Thanks to all of you who are continuing to send in your review for Crate Training Made Easy, our $7 ebook which teaches you how to crate train your puppy or adult dug.  You can purchase the crate training ebook for $7 here. This week, we’ve decided to share a couple more reviews from some happy customers…

“I have 2 yorkies. One is 5 years old and the other is almost 3. They’ve driven me CRAZY for years, but I just accepted the fact that yorkies are known for peeing and pooing indoors. Big mistake! Finally, my husband said he’s had enough and if they don’t stop doing their business inside, then I need to find them a new home. So, I purchased the Crate Training Made Easy ebook from After a few weeks, I’ve learned that this crate training thing really isn’t that bad. The advice in the book is extremely easy to understand, and I regret that I didn’t do this years ago. I’m thinking about how much money I’ve spent on renting carpet cleaners and buying chemicals to clean up their mess. The $7 crate training guide was the best $7 I’ve spent in a LONG time. Strongly recommended!” – Adrianna F, Florida

“I adopted my dog, Flakey, from the local animal shelter about 2 months ago. We think he’s about 2 years old and had obviously never had any type of obedience training. He seems like a pretty nervous dog, and has a hard time making eye contact with new people. Getting him to understand that he needed to go outside to use the bathroom was a concept he had a hard time grasping, so we decided to keep him confined to certain areas of the house throughout much of the day. After a little research online, I decided to give crate training a try. I stumbled onto the $7 Crate Training Made Easy guide and thought “Well, it’s only 7 bucks. Why not?” After 8 days of crate training Flakey, he’s like a totally different dog. He is doing so great, and I’m really proud of him. I actually get excited when he poops in the yard! He doesn’t mind getting in his crate, he sleeps in it all night with no problem, and he hasn’t had an accident in the house for days. Thanks for this crate training guide!” –  Mike P, West Virginia


So, thanks again to our customers. It’s great to see that our Crate Training guide is continuing to help lots of dog owners.  You can purchase the crate training ebook for $7 here.

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