If you’re a cat owner, you know they can be stubborn. You know the cat knows his name because occasionally he will respond when you call him. But usually he will ignore you, and it seems like it’s on purpose. It makes you think he is doing it to let you know he’s in charge.

Cats are creatures of habit, and like all creatures of habit, habits can be changed with the right techniques. If you want to teach your cat to respond to his name more consistently, here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Start saying your cat’s name every time you pet him. Do this while he is most relaxed and comfortable. Lay him on your lap or lay down on the floor with him and pet him while you softly say his name. Over time he will associate his name with the pleasure of being petted.

Step 2: Keep some treats handy. While you’re doing step 1, keep an eye open for when the cat turns his head to look at you. When he does, give him a treat. He’ll catch on to this quickly, so keep your treats small because you don’t want him to get too fat. This step will teach your cat that responding to his name results in a reward.

Step 3: Throughout the day, look for opportunities where the cat is nearby (but not focused on you,) and softly say his name just like you did in steps 1 and 2. When he responds and approaches you, give him a treat. Make sure you don’t approach him to give him the treat. Remember, the purpose is to teach the cat to come to you.

Step 4: As your cat responds on to the nearby calling, start calling him from farther away. Don’t take big steps here, just increase the distance gradually and use the same tone with your voice each time. When the cat responds, give him a treat. Eventually, you can try calling your cat from a different room. Always reward your cat for responding.

One important point… don’t say your cat’s name to discipline him because that will defeat the purpose. If you need to get your cat’s attention because he’s doing something he shouldn’t, say, “No!” or “Stop it!” or something other than his name. Remember, when you say your cat’s name, you want him to come to you, not run away from you.

Complete Cat TrainingThis cat training technique is very basic. Like at pet obedience training, it requires consistency on your part. If you want your cat to respond consistently, you must be consistent first.

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2 Comments on Teach your cat to come when you call it’s name.

  1. CatCrazy says:

    Hi. Great advice on the cat calling techniques. I’ve had cats all my life and have basically gone through your techniques with each of them and didn’t even realize it. I have 4 cats and they each respond when I call their names. Maybe I should become a trainer?

  2. Kristine says:

    All our 5 cats know their own name. In fact, they like to go for a walk with me – I take them over to a big field behind our house and at our lake house – and if they can hear me call them, they all come a trotting & we go off for a walk. Sometimes they get a little tired & plop down for a bit or get interested in something in a bush – so I have to encourage them to leave what they are looking at & come on – but, they do like to walk. This is my second batch of cats that do this. But if you have a dog in the area – I wouldn’t encourage you to do this.

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