 week old kittens and they have been using the litter box fine except this past week. They are loose in a room and they keep pooping in two of the corners. What dose everyone recommend i do. It is very frustrating coming home to have to clean the mess up. I also scoop the liter box twice daily and change it ever 2 days.

  105. rachel says:

    HI, I got my cats when they were just kittens. Unfortunately for me there were 5 of them and they started their lives as strays. They used to love to poop under our bed. they would not use the litter box. so we moved it under the bed and in a few weeks, no more messes. since then we have moved and have had no more problems like this. now where we put the litter box they will follow.

  106. Cindy says:

    We have a cat that we’ve had for 6 years, in the past year she has been urinating on the carpet off and on. We have tried everything to get her to stop! It’s getting worse! We are taking her to the vets today to see if she has a urinary tract infection ( which I doubt she does since this has been going on for a year, I would think she would be dead by now if it were an infection). I am thinking it is stress. We have a son who is adhd and bounces around the house all the time, sometimes chasing her, ( mind you he doesn’t hurt her, but I can tell she doesn’t want to be bothered by him). I am hearing more and more about anti depression or anti anxiety meds for dogs and cats to help with these sorts of issues. Any suggestions? And about how much does it cost for these kinds of meds for an animal. I have a prescription plan, but I’m sure it doesn’t cover cats!! LOL

  107. debra says:

    Hi! I have a three year old male cat that suddenly decided it was ok to pee where he pleased. He actually seeks a perfect spot. I have multiple cats with plenty of clean litter boxes that are easily accessible. He is on an anti-anxiety med as well. I am just so tired of following him around anticipating another pee point of interest.

  108. Karen Barry says:

    Hi my parents have beautiful long hair cat. He has a great nature just recently he has started weeing on there furniture the vet said he s in perfect health. We have tried everything but its not working.Can someone please help.

  109. Pat says:

    Elven year old cat – was alsways litter trained- doesn';t go outside Started peeing on the carpet after basement was torn up and renovated. (Cat was stressed while this was going on/ Previously he hid in basement when company came. Had cat checked out by vet, I have 2 litter boxes- cleaned every day. Also clean out liter box with scrub brush, got new liter boxes. Tried a new liter that is supposed to atract cats, used Fenaway diffusers, used enzymes cleaners on carpet as well as professional cleaners come in and get urine smeill out. Cat is still peeing on carpet

    Is there no solution? I love my cat, but husband is talking euthaasia……..

  110. Crystal says:

    I have a 4 month old female, she will be fixed at 6 months of age. The last people who lived in this apartment had MANY cats. She pees in one spot, I thought maybe because we had curtains there, so I threw the curtains away, and shes still peeing right there in that very spot. I have no idea why she is doing this. Her litter box is always clean and she poops in her box but pees along the wall right there. It doesn’t smell like marking urine, so I have no idea why she is doing this… if anyone has any ideas please message me ( I cannot afford any special products.

  111. Courtney says:

    i have 2 spayed female cats, thats feels the need 2 pee n poop on my bed i have no clue why they r doin it, i’m at my ends rope with these 2, i know it’s not cus i have 4 other cats in a differnet room, they only do it on my bed when my door is open they will do it when i am not up stairs or when i am at work witch i dont understand why they r doin it for, i have 2 keep my door closed so they dont do it sometime i for get 2 close my door in thats when they will feel the need 2 go potty on my bed

  112. Arianna says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have two spayed female cats, Cleopatra and Lily. They are each 2 1/2 years old. We clean the box daily and change the litter every week. Both of them share it. Lily will sometimes use the box and other days she pees on the carpets. My parents will not tolerate this behavior anymore. So either we stop the peeing or she will become an outdoor cat and likely get hit by a car or go back to the Humane Society. I don’t want to see either happen. Cleo and Lily are besties since birth. So what works best? The spray repellant or the Kitty Prozac?

  113. daniela says:

    I have two spayed cats and theyre about 2 1/2 they have always been litter trained…until just recently that another cat came in and we had to get a small door for them to go poop in the garage since it was stinking up the cat was going in the garage litter box fine..until we started seeing that there was diahrea in my game room sofa and the living room sofa…then one day i noticed he was the one doing it not the one who just came in. After that i notice his third eye and diahrea…i took him to the vet and he gave him for tape worms and the diahrea…its been 1 week and its getting worse. Now hes only peeing/pooping on my living room sofa…i dont kno wat to do…i hope it doesnt persist…i dont want to give up my baby.. :(

  114. bella says:

    my cat was pooping on my mom and dads bed forna long time finally they put her in an adoption center, my brother and sister and i really want a new kitten but my dad says no. we are trying to get him to say yess but hes sure the cat will pee or poop somewhere in the house i dont think so, isbthere proof a kitten wont if theres not ill defenetally tell him these tips…

  115. McKenna says:

    Hi, I have a 12 year old cat that used to be an outdoors cat but has been an indoor cat for about 9 years now. She has been peeing on the carpet, wall, and woodwork in one corner, of one room. She’s been doing this for a few months now and we dont know what to do to make her stop. She has a clean litter box and my parents wont tolerate this anymore and they say they will throw her outside. She’s declawed and is missing some teeth so im scared that she will get hurt. Please help!!

  116. Jennifer says:

    I have a one year old who is potty trained. About two weeks ago she started pooping and peeing outside her litter box and I have no idea why, my mom is getting fed up with her.

  117. Jessica says:

    hi my name is jessica andi have a one month old baby and my cat who just turned one keeps peeing on my brand new bed, a ive taken her to the vet she is healthy and she is not stressed. their litter box is cleaned every day, aometimes she will pee on our new couches too, ive tried the spray repellent and it does not work, i clean my sheets every couple of days, i cant close my door because it get to hot in my room if i do i have another cat who does it too sometimes right after the other one has been anywhere near me. im worried for the baby ;/ im running out of patience can anyone help me?

  118. TinaTina369 says:

    My Sasha is only about 4 yrs old. She poops on only a few things. I recently moved in with my fiance 7 she is his cat. he’s always had a problem with her pooping on his brown couch. Now, his couch is in the downstairs living area & she goes down to poop on it. She also poops on his old bed. None of my furniture since it’s been moved into the house. The only thing of mine she will poop on is my bathroom rug. My personal bathroom is downstaris, near the brown couch, and she will leave a pile of poop on the bath rug. I keep that door closed now. I bought it new so I don’t know what her attraction is to it. As far as HIS bed & HIS COUCH…I am assuming there is a risidual smell of something from “days gone by” that she feels the need to mark, fix, say “Hey, I hate this damn couch/bed…!…” I just don’t know what to do. The fiance is threatening to get rid of her. Not sure exactly what that means but I LOVE her & she is part of our family now. Oh, BTW, we have a total of 4 cats. i am very didigent in keeping up the cleaning of all cat areas, boxes, the rugs the boxes are on, the stray litter on the floor….Air fresheners. I even put an automatic freshener on the couch (along with piles & piles of pillows & other deterrrents) to scare her away from pooping on that couch (NOT MY COUCHES, OR MY BED, which is in the spare room…) I’m going to try foil on the couch…plastic underneath…scare her away more. Get some boundry spray, haven’t heard the best things about boundry sprays….give it a try, I suppose. Got to try whatever I can to keep her in the family. The vet said she’s fine but may have Irritable Bowl Syndrome 7 when she gets “the urge” she’ll just go where she is…. AGAIN, it’s only on his OLD STUFF, none of my stuff besides the rug in the downstaris bath…. Any suggestions…. Anybody…? Please…? I’m going to try some of the things listed in this forum for sure. At my wits end…. Tina… Thank You for anything you can suggest.

  119. Gru says:

    Gru: Hello, Fred. Your dog has been leaving little bombs in my yard, and I do not appreciate it.
    Fred McDade: Oh you know dogs… they go where they want to go.
    Gru: Except when they’re dead.
    Gru: Just kidding! Oh, it’s true, though.

  120. Cian says:

    Carrie, Jennifer??

    You have your cats on Prozac? Are your friggin demented?
    Try a homeopathic vet if you really insist on not listening or understanding what your cat is communicating. Prozac???? Your poor kids

  121. 123-Pet Admin says:

    Hey folks. Have you checked out our new forum? Since this article is BY FAR the most visited article on our site, we figured we’d start a forum topic just to discuss this problem. Check it out here:

  122. emma says:

    Bicarbonate of soda (same as for baking) is the cheap alternative to expensive odour removers. Even if you can’t smell the urine your pet can!

    While I was away on holiday, one of my Bengal kittens (I have two) decided she would not wee in any of the 5 (!) clean litter boxes (but would for her poo) and chose the sofa as her place of choice.

    The sofa cushion was too soiled for rescue so has been replaced and now I have to kick the habit… I’ve placed a plastic sheet over the sofa cushions and I’m trying puppy training pads on the sofa for a week and then I will move them to the floor etc, etc,, so far so good there’s been no wee’s anywhere other than on the pad. fingers crossed lol..

  123. emma says:

    Oh and foil on your sofa? That’s the best stuff ever to play on according to my two!! It lasted 5 mins before the noise was driving me mad!! Lol

  124. Trisha says:

    My family has two female spayed cats. they r both older and they have randomly been peeing on the furniture. One on the upstairs couch and the other on the downstairs floor and couch. we kept her in my room but after a few nights she pees on my bed. the litters are clean most of the time. My dad wants to get rid of them soon if we cant get them to stop. I despretly need any help anyone can give me!

  125. Donne says:

    I have 10 kittnes, i am trying to litter train them. A few use the litter with no problem. But two females wont use the litter, they dont like th efeel of it on there paws. They would rather go on plastic. I reaaly want to have them trained before its time for them to find new homes. Oh yes , they are 6 weeks.

  126. MARY says:


  127. emma says:

    Donne put some newspaper in a litter tray.. or a puppy training pad. It’s worked for me! Lulie who was messing on the sofa now after just two days is clean. She was originally using the tray with litter just for poo… now she even sometimes uses it for wee… but mainly she prefers to use the tray with a training pad in it for the wee. Patience and perseverance is the key!

  128. sharon says:

    they may be trying to communicate something to you. in cases of more than one cat: the one who is leaving poop in a particular area may wish for you to notice something such as roundworms, etc. if you examine it you will see them without assistance of a microscope. one of mine was leaving his in the shower,and that was the case. poor baby! after treating him he is fine and goes in the box. now i am having a problem with wee-wee on the carpet in one spot. i suspect that it is either a) that i had to move the boxes temporarily while i am working on the room i normally keep them; b)we brought a new kitten in the house who was fathered by one of my boys before i got him fixed… it’s taking awhile for them to adjust; or c)i have been super-stressed because of a fallout with a family member. they become very nervous when i am stressed or in pain… i guess that’s how they express it.
    i’ve tried putting some other carpet scraps over my carpet… it didn’t work. next step is to put some sticky tape all over the area. they hate that. also i need to step up my box-cleaning routine… at times i just lose my ability to keep up with things, i have to make boxes a priority… i know the price if i don’t. good luck to everyone.

  129. kat says:

    Bengal cat deaf urinarting on bed and furniture 11yrs old nothing seems to help. Please help love her so much .giving up not an option

  130. Jeff says:

    My 3 yr old female cat ” who is spayed” keeps peeing in the shower tub and in the bathroom sinks. I have scolded her, rubbed her nose in it and told her NO!!! but nothing seems to work. She will pee in her litter box but seems to just HAVE to pee in the shower and sinks. I am at my wits end on what to do here. It is getting to the point my wife is about to give me the ultimatum… her or the cat. Can any one help??

  131. Heather says:

    We just moved into our new house and got 3 cats that we are being adjusted to living inside instead of out. We heard that you keep them in the room where their litter box is and clean it daily until they get used to using it. Well they have so we started to let them adjust to the rest of the house. First two days they used the litter box and now they are peeing and pooping outside of the litter box. I know that it is one of the bigger cats doing it and the runt just fallows along. I dont like having them locked up in a room all day and night but that’s what I am having to do. We are about to go and get 2 more litter boxes we figured that they would want one of there own. If this doesn’t work what can we do? They are not allowed in our room because one of them peed on the bed and now they are pooping in daughters closet. Please email me at thank you in advance.

  132. Li johnson says:

    Found a stray kitten no more than a few wks old under our car so we adopted the little guy, was doing great for the last month and half now he continues to pee on te couch… He is the third cat we have. Tried repellents and covers on the couch but can’t seem to break him of the habit the otter teo are indoor/outdoor cats and he will be once he is old enough to be on his own any ideas until then?

  133. kathy says:

    hi I need some help I have a spayed 7 year old female cat, in the past few months she had started peeing in the corners of our stairs
    her little box is cleaned several times a day
    I am at a loss as to why she is doing this I try & get to the opps as soon as I notice it but am not always home
    funny thing is she is still useing her litter box as well she will pee & poop in the box but she will pee on the stairs too I refuse to have a house that smells like cat pee so I need to fix this asap any thoughts would be great also the best way to clean up the pee right now I have been useing evens amounts of white vinger & water putting this on the spots & asorbing it up with towels than making a mix of hydroproxide & baking soda in to a goop & cleaning the spot with this please help me thanks

  134. Donna says:

    My cat Loonah is a 9 year old tabby cat, not neutered I think. Lately he has been peeing all over the house when he can’t have his way and My mom has said she would have him put down if he didn’t stop. He does it more now and its driving us crazy. We live in an apartment and the entire floor smells. My neighbors are complaining and I am at a loss. I dont want him put to sleep but that is Moms rule. Either he stops or he dies. What can I do? I cant afford a vet and meds right now.

  135. jalen says:

    hu, I have a 14 year old cat that we got when he was 19 fram a previous owner, no litter box problems were mentioned but he feels the need to pee and poop on the carpenter. we have tried everything. liter I’d in his room and in the living room. stress medicine. nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

  136. Lo says:

    A little more than 2 years ago we brought home 2 boy kittens (spotted tabbies). Both were house-born, Mother was a domestic cat.Strictly indoors, We gave them good clean boxes to litter & there was no problem until 3 months later one of the boys started peeing on our bed, fresh laundry, couch basically anywhere with the feel of fabric! We checked with the Vets, no UTI but he suggested we a try a spray. So we sprayed it on all the usual spots he pees on & miraculously he stopped peeing in those spots!!! .. But since the spray isnt exactly cheap we use it sparingly and my husband & I make sure that there is no cloth lying around that can give a chance to pee on. It isnt easy but then our boy is our baby!!

  137. pvgirl says:

    I have two kittens that love to leave me gifts in every corner. Drives me crazy! My Mother-n-Law gave me an old natural remedy. Vinegar!! You put it in a spray bottle, and start shooting every corner. The cats can’t stand the smell. Very sad that every answer is now with drugs!!! I can understand the human need, but come on!! Cats on prozac??? Im sure along time ago prozac for animals did not exist. There are better natural ways. Drugs are not the answer!!

  138. Rob Frankel says:

    Hi. I have a slightly different problem. I work at a factory and we have a few feral cats that live on the premises (outdoor). We have spayed and neutered the cats, so hopefully their numbers will stay as is. We also have a bunch of non-cat-lovers who are intent on getting rid of these cats. Their main complaint is that the cats have started to do their business in an area close to where the staff eat their meals. Is there any way that I can encourage the cats to poop in a specifis area in one corner of the premises that is further from the eating area? Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

  139. Lima says:

    hi Recently, I brought a new kitten into my home,his about 5 months old. he was just fine with the litter box. until I transfer the litter box to my garage. he poop on my sofa but I teach him how to get in and out from the pet door. but he poop again on the sofa . what should I do? please help :(

  140. Kim says:

    Hi my cat Buddy has been peeing lately in my room (only my room!) and if he keeps doing it then my mom and dad will start thinking about getting rid of him, i really dont want that to happen plz if you have anything to say that can help i will really like it my mom if fed up with him so plz i love Buddy and dont want to get rid of him anything will be helpful.

  141. Julia says:

    I rescued a tiny kitten just over 4yrs ago near the railroad tracks and named her Lucky Tracks. We have 3 cats total now and she’s the only female. We have a litter box for each cat (all are lined up in the basement), all cats are healthy, all cats are fixed (Lucky and Ted were fixed July 2010 .. Ted is her only son and was born July 2009). Lucky is the pee-er/poop-er .. we don’t know when the problem started though but now know it’s been going on for a LONG WHILE. We saw her get in a clean laundry basket we brought upstairs and squat .. TWO to THREE FEET IN FRONT OF ME! .. she peed on the sofa last month and I think she did it again there .. today she peed on my son’s pants that were dirty and next to the steps to go down to the laundry .. and we know it’s been a ‘long while’ cause we had stuff stored under the half stairs and cleaned/pulled it all out yesterday and it was COVERED in pee and poo! We thought the litter box was stinky and tried all types of litter (ending with Fresh Step for it’s perfume fresh scent). There was a LOT of poop.
    so we cleaned the litter box yesterday, cleaned out all the nasty under the stairs and she peed on my son’s pants .. WTF is wrong with this cat that she won’t go in a clean box?? She’s only gotten out(side) once and that is why we have Ted but she’s about to be an outside kitty and not know how ‘Lucky’ she has it now.

  142. Julia says:

    also .. we will wash throw rugs and she’s peed on them within an hour of them being placed on the floor.
    please contact by email:

  143. Stephanie says:

    I have a 1 year old male orange tabby who recently (it’s been about 2 months) has been peeing (once/week)outside of his litter box. It happens in the same room where the box is which is our laundry room/garage entry way. He seems to always pee by my husbands shoes or if he leaves an article of clothing on the laundry floor. No blood in the urine and his personality has not changed. Is this strictly a behaviour problem? Any thoughts? Please contact me

  144. Stacey says:

    I have 2 3 month old kittens and they are generally well behaved when it comes to toilet training but when ever they sleep on my bed they wee in it. This makes me absolutely INFURIATED!!! I dont let them in my room anymore. They also wee in there own bed. WHAT DO I DO!! Im sick of washing my bed/mattress and their bed :(

  145. Emma says:

    I have a 3 year old neutered female cat who has decided to pee up against the back of my parents sofa it was happening frequently and then stopped but she has now started doing it again. She doesn’t have a litter tray as she is house trained and goes out when ever she wants. I need any help I can get otherwise she will have to go there is also a 3 year old spayed male and a 5 year old neutered female living there and neither of them do it. Please reply to

  146. mj cole says:

    i have a 3 an half year old male cat that has been bit 2 times by a snake an he poops in the floor now the vet dont understand how he lived after the second time he got bit because he was an in/out door cat but because last time he was bit by a rattle snake an i dont want to lose him

  147. mj cole says:

    please some one give me some in put he is like my child he is a beaitiful siamese an i really need help cause when he got bit the 2nd time by the rattle snake i sit all night with a shotnmed thing for babys an i would give him water an chichen broth every 30 minutes cause i love him almost as much as love my child so please someone help me

  148. jody says:

    I brought a friends cat to France from US since she is in Afghanistan for a year. Nena is a very smart cat and has only peed in her box when we lived in apartment in US. SInce she has been in France she has peed in her box which was placed in the laundry room. We left for 4 days and came back to find poop on the front door mat. After this, she peed on my boyfriend’s luggage right before he left, then proceeded to pee in the plants and on the fat boy. So we changed the litter, took the top off, and placed it in the bathroom closer to the room. She goes in the box sometimes but like this morning she peed on the leather sofa. SHe also pooped on the carpet while we were gone for a week but had someone come over to see her.
    My boyfriend is extremely understanding but I am stressed over this. WHat can I do for her ? and what is the problem? is it us leaving? if so, why did she pee in plants before we left her? I am almost to the point of taking her back to the States which is a very long trip for both of us.
    ANy suggestions you could give will be appreciated !
    Thank you

  149. Snowy White says:

    We bought a cat 2 years ago and she wees and poos all over the house. My girlfriend was playing on the floor and rolled over and cat poop was in her face. this is destroying our marriage and she wants the cat to go but I love the cat. Ive bought $300 litter boxes but nothing works. Help

  150. amanda says:

    I just got our 8week old kitten 2 days ago. The first day home he was using the litter box with no problem. Then yesterday he started peeing on the couch. Then from the couch to my pillow then he peed again on the couch today. What do I do??????? My husbands about had it .

  151. josie says:

    hey i have a 1 year old female cat she is not fixed but she has been peeing on my floor and wont use the litter box to pee she only uses it to poop and i called the vet and stuff and there is no signs of her having a uti and i am 8 months pregnant and i have anther cat he is fixed and is 4 years old but he dont mess or anything and she is only peeing on the floor what can i do is there any kind of floor cleaner that i can use to stop her from peein on the floor i love her and i cant stand it anymore i am about to get rid of her cuz of it and i dont want to someone please help i want her to stop peeing on my floor cuz soon it will probly be my furniture or my babys things.

  152. Jayne says:

    Great tips x my cats has anxiety so I know why but now I can go to the vets and not feel like an idiot.

  153. Angela says:

    When this happens I put her in her litter box, tell her no, I don’t want to hurt her…. My mom Passed away and i have her cat now. I’m cleaning my throw rugs almost everyday now. And she peed on my dogs bed…. I have an older cat that has not left my room since my moms cat has been here. She passed in June. so my cat is upstairs in my room and my moms cat stays downstairs…. there both Females What do I do now…. Thank you

  154. Mary says:

    I have 2 neutered cats and one of them urinates by each of the doors in our home and on the bathroom floor. We have 2 litter boxes which are cleaned every other day. I clean the areas by the doors and bathroom floor and then spray some stuff I bought from the Vet that is suppose to stop the cat from doing this. The cat is a very nervous cat and we tried anxiety medication for him too as well as antibiotics for a possible urinary tract infection. This morning while we were at the table the cat walked to the patio door, squatted and urinated. When you try to catch him he takes off and hides for hours. I am at wits end and don’t want to get rid of the cat but really am not going to have a choice if I can’t get him to stop doing this. Any other suggestions?

  155. jocelyn says:

    my female at is about 11 years old and she has always gone outside to pee etc….recently she has been peeinng in my living room area one spot she apparently marked as her own.
    Is it too late to try to get her to use a litter box. and if so suggestions on how to do this.
    i have confined her to outside with access to the garage where i have put her food and water. Not risking her peeing in here again.
    desperate for an answer otherwise she is gone.

  156. Nazneen says:

    I have had this cat since she was 8 months old, First year or so she was fine. Now she will poo near doors or or pee on the sofa. I have tried hitting her on the nose saying NO and spraying her with water but she stops for a few days and again pee;s on sofa or floor and she has been pooing on the floor for the last two years. Nothing helps. Please advise.

  157. mike says:

    I think a loooong ride is overdue for the cat.

  158. jacqui says:

    You can try getting 2 litter boxes, or changing the littler. Maybe the cat doesn’t like that brand of litter. Some cats like 1 box to pee in and 1 box to have bowel movements in.

  159. dyan says:

    My cat Milo is 17 and has started peeing and pooping on the carpet and rugs. I have three other cats, 2, 3, and 13. I believe Milo is in renal failure he is constantly in need of water. Three times in the last 6 months I thought he was a gonner. He keeps rallying back. He hangs out by the bathtub and sink for water, constantly. I have witnessed this in many other cats I have had. I don’t want to put him down but I feel I am getting close. I have four litter boxes and I clean them out 2 times a day. What to do?????

  160. Estelle says:

    Hi. I have 2 Persians. I have had them for over 2 years now. We use to stay in a house an moved to a duplex a couple of weeks ago. I saw the male using the litter box more then usual and he would go up stairs and wee on our bed at first now his is weeing on my sons bed and in the bath upstairs. I had him at the vet and they said nothing is wrong. No bladder infection. Please help. The other cat isn’t doing it. She goes down stairs to the litter box if she needs to go. I never had this problem with him. It started about 2 (there I caught him wee twice on a sleeper couch which isn’t in the house at the moment) weeks before we had to move to this new place and now it’s just continuing

  161. Mary says:

    i have 2 cats they are both 2 years old and one of them keeps peeing on our beds. my dad is threatening to shoot him so please how do I stop him from doing it again? Anything will help.

  162. Rebekah says:

    hello i have two cats one of which keeps peeing in the bath (which i think is quite clever) and one keeps peeing at the front door even if we are about to open the door for him. they are about 3 and its just started recetly …my dad says he’ll be getting rid of them if they dont behave! help!

  163. brittany says:

    my cat is 13 years old and is now peeing and pooping on my brothers couch, we eventually had to throw it out and my mom is taking my cat tomorrow to put her down im hoping to convince my mom to give my cat a little more time and im hoping she will stop!

  164. Margaret says:

    To all of the above urinating problems, sometimes it is just necessary to try and gauge the cats times to urinate: I have noticed that one of our repeat offenders goes morning and then again at night (twice a day). So we have taken to caging her overnight and keeping her in a downstairs outside run during the day. In the evening we allow her into the loungeroom with us but make sure one of us is always in there and she isn’t left alone. After that it is into the cage with a bed, litter box (she doesn’t use) and some food. It is important not to allow the cats the freedom of choice to go and urinate on beds etc. but I did like one option, putting the plastic runners down, pointy side up and maybe putting a bit of a runner over the mats, whichever way up works. We also have another cat who has taken to urinating on the mats and this, unbeknown to me, has been seeping off into the carpet underneath so I have a job on my hands with cleaning that thoroughly and working out another solution, maybe the carpet runner and an extra clean litter box put there at night. This is very frustrating and causes so much stress. Any kind of advice is always welcome. I also like the idea of the pet repellant sprayed on the area and maybe will try to use some feliway spray near the litter boxes )or on it).

  165. Tracey says:

    I have 4 cats and 4 litter boxes all of a sudden one is peeing on the wood and laminate floors. How can I stop this without knowing which one is doing it and clean the spots so they stop doing it and go back to the litter box.

  166. Elisabeth says:

    I have three cats I didnt know who was peeing so I locked them ‘ I left one out, then a couple of days later I let another one out
    . That is how I found out which cat is peeing in the house.

  167. Sue says:

    we have 3 cats. Two of the cats are dominant exotic cats and one is a normal domestic cat who can be on the ferrel behavior side. She is not using the box regularly and pooping on a chair nearly daily. I clean it up and she does it again.
    We have one litter box. We tried 2 and 3, but the cat still did this. We keep the box clean every day and have tried several cat litters, but settled on plain pine which we clean daily and empty/renew weekly.
    So how to stop this (we’ve tried several suggestions on the site) and what best to take away smell and make sanitary without destroying the furniture even more?
    I love the cat that is doing this. All 3 cats are age 14.

  168. Sabrina says:

    The people that comment on how cruel it us to rub a cats face in poo really need menta help. IT’S A FREAKING CAT! I wish you people would show as much concern for youth minorities that get killed by lack of gun control in hoods everyday. But how can I expect that from a people that don’t see people like themselves as human but somehow see them as inferior?! So I will continue to smack my cat if it Lee’s or poops where its not supposed to or he may fond himself homeless if he continues until the day when human life is as much of a concern to people like yourselves.

  169. Jennifer says:

    To Sabrina, I think the fact that we care about our pets does not mean we do not care about the abuses suffered by people. Yes, people are more important than animals, but we can still care very deeply for our pets. Obviously, you do not have the same attachment to your pets. I have been struggling with my 11 year old calico who is destroying my carpets & hardwood floor. I have been tempted to put her down, but she is in good health & I deeply care for her. I am thinking of trying some anti-anxiety medicine. My friend has had good luck with a cat litter called Cat Attract. My brother-in-law says to make her an outdoor cat, but she has never lived outdoors. It’s very difficult.

  170. beverly says:

    I have 5 kittens, we are stuck with, of course we love them, but a few of them use the bathroom wherever they want to. I am at my wits end, I have tried everything from a water gun to the plastic rugs with pointy things, they simply do not care. Guess I am going to take them to the local shelter, I have no other choice.

  171. Tracey says:

    How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing in the House
    By Kathy Blumenstock
    Because cats are fastidious about their own cleanliness, they also want their litter boxes to be kept clean. Some cat owners don’t empty the litter boxes often enough to suit their pets that don’t want to do their business in the equivalent of an unflushed toilet. Can you blame them? Regularly changing the box to provide fresh litter at least once a day, more frequently if necessary and thoroughly washing the litter box weekly will ensure that your cat always has a clean place to go. Always have at least one more litter box than the number of cats. Even a single cat should have two boxes; that way if you’re delayed getting home from work or are too tired to change the litter, the cat will still have a clean place to go.

    Feline urine has an extremely pungent and unpleasant odor due to feline protein metabolism, a combination of uric acid, phosphates, calcium oxalates and aerates. If the cat has an inflammation or infection in his urinary tract, the protein concentration will be greater and will smell even worse. When dried, the urine forms crystals that create hard-to-remove stains.

    Specially formulated cleaning products, such as Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats and Urine Off, are designed to target cat urine with enzymes that break down the crystals and remove the smell and the stains. Because cat urine is ammonia-based, using regular household cleaners — many of which contain ammonia — will not remove the stain or odor, and will in fact just encourage kitty to urinate in that same spot again. To the cat, the ammonia scent is reminiscent of his own urine! Thoroughly cleaning the affected area with the right products will get the stain and smell out, and the cat will not automatically return to that place to relieve himself.

    If the litter boxes are clean, but your cat still eliminates outside the box, he is showing his stress or displeasure. Your impulse may be to yell at him, but that won’t accomplish anything except scaring and confusing him. If you catch him in the act of peeing on your carpet, instead of shouting at him, gently pick him up and confine him to a closed room with a clean litter box. He’s eliminating on the carpet because something has scared him physically or emotionally, and once you’ve calmed down, you can start to figure out the reason.

    Why Is Your Cat Not Using the Litter Box?
    A cat suffering from a urinary tract infection finds urination painful, and may associate his litter box with this. Or he may need to urinate more often and starts peeing throughout the house. Kidney, liver and thyroid conditions leave cats thirsty, leading to more fluid intake and more frequent, urgent urination. Older cats with arthritis, muscular diseases or other age-related issues also may be unable to get to the litter box on time. Declawed cats often develop an aversion to using a litter box because after surgery, their newly tender paws found scratching painful and they continue to link the litter box with that discomfort. Kitty litter manufactured from recycled newspapers offers declawed cats a more comfortable place to go, as does premium clumping (not clay) litter.

    Changes in your household routine may affect your cat’s litter box behavior. Moving to a new home or even schedule changes is a major change for your cat. A new baby or another pet, a kid leaving for college, even the holiday season can all impact a cat,and he may react by urinating outside his box.

    Further, a cat always notices if you’ve switched the type or brand of litter he’s been accustomed to using. The scent of a different litter or its feel on his paws may not be to his liking, and he’ll stop using the box. Other cats dislike covered litter boxes or litter liners. If you’ve decided to incorporate these, be sure the cat has access to his old-style box as well. A new location for a litter box can initially stress your cat, so if the box is in a new spot, keep another in the previous location until the cat adapts.

  172. Paula says:


    I too have been having problems with my cat urinating on my carpet for months now. I believe it has something to do with her age and inability to reach the litter box in time. While I completely sympathize with everyone that has been posting I wanted to let you know of a product that can help clean/get rid of the urine smell until you find a solution. By chance I came across a product called Scoe10x that claims to eliminate most any foul odor (including cat urine) and decided to give it a try. It is 100% safe to use around/on animals and humans and works like a charm! Each time I find a spot where my cat has urinated I try to soak it up if still wet, then apply a generous amount of the product. It takes at least 20 minutes of the spot being soaked for the enzymes to dissolve the bacteria. After using it we cannot even tell that there was a urine stain in that area. Works for lots of other odors as well. Good luck to everyone (including myself) on finding a deterrent. Cat urine is truly one of the WORST odors and hardest to get rid of!

  173. Wen says:

    Wow, that Sabrina seems to be an unhappy woman. We can all care about more than one aspect of life, pets, youth, even caring about her after she is so hateful. Seems hypocritical to believe it’s OK to hit a helpless animal. There are certainly better ways to address a pet issue than resorting to violence. All she has really done is create her own cycle of issues. No wonder her cats are out of control. Very sad. Thanks to all of you who actually try to take a more kind approach to this frustrating situation with your pets!

  174. Sharla says:

    Sabrina, you should be BANNED from ever having ANY PET!! You are a truly cruel human being if you can even be considered human. Nothing here was said about people so just shut your freaking trap. If I was to ever to personally see you hit an animal, I’d break your hands and arms so you’d be permanently disabled for life and I would fight in court to make sure you didn’t get any benefits.

    With that said, I have a new one eyed kitten that has found a corner in my kitchen 45 feet away from the litter box downstairs to do her “business”. She’s been here 3 days and has pooped twice in a far corner of the kitchen and peed once. Last night I cleaned with my Shark steam mop with distilled water. Today I tried Pinesol and really worked hard to clean the pee. But an hour later, another pile of poo. I’m thinking vinegar would be next. She’s a tiny girl and the other litter box is upstairs on the other side of the house where she is going. Are the Pet Store treatments better than vinegar?

  175. sabrina bitch says:

    Wow, I’d sure like to grab Sabrina by the back of her fkn neck and rub HER face in her own pee..Glad I’m not your pet. Do you do the same with children? POS!

  176. Lea says:

    Smacking, or rubbing your cats nose in their feces/urine will contradict any hope you have to solving the issue. Cats are very emotional animals, and fastidiously clean, and tend to respond to such acts with induced stress, and anxiety/panic – which of course increases the chances that they will re-offend.

    For people who have troubles with kitty urinating/defecating on beds:

    PREVENTION: Keep kitty off the bed, and out of bedrooms(close bedroom doors).

    For people who have troubles with kitty urinating/defecating on couches:

    Couches accumulate a lot of debris, and fluid(sweat, traces of urine, etc) that come off the human body. Over time, and over years of use, the couch can begin to have an ammonia-like scent, and even a faint scent of ammonia will tell kitty it’s ok to urinate there.

    FIX IT: Get a carpet/furniture cleaner in to clean your furniture regularly.

    PREVENTION: Keep kitty off couches, and give him/her their own bed near the coach. When kitty goes to sit on coach, growl(speak in a low tone of voice), and put kitty on her/his bed. BE PERSISTENT. This will teach kitty that the couch is a no go zone.

    For people who have troubles with kitty urinating/defecating at doors:

    PREVENTION: Let kitty outside periodically atleast 4-5 times per day, even if he/she doesn’t want to. Kitty associates the smell of garden/soil/dirt/plants with the act of urinating, and these smells can be carried under doors by wind/breeze. Also, when cleaning the area, be sure to treat underneath the door(on the floor, & the door itself).

    BIGGEST FIX IT: Citronella Oil, Orange Oil, Lavender Oil – cats hate the smell of these strong oils, and if you can tolerate it, then treat any area where kitty has done business.

    BIGGEST BLUNDER: Vinegar – cat urine, and vinegar have similar acid composition. It would be contrary to treat an area with anything acidic.

    Lastly, a lot of people tend to take naughty cat behaviour as a direct insult, and become aggressive, or worse, violent. For you as a full grown human, with atleast 3x the mass of a cat in one of your legs, to physically hit/throttle/abuse your cat, can be likened to a grown man bashing on an infant human – it is MOST CRUEL, and DISGUSTING. I’ve nearly knocked the block off someone for doing this in front of me, as I would a person who bashes into an infant human. THIS IS INTOLERABLE! DO NOT DO THIS!

  177. Lea says:

    When using oils, be sure to MIX it to create a base solution. Water is not the best as it doesn’t mix with the oils, so to help it mix, add a TINY AMOUNT(1ml per 1 tsp of oil) of concentrated dish-washing liquid(get the scent-free stuff for allergies, as it has no chemical smell, which can increase the ammonia scent)

  178. Sofia says:

    Hello everybody, THE MAIN REASON why a normal cat pees in other places than the litter indoors is that it has urinary infection. Stress (like visitors, moving, renovating, having a silent fight with a cat buddy, crappy dry food from a regular store with low quality like eastrting at Mc Donald’s,or being bored by being indoors from having been outdoors,) can intensify or restart a cronic urinary infection even though you have taken it for anti-biotics to the doctor. There is no other way than to relieve the ess factors described above and treating it at a proper veterinarian.

  179. Christina says:

    What’s funny to me, is all you idiots posting becauSe your cat is spraying, your thinking of putting it down even thoUgh it’s in good health. What the hell is wrong with you? You can’t bring it to a shelter or a cat rescue? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we just euthanized every human that misbehaved or made a mistake!!?????? Ha.. I sure wish it was that easy!! Quit being selfish you stupid human!

  180. Stacey says:

    I have 3 cats. All healthy. Regularly cleaned litter boxes. And still at least one of this continually urinates on my steps. I have two connected flights and the exact spot changes each time. It drives me up a wall. I’ve considered getting rid of them and let me point out…that is not always a possible option. Getting a pet put down is actually easier considering that not all rescues and shelters have room. Often they will refuse to take the cat. Other times they take the cat only to euthinize it, as they have too many or no room. Another thing i want to say… i do not care for random humans anywhere near what I feel for my cats. I’ve raised them and taken care of them, they are family! If given the choice between some random person in a hood somewhere they may or may not have been a menace to society and my cat or another of my friends or family…I will always choose and care more about the friend/family/cat over someone who’s existence is not emotionally connected to me. Take Sabrina the angry poster for example: who do i care about more? Her or my cat? My cat. ALWAYS my cat. Would I save her or my cat from a burning building? My cat. Period. Point made. Goodnight all.

  181. Vicki says:

    Lea – thank you for the suggestions I will be def trying one of the oils.

    I have 2 cats (sisters) they are 8 yrs old. One of them had a UTI last year and started to pee in the house, I have her tested regular to make sure it hasn’t returned but she still pees mainly in our bedroom, in the laundry basket, bathtub shower, and if we leave anything on the floor the last thing was my husbands suitcase as he was packing to leave for a business trip!! I have tried the plug ins but she still pees!!

    We have 2 litter tray cleaned regularly but she still does it, my last resort is to ask the vet for some medication for her as he thinks it might be anxiety.

    My husband is on his last nerve with them, he want’s to get rid of them, we brought them over from England with us and the kids love them dearly me too, the last thing I want is to get rid of them.

  182. Louisa says:

    Sabrina: Gandhi said you can judge a nation by how it treats it’s animals.

    It’s also well known that people that abuse animals generally abuse humans too.

    What does that say about you?

    It looks like you have some serious anger issues and you are taking them out on a helpless animal. Get some help, and don’t keep pets if you can’t treat them properly. And FYI, rubbing their nose in it only works for dogs. Cats don’t link the unpleasantness with their action.

  183. Jack says:

    I have 2 cats, one is a longhair who is a neutered male about 5 years old, very well behaved. The other is a young shorthair/bobtail cross female who has been going in heat for about 4 months now. Anyway both cats were behaving very well with no issues to speak of, except climbing on the furniture or curtains once in a while or trying to eat the food I was eating at the time. I have two litter boxes, one is covered and one is not. I clean them every other day and have been using the same litter now for several years. My problem is that my female decided to suddenly start pooping on the floor in the hallway next to my room? I have caught her and rubbed her nose in it and told her no, then took her to the litter box. I cleaned the poop up with some disinfectant and then used an enzymatic cleaner on the area. I have just started spraying the area with a repellent in hopes it will keep her away from the area? She seems to stop for a while then all the sudden does it again? I really love her and don’t want to get rid of her and I really don’t want the other cat doing the same thing so I am wondering whether her going into heat has something to do with it since it seems that she does it when she is in heat? If I get her fixed will it change this behavior? I heard that messing on a horizontal surface is not marking behavior so then I ask myself why she is doing this?

  184. Jack says:

    Just a comment, putting a cat’s nose to the mess she made and I don’t mean aggressively rubbing the cat’s nose into the floor/carpet either, let’s them know that’s what I have issue with it messing in that location, then taking the cat to the litter box further reinforces that the cat needs to go to the bathroom in the litter box and NOT on the carpet! I don’t yell or get violent because I don’t want to distract the cat from the business at hand and I don’t strike my pets. We are human beings and we should be able to solve the issue with our brain power, not physical violence! While I don’t side with pet owners who abuse their pets, I also detest human beings who are extremists and value animals above humans! They are just as crazy as the people who abuse their pets! I have considered a solution to the problem would consist of putting both sides into a coliseum (like the Roman one) with both edged weapons and blunt impact type weapons, then letting them rip each other apart, then after they have annihilated one another we will be rid of the extremists, at least as far as animals go? Anyway, back to the cat issue, we should be smarter than the cat…….

  185. SOCAL conner ~ee. says:

    To: Christina, Lea, Wen, Louisa, & My favorite- “Sabrina Bitch”, Atta Girl, girls! BRAVO! OUTSTANDING interaction, excellent delivery, & AMEN to that! I agree. Sabrina do urself a solid & seek out your local anger mngmnt group, enroll and pay attention! Ask questions! Participate w/ other angry idiots! But keep ur ignorance out of the comments sections of web sites where the humane & empathetic go to offer real solutions if not just the needed support to those out in cyberspace who genuinely need such aid.

  186. chelesea says:

    I have two male cats, one about 8 months the other 7 months old. They both have not been fixed. The 8 month old is the one I keep finding him peeing and pooping on my couch. I rub his face in it, smack his butt and put him in his litter box but that doesnt seem to work. I am hoping getting him fixed will solve this, but I dont feel like it will :/ I dont believe he is stressed because he is always running around and playing with the other cat. I also have 3 dogs (one female one male both fixed) but they all get along great, so great the 8 month old cat will nurse on my female pit. So I cannot seem to think of any reason why he would be peeing on the couch besides the fact hes not fixed!

  187. SABRINA, please read... says:

    Hello SABRINA, I have a 1 1/2 yr old female cat. She has been ideal until a month ago when she began peeing on my bed almost daily. Vet says, “no UTI, definitely behavioral. Try to get down to the root of the problem that’s upsetting her. It will take MUCH patience.” SABRINA, I am very sorry that you are struggling with some social issues. Obviously you’ve lost some loved ones to careless people. Sadly, the world will always be filled w/uncaring humans. However, we all have CHOICES to make, good or bad. Own it.
    When I was younger, I struggled with anger too, but one thing was for sure…I NEVER took it out on my best friend, which was my pet. Dogs understand their noses rubbed in poop, cats are TOTALLY different.
    PLEASE try this: Being VERY careful NOT to scare them more, take care to speak “no” w/o shouting, pick cat up, GENTLY rub her paw across her mistake, then CALMLY take her to a roomy cage/kennel(w/food, water and lg shoe box size litter),nightly. (Every mistake, I increase her cage time by a 1/2 hour). Close off peed room. Secretly observe her when she’s around the house to try to find what’s keying her behavior. Remember the vets advice on PATIENCE. Yes, it’s stressful, but realize her behavior is NOT personal toward YOU. She’s speaking the only way she knows how. How we treat animals says a lot about how we want to treat others. I’m pulling for you Sabrina. The fact that you’re here posting says that you do care and want to do the right thing. Take some breaths,(will take a hundred, so prepare yourself), say ‘Ok I can do this’, and in daily steps you will. Animals are under humans but they DO FEEL. I’m pulling 4 you Sabrina! Remaining Posters, I understand your feelings as well. Let’s work together to help Sabrina in a positive way. General FYI;… vinegar has worked well as a cleaning agent for me. I use vinegar, then hydrogen peroxide, then baking soda, gently rubbed in. Fan dry 24 hours and no odor. I’m going to try the prickly plastic mats. Still seeking clues, will share answers as they come. Thanks all for the helpful posts.

  188. Linda says:

    My cat is new for us. We adoped him from a rescue shelter.
    He is peeing in his litter box and on the carpet. We took him to the vet and he said to us Urine Off on the area and try Feniway Comfort for stress. We did both and at first we thought
    he had stopped, didn’t do it for 3 days, then did it again yesterday during the night. Cleaned and used the above products, this morning he had done it again. We clean his box every time he uses it and he keeps urinating on the carpet.
    I know some cats have urine infections, or crystals but from what I have heard they don’t go in their litter box at all. I am considering getting a urine test from my vet, but it is very expensive and what do I do if he doesn’t have any urinary problems? I also feel going to the vet again will be even more stress for him.

  189. kylie says:

    I have three female cats. Two of then keep peeing around my house. I clean their boxes, and house really good but they still do it. One is one years old and the other i dont know how old. I have had them both for a year, but they now just started doing it. Help me!

  190. Maleens says:

    I have used this solution with great success. Hopefully this will help you too:
    Use paper towels to soak up any liquid and clean with soapy water;
    again use paper towels to soak up excess liquid;
    Mix two parts apple cider vinegar with one part water or use only vinegar;
    Liberally soak the cleaned area, do not dry this area, leave it to air dry. Your cat will not use this area of the rug or carpet as a personal litter box again and
    I have not tried this but it may also work for defecated areas.

  191. holly says:

    i have 3 cats 1 male about 2yrs that does fine but i have 2 females that are 5 and6 years old .They are rescue cats the lady we took them from said they had been togeatherfor 3 years and got along great but since we brought them home they only fight the bigger female wont let the other cat out when we are there but Ive seen them sit around the house at night without fighting. the cat that stays under couch pees and poops under there.

  192. Sabrinas not a bitch says:

    i used to snap my fingers, grab my cat by the neck, spank him, or w/e when he pee’d or just acted out badly. Now i just snap my fingers and he listens. stop trying to baby ur pet and pamper it with all this bullshit to make them stop. he/she needs to be trained and disciplined.

  193. Linda says:

    I adopted 3 kittens and from the first day I have used pelleted horse bedding for their litter box. It comes in a big 40 lb. bag and I get it at farm supply stores. It is made of pelleted pine. I scoop out their litter pans when they poo and the pelleted pine is great at stopping the urine odor. Their poo is pretty potent smelling of course and I just scoop it out when they do it. I have had the kittens for 6 months now and they have never had an accident in the house. Maybe it is the pine they like or maybe it is that I have a kitty door for them and they come and go inside and out as they please. I notice that if I am in the house they are too and if I go out they are right behind me. They seem very happy and so far no problems with pee or poo on carpet or furniture. The above comments make me wonder if stress is the problem for cats?

  194. Cassandra K. says:

    We got a couple cats a few months ago. I hate these animals. They are so stupid and so utterly useless. They pee where they aren’t supposed to, even though we have a clean litter box on each floor. They are so moronic and annoying.

  195. jen says:

    my kitten has just started peeing by the doors. they were using a potted plant but i stopped them going into the pot by coving the soil with pebbles so now there using the door mats instead – i have taken the mats out and cleaned but there still doing it. i will be buying some different chemicals from the pets store to try and get rid of the smell so they will stop.

    i do have one tip though for those that have the cat pee or poo in the bath – we had it happen once and then my mum told me she had this happen and to just keep a couple of cm of water in the bottom of the bath then when they jump in they get wet feet and run away – if this happens a couple of times they soon stop

  196. Michelle says:

    Louisa – you are incorrect. Gandhi actually said “The measure of a country’s greatness should be based on how well it cares for its most vulnerable populations”

    He was a civil rights activist not an animal rights activist.

    If your going to argue something, check your sources firstly.

  197. Vivian says:

    This is to MICHELLE:
    Actually Michelle — YOU are the one that is WRONG –
    Gandhi actually said exactly this — and I quote– “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”
    So there… The way you treat an animal AND your views about animals, reflects how evolved you are as a human being.

  198. Vivian says:

    And I hope “SABRINA” …. Reads this too.

  199. Poor niceguy says:

    First, you have an instinctively WILD ANIMAL in your house and YOU ALLOW THEM TO PEE AND POOP IN THERE. Cats are not intelligent, inside is inside–outside is outside. that’s all they understand, unless you have an exceptionally smart cat. Sabrina, you’re not a bitch you’re a stupid cunt, and I hope you get raped at knife point after you confiscate my gun.

    Second, great deterrent recipe: buy some muriatic acid, boil it down and inhale the vapors deeply. if you survive, dunk your worthless animals into the solution and solve your problem.

    Third, fuck all you bitches that put a cat above your man. Your cat won’t punch an asshole who disrespects you. Your cat won’t buy groceries with money he earns at his JOB. Your cat won’t save you from a burning building, but has probably pissed on you when you WEREN’T on fire. Your cat increases your infants risk of SIDS because cats like to sleep on warm babies’ faces and smother them. Your cat puts anyone who visits your house at an increased risk of developing the horrible disease toxoplasmosis. Your cat doesn’t care about you. Idiots.

  200. arthur galletly says:

    We have had a cat for 9 years and it needed flea medicine and whilst it was wearing a collar could not get through the cat door. However, now that it is not longer wearing the cat collar the cat persists in pooping indoors. Any suggestions for getting her to poop outdoors again and unlearning this new behaviour?

  201. Krissy says:

    I have had a male neutered cat for 7 years now recently my mother in-law whom lives downstairs got a female cat from a friend the female cat has peed in my house and now all of a sudden my male cat has started doing the same what can I do to make sure my male cat stops this asap?????

  202. Gaia says:

    Mothballs are TOXIC to cats.

  203. Carrie says:

    There are multiple reasons why a cat would pee and any cat owner should look into those first

    1. hates the smell of their litter (try new litter)
    2. the cat is sick (get it checked out by a vet)
    3. the cat is marking it’s territory (it’s either an outdoor cat or an indoor cat that doesn’t like the other cats – always introduce cats slowly by keeping them in a separate room at first)
    4. another note about marking territory – it’s possible that the previous owner of your new house owned cats. Your cats may be smelling this and marking territory.
    5. your cat is stressed because of a sudden change (try destress food)

    Now a depressing note. It is very hard to get you cat to stop if it is marking it’s territory. The most effective ways are as follows (in order of effectiveness)
    1. restrict access to the favorite pee area.
    2. use scare tactics (Scat motion sensor spray works wonderful)
    3. cover the area with unpleasant objects smells. (tinfoil, tape, inverted pushpins, balloons etc.)

    We have an older cat that just won’t stop. If we restrict access to one area.. he finds another. I’m positive there isn’t a solution so we’ve decided to keep him in an area of the house that is easily cleaned. It’s unfortunate but seems to be the only solution.

  204. Ashley says:

    I hv a 5 yr old fixed female that is peeing on my bed. What can I do to make it stop?

  205. Tina S says:

    My cat, Smokey, became very ill and started peeing all over our hardwood floors. We tried all kinds of treatments for his health problems but we just couldn’t save him. We had to put him down a few months ago. It was a sad, sad time. To help ease the pain, we adopted a kitten (Harley) from the SPCA last month. He’s started peeing in the SAME exact spots Smokey pee’d in. It’s stained the hardwood and I’m afraid it’s ruined forever. Out of desparation, I just bought the PeeBeGone ebook from this page, and sprayed a bit of the formula on the pee spots. So far, Harley hasn’t gone back to the same spots to pee since. It didn’t remove the stains, obviously, because I think it’s forever part of the wood, but at least Harley isn’t making it worse. $7 well spent, and good site by the way. How about an article about how to sand hardwood :)

    • 123-Pet Admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Tina S. First, I’m SO sorry to hear about Smokey. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. My cat just went through a similar thing over the past 6 months and we couldn’t save him either. Our WONDERFUL vet peacefully put him to rest just last week. It was a sad day for our family, but it was the right choice to make.
      One a positive note, THANK YOU for purchasing the PeeBeGone formula ebook. I always like hearing positive feedback. Plus, it helps support our site. Even thought the formula isn’t really meant to be a repellent for cats, we have heard that it works to keep cats away from places where they shouldn’t be.
      Thanks again for your feedback!

  206. Herb says:

    Man, y’all have some serious cat problems! If my cat pee’d in the house, he wouldn’t be in my house any more. Seriously, it’s YOUR house, not your cat’s. There’s nothing worse than going into a house that smells like cat piss. Y’all better clean your place up and do something to get rid of that stench! Nasty!

    • 123-Pet Admin says:

      You’re right, Herb. Stopping your cat from peeing where’s he’s not supposed to IS a serious problem! That’s why this article is here, and why it get so much response form people. It’s also why we sell the PeeBeGone ebook (the link is at the top of this page) to help people learn how to get rid of that “nasty” cat urine odor. Does it work for everyone? Probably not. But have we heard a bunch of positive feedback? Yep. So, Herb, thanks for visiting the site and thanks for bringing attention to a serious problem.

  207. Frustrated cat parent? says:

    Lots of interesting comments, but I am stumped on where to go from here.

    I have 3 cats. 2 females and 1 male. All indoor and all neutered. Oldest is female and 8-10 yes old (was an abandoned cat that we took in about 3-1/2 yrs ago. Next is male, about 2-1/2 yrs old and the youngest is female about 1-3/4 yrs old.

    About 4 months ago, started to find pee on carpet and/or throw rugs and then it progressed to on our bed. We finally resorted to replacing a section of carpet with Lino and solved that one spot.

    Took cats to vet and paid out a sizable amount to be told no identifiable problem.

    Up until this problem started, all cats used the same litter box with no problem (all been in same house together for 1-1/2 yrs. Food has not changed, litter has not changed, no extra people in house or less…

    We couldn’t identify who was doing this. We’ve removed all rugs in bathrooms, all area rugs around bed (hardwood floors), took to lifting bed and leaving upright each day, which also meant stripping bed each morning.

    Decided to purchase the largest plastic furniture cover I could find and once more pee found on bed.

    Put up a camera and finally discovered its the youngest female. She will be on top of the plastic or even push under the plastic and pee directly on the bed.

    I’ve added another litter box in the house, but none of the cats are interested in it.

    I’m at my wits end. My husband wants to get rid of her and our children are upset (the human ones).

    I’ve been using Norwex cloths to pull out the urine from the mattress and then treating with an enzyme.


  208. Kate says:

    Hi, 1) punishing a cat does nothing, they don’t understand why they are being punished for doing what they have to do. 2) do NOT spray the cat with the odor eliminator, they won’t like it and they eventually won’t like you. You have to get rid of the smell, it’s deep in the carpet and they have very sensitive senses of smell. You may not smell it but they can. If once you have done everything you can think of, if the cat is still going on the carpet, take them to the vet. There may be a medical issue that is causing them to dislike the litter box. Like a UTI, or an infection of some kind. If it hurts when they pee, they will link that to the litterbox, once it doesn’t hurt anymore, they will begin using the box again.

  209. Berndadette says:

    I have a new cat that wouldn’t stop pooping and peeing, everywhere but here kitty box. So, I put it on Facebook and my friend gave me the best advice. She said the house was just too big for the cat. Take and put your kitty, her food and kitty box, toys etc, and keep them in one room only with the door closed. Go in and play with them frequently and after you see them using the kitty box frequently, WAIT AT LEAST 2 MONTHS before introducing them to the rest of the house again. let them come out for maybe one hour at a time. So far, so good!!! Perfect success for me on day 3!

  210. Victoria says:

    My kitty pees on everything. Until my Vet put him on Prozac. He’s using the box now.

  211. […] Top 10 ways to stop your cat from urinating-peeing […]

  212. Lori says:

    Ok, I have to comment on this. I have an older cat ( 15 yrs old) and she has always gone to the door, made mewow noises and went outside. When she wants back in she does the same. However, recently we took in, bottle feed a tiny motherless kitten and he is spoiled rotten, has clean litter box, etc. But still poops in the tub! HELP! He is not spanked, he has his poop placed back into his litter box, he is shown the litter box a lot. He is about 3 months old now and plenty old enough to use his litter box.

  213. Juanita says:

    We have an eight year old RagDoll who peed in many of the carpet areas of our home. This behavior only started when we moved to our new home 5 years ago. Bewildered, we discovered the previous owners had a dog who peed throughout the carpeted areas of the house. *sigh* so, we ripped up all the carpet, scrubbed the flooring and painted with Kills. We re-carpeted the bedrooms replaced the baseboards and laid hardwood everywhere else. Well, that worked for about a week! Grrrr … he found the exact same spots and began again. Even on the wood floor! After trying all the tricks and spending thousands $$, I remembered many years ago my Uncle would put milk cartons filled with water on his lawn to deter dogs from pooping or peeing on it. Hmmmm So, I bought about 10 canning jars and filled them half way with water and placed them everywhere he peed. It worked! …and still does! It’s been about a year now.

    Two months ago we added a new kitty to the family. They seem to have a blast playing together but, twice this past week I have been awakened to our RagDoll scratching on the carpet in front of the kitty door which leads out to the outdoor kitty run we built. Noooooo! We believe he’s actually marking the entrance to “his” outside world sense the kitty just figured out how to get out there. Luckily we own a Bissell and I’ve cleaned and scrubbed twice now. If I put the quart size jars there neither one will be able to exit to the cat run. This is getting soooo old! Happened again last night, so today I will clean again and try baby jars. Fingers crossed.

    Give the jars a try though. . . Might work got you as well.

  214. max power says:

    So i guess this is nothing except people telling each other about where there cat eliminates. ….a real pager turner but usless if you are trying to save you cat from being put to sleep.

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