Has anyone ever asked you at the last minute if you can dogsit while they’re away on vacation? It’s happened to me quite a few times, and somehow I always agree to do it. This time my wife agreed. Then she went out of town to a concert and left me alone with my 2 yorkies and a “friend’s” pug.

My 2-year old yorkie, Hank, is definitely king of the castle (all 4 1/2 lbs. of him). He like to assert his authority to any new visitor. It’s just his personality. He’s had plenty of dog obedience training, but dogs will be dogs and he gets anxious when someone invades his castle.

When my wife first brought our “friend’s” pug home, it didn’t go very well because we didn’t follow the right techniques. Hank was taken by surprise by the new visitor, and didn’t want anything to do with him. He wanted to show the pug who the boss is. Because it went so poorly, we took the pug back home and he spent the night alone.

I wrote another post about how to introduce a new cat into the home. Introducing a dog is basically the same. Here’s what we did (on the second try) with the pug.

First, we put up a barrier to keep my 2 yorkies]/tag] isolated. They stayed in the family room (their favorite room). We used a metal fold-up dog pen as a fence.

Next, we brought the pug into the home and let him sniff around a bit. The yorkies didn’t see him yet, so it’ didn’t cause any unwanted excitement for the pug.

Then, with the pug on the leash, and my daughter on the side of the pen with the yorkies, we brought the pug into the room where all 3 dogs could see each other through the fence. Of course, my yorkies went crazy when the saw the new stranger. My daughter would pet our dogs, saying their names and trying to keep them calm. The pug was actually pretty calm. The dogs sniffed each other at the fence. The barking continued for a while, and within a couple minutes, they were calm.

Next, we put all 3 dogs on leashes to maintain control. We removed the barrier, and let them approach each other. They sniffed each other, barked here and there, and that was it. After a couple minutes, they were all trotting around the house like they’d known each other for years.

We made sure we followed them around for a while, just to be safe, but we never had any problems.

Finally, we made sure that the pug had his own eating area. Since we weren’t familiar with the pugs “sharing” habits, we thought it was best to give his own private dining room. We don’t let the food dish stay down all day. We feed the dogs 3 times each day, and when feeding time is over, the dog food goes away.

We did know that the pug had a problem with scratching up doors, so when he slept, he was kept in an area where that wouldn’t be a problem.

By the way, one of the best things we did was take the dogs for walks together. Dogs love going for walks, and it was almost like a bonding experience for the 3 of them. After each walk, they became better friends. It was interesting to watch.

We kept the pug for almost a week, and all three dogs had a great time.

I hope that gives you some ideas about how to bring home a new dog to your home. Please make sure you check out my recommended dog obedience training course. It’s been great for my dogs.

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  1. StrawHat says:

    Somehow I’ve become the neighborhood dog sitter, and I’ve had my fair share of doggie arguments when bringing a stranger home to my dog. I’ll definitely give your methods a try. Thank you.

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