I’ve owned many types of dogs throughout my life. Actually, I’ve probably owned too many kinds of dogs.

Let’s see, I’ve owned a Peekapoo, Poodle, Dalmation, Boxer, Labrador Retriever, and several mutts. Now, I own 2 Yorkies (Hank & Rex). They are the best dogs I’ve ever owned. Why are they the best? Because they fit my family and lifestyle better than any of the others.

Of course, I had these other dogs before I knew how to train and properly care for a dog. But the bottom line is, the yorkies just seem to “fit.”

I had the Peekapoo and Poodle when my 2 children were very young, and they didn’t seem to like the children handling them and “loving” them so much.

The Dalmation and Boxer were a little more than my children could handle comfortably.

The Labrador Retriever was desperate to play fetch with the neighbors and he would jump our fence every day. He ended up moving to a farm.

So finally, we settled down with our awesome little yorkies. I wish someone would have taught me years ago how to pick the best dog for my family, children, and lifestyle.

How to Choose the Best DogI’ve stumbled across a simple guide which will help you not make the same mistakes I did before I found the right dog. It originally sold for $24.95, but I believe you can get it for $9.95 for a limited time. If you’re considering adding a new dog to your family, you should definitely read this book first. In one evening of reading, you’ll be comfortable with going out to get the perfect dog for you.

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  1. splat4 says:

    I’m not into giving testimonials, but I will for this one.

    My family went through quite a few dogs when I was a child. They were all good pets, but they never lasted very long.

    My husband and I have been dog shopping for a couple weeks, but I’ve been hesitant about which breed is best for us.

    We have a 3-year son who is full of energy, so we need to make sure the dog is a good fit for our son.

    I ordered the ebook last night. I read the whole thing and now I know that we’re going get a golden retriever. We’re going to pick her up today.

    I know this sounds cliche, but the ebook was $10 well spent. Thank you!

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