If you found this article, you must be frustrated. Your cat or dog has chosen your carpet as a bathroom. You’ve cleaned and scrubbed, but the soiled carpet stain just won’t go away. Here are some ideas to remove that stubborn pet stain.

To remove a pet stain, first make sure that you’re actually finding all of the stains. Animals tend to return to the same spot over and over. Even though you may not see a stain, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. If they can smell it, they’ll probably return again. The best thing to do is get a black light from your local home improvement store, make the room dark, and look for soiled areas. You may even want to get on your hands and knees to sniff around. Yes, that’s strange, but it’s important that you get all of the stains cleaned.

Next, clean all of the soiled areas thoroughly. For urine stains that have already set in, start with a wet vac with clean water (no chemicals yet). Believe it or not, clean water is very effective on stains.

After the area is clean, use a pet odor neutralizer. You can get this at your local pet store.

If, after you’ve cleaned and de-odorized the area, the carpet still looks or smells stained then get a good carpet stain remover such as “Resolve For Pet Stains”. I’ve even used laundry stain remover such as “Spray and Wash.” Just make sure you test the product on a safe area first.

Do not use a steam cleaner to remove the stain. The heat can cause the stain to permanently adhere to the fabric in the carpet. Carpet shampooers are fine, just don’t use hot water. One thing to keep in mind… when you apply a odor neatrulizer, it’s most effective if the cleaning solution is completely rinsed out. Most odor neutralizers and cleaning solutions don’t mix, and this combination renders the neatrulaizer useless.

If the pet stain has soaked all the way into the padding under the carpet, you might have to remove and replace that section of the carpet and/or padding.

There are enzymatic cleaners available from carpet cleaning professionals. They can be expensive, but can also be very effective.

As a last resort, you may need to all in a professional to have your carpets cleaned.

Treating fresh pet stains is much easier. If you happen to notice urine on the carpet when it is still wet, quickly get several paper towels, fold them up, and soak up the urine. Repeat this 2 or 3 times until you can’t get any more urine from the carpet. Apply as much pressure as possible when soaking up the urine. You can even press the paper towels into the carpet with your shoe to get as deep as possible. Next, rinse the are with clean water (not hot water) and use a wet vac to remove the water. The quicker you catch it, the easier it will come out.

Best wishes!

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  1. SpecialKitty says:

    I never thought about using plain water and a wet vac on my carpet. I found this article right after you posted it because my kitten had peed on my rug. It came right up with the cold water and the wet vac. I can’t wait to get my black light to check for more stains. Sounds like detective work. Hahah! Thanks so much.

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