Our puppy and dog crate training guide has been a big success over the last few years. We’ve received lots of positive feedback from satisfied customers and thought we would share some of those crate training testimonials with you. Yorkie owners seem to be the most common crate training guide customers, so here are a few success stories from yorkie owners.

Thanks to all of our customers, and happy crate training! By the way, you can purchase the crate training ebook for $7 here.

“Crate Training Made Easy was the first eBook I ever purchased. The book was well written, easy to understand, and left out unnecessary fluff. My 2-year-old yorkie did great with the training. I followed the instructions outlined in the eBook exactly the way they were written, and everything went exactly as planned. There were some up and downs, and she had a few potty accidents here and there, but she has come to learn that her crate is her comfort place and actually goes into her crate on her own quite often. Thanks 123-pet for making this so easy. I strongly recommend this crate training guide.” – Ashley P, Colorado

“After about a year and 1/2 of complete frustration with my Yorkie peeing and pooping all over my house, I purchased Crate Training Made Easy. I saw some more expensive training guides, but this one seemed like it would be the simplest since it focused on crate training and not a bunch of fancy, cute dog tricks. Besides, teaching Boomer to sit up, beg, roll over, and play dead wasn’t going to save my carpet from needing to be replaced AGAIN! I bought the ebook, bought the crate based on the suggestion in the ebook, and within 2 weeks, Boomer was a completely different dog. It was a little rough at first because I was used to him sleeping next to my head every night, and the whining was a bit difficult to deal with. But trust me, the trade off of him not messing on my carpet and furniture legs any more was worth a couple weeks of whining. Now, Boomer loves his crate and carries his toy in there every night at bedtime. He hasn’t pee’d or pooped in the house in months!! This was $7 well spent. I recommend this Crate Training Guide to every dog owner.” –  Sheila R, Vermont


“Hey everyone. I just bought this crate training guide a few weeks ago, read it in about 30 minutes, and had everything set up to crate train my new Yorkie puppy that day. It’s really not complicated and my little yorkie Maggie has done excellent. The page on the website says something about “Stop looking all over the internet for crate training advice when it’s all right here.” It’s sooooo true! I spend hours looking for simple advice, and the Crate Training Made Easy guide was all I needed. Thanks 123-pet for your advice. Maybe you should raise your price?!”  – Paula S, Maryland

So there you go folks… a few success stories from some happy customers. And there are lots more where that came from. Feel free to send us your crate training success story at cratetraining [at] 123-pet.com. We’d love to hear from you. And if you aren’t a customer yet, you can purchase the $7 crate training ebook here.


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