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* Category: Contests
o Small Dog Breed Photo Contest Update June 12th, 2007
o Small Dog Breed Photo Contest June 11th, 2007
* Category: General
o 123-Pet.com launches new site. May 17th, 2007
* Category: Grooming
o How to treat and remove matted fur clumps from your cat or dog. May 29th, 2007
* Category: Pet Basics
o How to remove urine stains / pet stains from carpet. May 30th, 2007
o Techniques for bringing home a new dog. May 28th, 2007
o How to introduce a cat and dog. May 23rd, 2007
o How to choose the best dog for your children and family. May 21st, 2007
* Category: Pet Health
o How to Remove a Tick From a Dog. June 7th, 2007
o How to pick the best dog food and improve your dog’s life. May 19th, 2007
* Category: Pet Stories
o A Cute Story About a Cat Caring for a Puppy. June 8th, 2007
* Category: Pet Training
o Quick Basic Dog Training – Heel – Respond – Sit – Stay – Down June 13th, 2007
o My dog eats poop. What can I do? June 6th, 2007
o Teach your cat to come when you call it’s name. May 24th, 2007
o Teach your dog to heel. May 22nd, 2007
o How to train your dog. May 18th, 2007
* Category: Pet Videos
o Funniest Dog Videos | Funny Dog Videos. June 1st, 2007
o Funniest Cat Videos | Funny Cat Videos. May 31st, 2007

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